Happy Ever After episode 27 recap

Fiona puts on the blanket for Roger’s ex-girlfriend. Marianne told Fiona that she doubts that Roger’s ex-girlfriend came here to patch up with Roger. Marianne asked Fiona to give her a sum of money and ask her to leave. Roger’s ex-girlfriend wakes up and told Roger what happened to her. The magistrate served a brain meat for the prime minister. The magistrate told the prime minister he is worried about the crime of him leaking the exam being exposed. The prime minister requested to have the plate of Ming. Roger’s ex-girlfriend told Roger that Joe has been framed in the case of the bribery of the land of flood. Roger’s ex-girlfriend beg Roger to help Joe. Roger read the manuel and doubt why the two pages is made of two different papers. Roger eavesdrop the prime minister told the magistrate that Roger’s ex-girlfriend husband will be their scapegoat for the case of the flood. Marianne leaned on Bobby and asked Bobby to persuade Roger to ignore his ex-girlfriend. Bobby told Marianne that Roger is smart and knows what to do. Bobby’s bodyguard showed the badge to Marianne and he said he will be Roger’s bodyguard from now on. Roger throws the manuel at Joe in jail. Joe looked at the manuel and surprised the page is so new. Roger told Joe he will investigate this case. Joe told Roger that he suspect the magistrate has someone backing up for him. During the night, Roger meet up with a miner and asked him about the case of Joe and the magistrate. Roger and Fiona saw two poor people harassing Roger’s ex-girlfriend. Roger showed his badge to the poor people and they left. Fiona asked Roger’s ex-gilfriend to stay in her house.


A seventy years old fisherman told Bobby he sold this fish to the magistrate. Roger told Bobby that he brought his ex-girlfriend staying in his house. Bobby told Roger that Marianne doesn’t agree. Bobby asked Roger to hurry and solve he case. Roger saw the magistrate with the fish and beg him to lend the fish to him. Bobby told the magistrate he’s worried she doesn’t know how to cook the fish. Bobby said he will cook the fish with abalones and it will be very tasty. He has to fry the fish and drink wine. Bobby looked at the fish and the magistrate asked him to be careful of bumping into the wall. Bobby told Roger that the magistrate bought his fish. Bobby told Roger that the magistrate is still angry at him about exposing the leaked exam. Bobby said he’s trying to use the diner to bond the relationship with the magistrate and he will slowly save his ex-girlfriend. Bobby’s stepbrother told Roger and Bobby that the miner has disappear.

Fiona bought birds nest to cook for Roger’s ex-girlfriend. Marianne asked Fiona to buy rat poison and ask her to leave. Marianne said she’s mad seeing how Roger’s ex-girlfriend used to treat her and Roger. Roger’s ex-girlfriend threw white papers and mourn about her mother and plead Roger to save her husband. Bobby performed cooking fish in front of the the prime minister and the magistrate. The prime minister and the magistrate tasted the fish and found it very tasty. Boby boiled the fish with abalone and ask his stepbrother to watch it for half an hour. Bobby sneaked into the magistrate’s room and searched for the golds but couldn’t find it. Bobby went by the bathroom and saw the wall. Bobby pushed the button on the wall and the it opened to a golden closet. In jail, Roger’s ex-girlfriend asked Joe to not admit that he also to part in the bribery. Bobby showed Roger a two golds he found. Bobby served the head of the fish for the majesty and said someone had paid a high price to buy the body parts of this fish. Bobby said the magistrate bought this fish and organized a feast. Roger greets the majesty and showed the majesty the document of the flood. Roger suspects that Joe is only a scapegoat. The magistrate told the majesty that those pack of gold is fake and he used them to build a wall. The majesty asked his eunuch to show him the gold which looked silver. The prime minister said Joe used Roger and Bobby to create fake evidence. Joe told the majesty that the magistrate forced him to fingerprints the documents. The magistrate brought the miner. the miner said Joe gave him a sum of money and ask him to leave. The majesty read the document and got mad. Joe said Roger was the mastermind. The majesty demoted Roger. Bobby pleaded for Roger and said it was all of the prime minister’s doing. The prime minister confronted Bobby for playing smart and investigating the case without the consent of the majesty.



