Love Bond episode 16 recap

Kenix told Moses that he has an illusion of seeing his mother whenever he watch her eating the pineapple bun. He even bought the hairpin that his mother liked. Kenix told Moses they need to separate for a while. At the restaurant, Michael asked Moses if he ever thought why he likes Kenix. Michael told Moses he has to show Kenix he likes her. Kenix asked the chef several questions such as if he leave, would he tell others about the ingredients. Michael told Kenix that in Moses mind his his mother is his model so he took her as his mother. Michael said he can tell that Moses cares for her. Michael served the flower tea cakes for the customers. Kenix received a box of food and soup from Moses. Stephen told Kenix that the cake was so good that the customer bought five cakes. Kenix told Michael he plans to do different flavors of flower teas. Kenix went home and surprised seeing his father eating the flower tea cake. Bernie told Kenix that an elder woman bought the cake from Moses. Kenix returned one hundred twenty five dollars for Moses. Kenix yelled at Moses for letting her thinking that her cake business has profit. Moses told Kenix that he spent many hours searching for the box of food for her.


Michael told Moses he has to think of Kenix’s position and respect her hard work of running her tea business. Michael told Moses if he doesn’t get along with Kenix why doesn’t he break up. Michael told Moses if he wants to go on he needs to work harder to keep the relationship. Knowing each other isn’t easy. Moses thought of a way to cheer Kenix up by giving fifteen bouquet of roses with a picture of a heart carved on them. As Moses carved the heart he thought of when he cute out the heart on a paper for his mother. Moses said to himself that Kenix is not the same as his mother. Moses told Kenix that he bought fifteen roses for her since they have known each other for fifteen week. Kenix wiped the blood on Moses finger for him. As Moses is about to kiss Kenix, he let go. Moses sat on his bed thinking of Kenix’s action resembled his mother such as sewing his shirt and putting ice on his bruise. Moses told Michael he broke up with Kenix. When he kisses her, he saw her as his mother. Michael told Moses that Kenix needs a straight answer. Michael visits Kenix’s teahouse and apologized to Kenix. Kenix told Moses she thought she would be heartbroken after he dumped her but she didn’t have any feeling. Perhaps they both have never has feelings for each other.

Moses and Kenix told Kenix’s father that they have broken up. Fred talk to his friend on the phone about a restaurant with good salted fish. Bernice looked at the job searched and all the job he’s been searching are director posts which is way abotve his requirement. Kenix suggests Fred to work in her teahouse but Fred don’t want to use connection. Kenix asked the chef if he would be willing to hire her brother. Fred pour out some bird’s nest. Kenix sent boxes of flower teas for the chef to train Fred hoping Fred would be a chef someday. Fred at a piece of chicken and told Kenix that he quit his job, he doesn’t enjoy working in the hot kitchen for long hours. Kenix’s father told Kenix and Bernice he saw Fred sweating when arriving home. Fred slept for many hours which is why his face is so healthy looking right now. Kenix’s father told Kenix and Bernice that they don’t really need income at the moment so Fred can take his time looking for a job.


The ex landlord complained to Paul about his appartment management. Paul told the ex lanlord she must have bribed others so she thought he did the same. Paul angrily told the landlord he never bribed. Paul fainted. In the hospital, the landlord asked Paul to not be angry easily or he’ll be sick easily. Bernice asked the landlord to leave. The landlord’s son yelled at Bernice for calling his mother a creature. Kenix gave Michael a cup of flower tea to try. Michael forgot his phone in Kenix’s teahouse. Kenix went outside searching for Michael. Michael called Kenix in the public phone booth asking for the Mainland phone number. Kenix held Michael’s phone and smiled. Kenix gave an umbrella for Michael since the news said it may rain in China. Michael went in the bus. Kenix called Michael reminding him not to forget his stuff. Michael called Kenix if she wants to eat and waved goodbye to Kenix on the bus.



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