Happy Ever After episode 26 recap

Bobby confessed to the majesty that he’s the father of the baby and he is willing to take any consequences. Marianne said it was dark, and the guy who raped her was skinny and short. Bobby bent down and said he disguised into a skinny and short guy. Marianne told Bobby that raper always tell her he loves her so he must not be Bobby. Bobby told Marianne that he didn’t say because he was shy. Bobby confessed he loves the bratty and old fashioned Marianne. Marianne said the raper knows eighteen kinds of martial arts. Bobby flips his back to prove that he was the raper. The majesty laughed and said now he believes he truly loves Marianne. The majesty appointed the marriage between Bobby and Marianne. Marianne told the majesty she doubts Bobby will marry more women. Bobby promised Marianne he won’t. The majesty gave an order for Bobby to choose a wedding date. Nadia brought gifts for Bobby and Marianne for their wedding and wish them happiness. Marianne told Nadia that she is kind and beautiful and will find her a good man someday. Nadia told Bobby and Marianne she came here to bids farewell to return to the temple to take care of the orphans. Before Bobby and Marianne made out, their family knocked on the door and gave buns and spicy food for them to eat. Bobby challenged Marianne’s father to the spicy bun eating contest. Fiona screams and saw cockroaches crawling on the dishes. Bobby and Marianne blew the fire on the candle and make love.


While Roger and Fiona held each other’s hands in the sedan chairs, many rats crawled toward them. Roger called for the magistrate asking him about his rats came out from the cauldron. The magistrate denied his rats came out since there was no sign of earthquakes. The golden cauldron shaken. Roger came up to the majesty telling him about the sign of earthquake when termites and rats come out. The majesty asked the majesty if there will be an earthquake tomorrow. The magistrate said if there an earthquake, the objects will shake but now nothing happened. Bobby and his assistant looked at the fish jumping on the water and believes a natural disaster will be coming. Roger showed Bobby the letter from the magistrate that there will be an earthquake in ten days. Roger and Bobby saw a green sky. Bobby served the majesty five colored mushrooms. Bobby asked the eunuch to throw away those mushroom. Bobby explains to the majesty that those mushrooms must be eaten before they are fully grown, if they are fully grown then it is poisonous. Bobby said those mushrooms can be found to a place thirty miles from the palace. Consort Tak told the majesty she saw those mushroom in the mountain. Bobby suggests the majesty to come with him to the mountain to hatch those mushrooms and eat right away. The majesty ordered Bobby to lead him the next morning to search for the five colored mushrooms.


Bobby’s family and friends released the rats and birds in the woods as the majesty and Bobby walked toward them. Consort Tak told the majesty that these are the signs of earthquake. Bobby’s stepbrother put on his bear costumes and screams seeing a snake. Roger and Bobby’s family ran and scream for snakes. The majesty came and yelled. Bobby and Roger plead for forgiveness and asked him to believe them that an earthquake is coming. As the majesty is about to punish them, he watched the flood coming. The majesty censor the food. The majesty and consorts dine in the came during the abnormally hot weather. The earth shakes and the tent fell. The majesty ordered Roger to investigate the case of the robbery land after the earthquake. The majesty complimented Consort Tak for telling him about the earthquake and he requested the empress dowager of appointing Consort Tak as the queen. The empress dowager objects since Consort Tak is a Han. The empress dowager said Consort Tak has stayed in the palace for three years but haven’t bear any son. The empress dowager told the majesty if Consort Tak bears a prince, she will appoint Consort Tak to be the queen. The majesty watch and put on the eyeliner for Consort Tak. The majesty told Consort Tak that the empress dowager is starting to have a good impression toward her and he feels that she has the aura of the queen. He believes if she becomes a mother, she will look prettier. The majesty hopes her first child will be a prince then a daughter.


Roger bought new clothes for Fiona and gave her a new hairpin. Fiona refused to change hairpins since the hairpin she is wearing was his first gift for her. Fiona waits for Roger in front of his court but the guards wouldn’t believe she is his wife due to her old dresses. Roger asked Fiona to cook for him richer food. In he restaurant, Bobby hit two customers with a fan for wanting to touch Marianne. Fiona visits Marianne and noticed that Bobby hasn’t changed. Fiona asked Marianne if she likes her new dress. Fiona said Roger keeps on nitpicking that she doesn’t change her style. Marianne told Fiona that she always dress the old style. Roger is rich and she needs to dress properly. Marianne said husbands loves their spouse to dress pretty. Roger’s ex girlfriend business went down and tries to get attention from Marianne for pity. Roger’s ex-girlfriend pretends to faint. Fiona picks her up.


Happy Ever After episode 25 recap

Consort Tak sung a lullaby for the empress dowager. The empress dowager said she used to sing that song to put the majesty to nap. The majesty dig out the block of woods. Consort Tak asked the empress dowager to walk out first. The blocks fell down on Consort Tak. Consort Tak had a nightmare seeing her tomb. Consort Tak hugged the majesty. The empress dowager visits Consort Tak and thanked her for saving her. The empress dowager gave Consort Tak a box of ginseng as a token. Wilson performed cooking the pork for the majesty. Bobby performed slicing tofu in front of the majesty. Bobby said the tofu dish has a meaning of finding what they’ve lost and to celebrate him reuniting with the Empress Dowager and Consort Tak. Bobby showed the buddhist statue he made out of food. The empress dowager complimented that its is the majesty’s deed to have a talented chef. The majesty gave Bobby a golden cup as a gift. Bobby’s family moved to a big house.


Marianne upset about Bobby. Fiona told Marianne that she and Bobby have gone trough many things and Bobby liking Nadia is just an illusion. Marianne told Fiona that Bobby fell for Nadia first and she knows she will lose. Fiona count the points of Nadia’s sacrifices to Bobby. Mariannne got nervous seeing that Nadia earned more points than her for helping Bobby. Bobby’s mother plans the wedding date for Bobby and Marianne next month. Bobby’s mother would like to hold a grandson. Bobby sat and apologized to Marianne to cheer her up. Bobby teased Marianne he can take his heart out for her to see. Bobby promised Marianne they will be a very happy couple after they get married. Marianne took out a hairpin in her pocket and thought he bought it for her. Bobby said the hairpin belongs to Nadia. Bobby said he accidentally step on her hair pin and caused her to twist her leg. He will cook a soup for Nadia. Marianne asked Bobby to let her return the hairpin and cook the soup for Nadia. Marianne whined why Bobby wouldn’t stop seeing Nadia. Bobby asked Marianne to change her attitude or thy will fight everyday. Bobby asked Marianne to delay the marriage until they understand each other more.

Marianne sadly left. Marianne ate food on the food stall. Nadia saw Marianne. Marianne washed Nadia’s handkerchief and said since she cause her handkerchief to be dirty, she will watch it. She dislike dragging the relationship. Nadia asked Marianne if she has some misunderstanding toward her. Marianne told Nadia she is not as educated. She won’t fight for Bobby anymore. She can have him. Marianne said she will cancel the marriage. Marianne told Nadia she knew Bobby first and they love each other or else she wouldn’t come here to see Bobby. Nadia told Marianne she visited Bobby cause he’s her friend. Nadia asked Marianne to believe her. Marianne told Nadia that since Bobby is an imperial chef she matches her. Marianne told Nadia she can sacrifice her status of the general’s daughter to keep Bobby in her room. Marianne sighed that Bobby used her as a replacement. Nadia asked Marianne why does she put herself down like that. Nadia told Marianne she and Bobby are fated to be together. Marianne told Nadia that she thought about not seeing Bobby again. They can freely meet each other. Marianne went in Wilson’s canoe and said there are many guys who care for her. Bobby brought a soup and hairpin for Nadia. Nadia told Bobby that Marianne said she wanted to give him to her and she went in Wilson’s canoe. Bobby worried about Marianne after hearing it. Marianne drinks. Wilson touched Marianne and tries to rape her. Wilson threw Marianne down the sea.


Bobby went to Wilson’s house and dogs barked at him. Bobby’s stepbrother met Bobby and asked him to leave since Wilson is not here. Bobby walking back and forth worrying about Marianne. Marianne went home soaked and asked Bobby why does he still care about her if he doesn’t want to marry her. Marianne said she purposely went in Wilson’s canoe and got raped by him. Marianne told Bobby he can officially break up with her since she’s not a virgin and he can be with Nadia. Bobby angrily search for Wilson. Fiona barged in the room and asked Marianne why didn’t she tell the truth that she didn’t get raped. Marianne said this would be better since Bobby would forget her and she knows she is not as good as Nadia. Marianne told Fiona that Bobby put Nadia first place in his heart.

Bobby held a knife and wants to chop Wilson. Bobby and Wilson argued in front of the majesty. Wilson said that Marianne went into her canoe and she was cheap. Bobby told Wilson even if Marianne is cheap, he didn’t need to rape. Wilson asked Bobby what he’s talking about, Marianne tripped in the sea. Wilson told the majesty he didn’t rape Marianne. Bobby told the majesty that his fiance said that Wilson raped her. The majesty asked his eunuch to bring Marianne to the court. The majesty asked Marianne if she got raped by Wilson. Marianne said she had a fight with Bobby and just lie to him out of anger. The majesty asked Marianne if she knows that virgin is important to female and why did she joke. Bobby and Wilson plead the majesty to forgive Marianne. The majesty asked Marianne what does she thinks of those two males pleading for her. Marianne told the majesty he doesn’t like either of them. The majesty told Marianne if she couldn’t pick, he will choose one for her. The majesty put two dish of worms and asked Bobby and Wilson to eat. Whoever can eat the whole dish of worms for Marianne, he will let that person be with Marianne. As the two guys eat the dish of worms, Marianne fainted. Wilson and Bobby ate the dishes. The majesty brought two bowls which contains two poisonous spider. Whoever can put their hands in the bowl, will be with Marianne. Wilson and Bobby put their hands in the bowls. The doctor came and said Marianne is pregnant. The majesty asked Marianne who’s the baby belong too. Marianne said she doesn’t want to talk about it. The majesty told Marianne she causes the two guys to fight for her and don’t care about her virginity. The majesty ordered the guards to take out Marianne to be executed. Bobby screams.


I have some question for some of you drama bloggers?

Just a survey I thought of.

-How did you get into blogging?

-How many hours do you spend time in drama blogging or writing a blog post?

-For you guys who are asians, if you were not asians, would you create a drama blog?

-Do you talk about your personal life on your blog or only about dramas?

-Would you only date asians?

-Which drama blogger would you consider close to you?

-Does it matter if other drama bloggers blog about other countries dramas to instead of one countries dramas?

-Which blog were you a fan of before creating your blog?

-Do you get offended easily over negative drama reviews or do you take it as a grain of salt?

-Does it matter if fans know your identity?

-Have you met other drama bloggers before?

-Do you prefer blogging about modern or historical dramas?

-Which drama character can you relate to the most?

Sword of the Outlaw episode 28 recap

This episode of Sword of the Outlaw focuses on the case of the missing chest of gold. It sidetracked from the story of the main lead Zhuiyun absorbed by evil powers.

The bodyguard gave the lady by the canoe a silver to tell her how the group of men transport the chest of gold. The lady told the bodyguard that some hans came and carried a huge chest. The guy is very skinny and paddled the canoe in thirty minutes while it takes others two days to get there. The men are very shady but paid very big money. The bodyguard gave the lady more silver to tell him where did they go. The bodyguard gave the lady more silver to lead him the way. The lady threw a rock at the bodyguard but he dodged it and hit it back. The bodyguards reminds the lady that the martial art world is dangerous. The lady asked the bodyguard what conflicts does he and the men has. The bodyguard asked the lady not to ask too much questions. The lady mumbled he is mysterious. The bodyguard bids farewell to the lady. The lady has a dream of being kidnapped by the bandit and the bodyguard saving her. The lady bids farewell to be bodyguard and wish him wellness. The lady tripped and the bodyguard grabbed her.

The magistrate discuss with the bodyguard about the robbery of chest of gold. The magistrate sympathized for the family. Three years ago, the family bought a tea and planted tea for a living but the farm got burnt last year. They used their savings to pass through the winter. They didn’t have any money, and their family were forced to pay their golds. The daughter went to jail until they have the golds. The bodyguard asked the constable why the family were asked to pay their gold. the constable said the golds were for official to use to build a temple. The magistrate said the official bribed thousands of rice and borrowed two chest of gold. The people have suffered. The bodyguard showed the warrant of fifty thousand golds from the official. A businessman confronted a commoner about exchanging fake golds to him in front of the magistrate. The businessman showed a box of stone; he rubbed the golds on the stone to test whether it is fake or real. If he throws water on the gold, and the color faded then it’s fake. The commoner said he’s innocent and the businessman is framing him. The servant gave the magistrate thirty golds he has gathered. The magistrate and the bodyguard found the businessman fishy. The bodyguard told the magistrate he checked the businessman’s house and he found the manuel documented fifty golds.


The commoner sighed to the magistrate that he trust people too easily. He lost the land and had to sell his treasures. He met the businessman but lost two hundred and fifty thousand taels. The commoner wants to request some golds to take care of his mother. A magistrate told the magistrate that the commoner must have bribed some officials for some golds. The commoner gave the magistrate a box of five hundred thousand golds. The magistrate gave the commoner a cheque of three hundred thousand. The bodgyuard confronted the commoner for bribery. The commoner said he failed the scholar exams five times. The commoner told the bodyguard he arrested others for bribery just for honor. The commoner showed the bodgyguard the fake golds. The commoner told the bodyguard he can help him investigate the case of the missing chest.


Happy Ever After episode 23 and 24 recap

The magistrate gave Roger the manuel and ask him to keep it safely. Roger wrote the calligraphy for the majesty and realized the manuel is fake. Roger saw the prime minister talking to the magistrate. Roger peeked at the magistrate inserting fake manuels in the library. Bobby sighed about Marianne. Roger stressed about the fake manuels in the library. Marianne saw Nada in the fabric store and covered her face. Marianne tried to leave but Nadia saw her. Nadia came and asked Marianne about Bobby. Nadia asked Marianne to leave a message to Bobby that she’s in the capital. Marianne whined to Fiona why Nadia has to come at this time. Marianne worries that she will lose Bobby. Marianne decided to test her confidence and tell Bobby that Nadia has returned to the capital. Roger critique the calligraphy to the majesty. The majesty doubts who dared to steal the real manuel from the palace. The majesty ordered Roger to investigate this case. The prime minister teased Bobby of having concubines asking them to cook meals for them. Bobby gave the prime minister some ginseng since he has sore throats. The prime minister said he has a friend who is ill and would like to request him to cook healthy meals for him.

Roger and Bobby followed Wilson and Bobby’s stepbrother. Bobby and Roger saw the magistrate getting out of the sedan chair. The guards stopped Bobby and Roger to come in since they don’t have a badge. Marrianne wrote a wish on the lantern hoping Nadia will find a good husband but that person will not be Bobby. Bobby suggests Roger to steal the badge from the magistrate and create multiple fake badges to freely walk in the library. Roger rejects the idea.


Bobby watches the flying lantern being burnt. Bobby turned around and saw Nadia. Bobby asked Nadia what did she wrote in the letter. Nadia recite a poem. Nadia thanked fate for let them meet again. Marianne happily sew phoenix on the embroidery. Bobby came home. Marianne asked Bobby to eat her desserts. Bobby read the manuels. Nadia brought a fruit basket to Bobby to his house. Marianne asked Bobby why didn’t he tell her he met Nadia last night. Bobby said he read the manuel to cook new meals. Marianne hit Bobby and threw a chair. Bobby fainted. Roger wiped Bobby’s bruise on his head. Bobby told Roger that he used to love Nadia but now he loves Marianne. Marianne cried and told Fiona that it is time for her to withdraw since Nadia is back.

Bobby gave he prime minister the soup he made from the manuel. Bobby asked the prime minister if he noticed his neck got twisted. Bobby said he was a gamble addict and said it in the dream that he lost all the money so Marianne hit him. Bobby told the prime minister if this soup cure his illness, he needs the money to pay his debt. Bobby showed the prime minister the french painting but the prime minister sneezed on it. The majesty came to invite the prime minister to eat with him the hot shrimp. The majesty stared at the painting and saw it being dirty. Bobby took the blame. The majesty ordered the guard to spank him twenty times. The majesty’s eunuch demanded Bobby to pay back his money. The prime minister apologized to Bobby. Bobby told the prime minister it is a minor thing, he is young and can take up the spanks but he is the prime minister and it would be weird letting him take the blame. The prime minister asked Bobby about the money he owed from the majesty’s eunuch. Bobby suggests the prime minister to open the healthy dinner feast so he can pay the debt sooner.


The majesty laughed with Bobby and said that the prime minister’s anxious look was so funny. The majesty said he hopes the prime minister isn’t related to the prime minister since he is loyal to him. Bobby passed by Marianne and ignored her. Marianne followed Roger disguising as an old man and Bobby. Bobby showed the guards his badge and went in the brothel. Marianne followed Nadia. Bobby cooked. Roger eavesdrop at the prime minister and the magistrate. Roger saw the prime minister open the statue and place the notebook inside. Roger look at the notebook and saw the documents on debt. Marianne whined to Bobby that he must have gone to the brothel to see Nadia. Roger asked Marianne and Bobby to hurry and leave. The prime minister came and ordered the guards to arrest them.

Bobby threw flour at the guards and ran. Roger twisted his left. Bobby tore the calligraphy part and asked Roger to give it to majesty while he sidetracks the guards. Bobby climbed inside Nadia’s house. The guards check in Nadia’s house and went to Nadia’s room. Nadia took a bath and pushed Bobbby down the bathub. Nadia and her servant asked the guards to leave. Nadia walked out and tripped. Bobby held Nadia and fell on her.


Roger asked Marianne to go home with Bobby. Roger gave the majesty the document on the prime minister and the magistrate’s bribery. The majesty ordered Roger to close down the brothel. Marianne went home and told Bobby’s mother and stepbrother that Bobby been kidnapped by some jerks. Bobby massaged Nadia’s leg. Bobby’s stepbrother beat up some guards. Marianne and Bobby’s mother and stepbrother saw a man in the bag instead of Bobby. Marianne searched for Bobby all night. Bobby wonder how’s Marianne and Roger’s doing. Nadia asked her servant to serve tea for her. Bobby found Nadia lay in her room having a fever. Bobby sat by Nadia and took care of her. Nadia thanked Bobby. Bobby bids farewell to Nadia. Bobby got out of Nadia’s home. Marianne yelled at Bobby for having with fun with Nadia. Marianne told Bobby that she understands she is only a replacement.

The majesty asked the prime minister about his bribery at the gamble. The majesty yelled at the prime minister and the majesty for selling the antiques from the palace. The majesty demoted the magistrates and deduct salary from the prime minister. The majesty gave Bobby and Roger a house and money as gifts and promote them. The prime minister shows vengeance toward Bobby.

Bobby tried to cheer Marianne up. Nadia told Bobby that he and Nadia stay in one room and slept with each other. Marianne asked Bobby if he regrets being with her since she is not as educated as Nadia. Bobby cooked in the imperial kitchen alone. Bobby sighed to Roger that Marianne accused her of loving Nadia. Roger asked Bobby if he has once fell in love with Nadia. Bobby said he was thinking of Nadia but never did anything wrong with her. Bobby said he truly loves Marianne. Bobby told Roger that though she and Marianne always argue but they are also very close with each other. They are a good match. Roger asked Bobby to close his eyes and tell him who he thinks of. Bobby said he is thinking of Marianne.


The empress dowager ate vegetarian food with the concubines. The empress dowager tasted the soup and found it very good. Akina showed the empress dowager some plants. Akina said Consort Tak took some of it this morning. The empress dowager frowned and left. The empress dowager visits Consort Tak. Consort Tak said she’s been writing down ninety nine calligraphy to pray for her wellness. The empress dowager told Consort Tak she doesn’t blame her, she ordered the servant to prepare soup for Consort Tak. The empress dowager and the concubines stood on the tower. The empress dowager said this tower has been burnt three times. The tower shook. Consort Tak got stuck with the empress dowager after the tower has fallen. Consort Tak asked the empress dowager to hold on to her hands. Consort Tak admired the empress dowager for being so calm. Consort Tak massaged the empress dowager’s leg. The majesty came with the guards to the temple in the rain. The majesty ordered the guard to dig out the underground. Consort Tak peel out the fruit for the empress dowager. Consort Tak pick up a rat and put the empress dowager’s ring in on its hand. The majesty picked up the empress dowager’s ring.


Love Bond episode 17 recap

Kenix read the food magazines and wished Michael will go with her to taste the food in this new restaurants but too bad he’s in Guangdong. The landlady saw some hair ties in her son room and doubt who’s this is for. The landlord’s son invited his mother to dine in a restaurant to celebrate her birthday. The landlady’s son gave Bernice some hair ties and plan to tell his mother that they are dating. The landlord found the restaurant fancy and gave her a gift. The landlord opened the gift and surprisingly saw the earrings. Bernice arrived ad the landlord complained that he gave Bernice many hair ties while she only have a pair of earrings. The landlady madly left the restaurant. The landlady yelled at Bernice’s father for teaching his daughter to court her son. Bernice’s father told Bernice he won’t bug in her relationship with the landlady’s son but he’s worried she’ll get bullied by the landlady. Bernice’s father is worried that that when she and her boyfriend are fighting the landlady’s son will take side with his mother. The landlady’s son consoled her mother that the earrings he bought for her are more expensive than those hair ties.

June whined that Edmond always rely on Michael in the flower shop though he’s the manager. A customer arrived in the flower shop to discuss with Michael. Edmond requested to discuss with him instead since Michael is not here. The customer refused and wants to wait for Michael. Moses came and the customer discussed with him. Moses took Michael to the flower tea shop celebrating with Kenix about a having a big client. Michael told Moses that the flowers in Mainland Market are sold in low price, if this continues their business will lose profit. Moses got an idea of decorating the flower shop. Kenix and Michael share a bread in the restaurant. Akina saw them and told Michael that he stole his brother’s girlfriend. Moses told Akina that she is so cheap that Michael won’t ever fall for her. Paul complimented Bernice and the ladlady complimented her son in front of each other. Paul gave Bernice and her boyfriend movie tickets. Kenix served Paul a flower tea. Paul told Kenix that it would taste better if there were ice cream. Kenix asked Michael for some opinions of the ice cream ingredients. Michael told Kenix she can always ask the pastry chef if she has questions.


Kenix called Moses and asked him to invite Michael to the flower shop to taste her flower tea cream. Michael stood in front of Kenix’s flower tea shop and called Kenix and apologized he’s busy with a client at work. Kenix saw Michael walking on the street and she called him and asked him where he is. Michael said he’s still busy meeting with the client. Michael saw Kenix. Kenix asked Michael why does he has to lie. Kenix whined to Bernice that Michael finds her annoying. Bernice asked Kenix if she likes Michael more than just a friend since she complain about a little lie. Bernice told Kenix that Michael is worried about being gossipped. Moses gave Michael a bottle of sugar cane. The client told Micheal and Moses he will recommend them to other flower business after they successfully decorate their shop. June fell and don’t feel well. Moses called Stephen and Kenix to help them. Kenix made an excuse she’s busy. Natalie brought food for Moses and her family. Oscar watch Stephen eating his beef sandwich and confronted him. Michael fell down the ladder and got injured.



Happy Ever After episode 22 recap

Bobby think hard of what to cook for Consort Tak. Consort Tak used the puppet to invite the majesty for dinner. Bobby got a surprised dish for the majesty. The majesty stared at the two fish swimming on the pot and recalled watching those fishes with Bobby. The majesty recall Bobby named him “Hunchback” and recalled him rescuing him. The majesty doubts why he couldn’t recall the memory of Akina finding him. Bobby told the majesty perhaps he was too busy worrying about other things. The majesty asked Bobby about his family. The majesty visits Bobby’s restaurant. The majesty teased Bobby’s mother where is her stick. The majesty asked Marianne when he will eat her meal she cooked again. The majesty gave the brand board as a gift for Bobby. The majesty visits the mute lady. A bear roared at Roger in the woods. Roger sighed he missed the chance to see the majesty. Consort Tak invited Bobby to meet the concubines. The concubines requested Bobby to cook for them meals that makes their skin look healthier. Bobby told Consort Tak and the concubines that the tale of when he rescued the majesty and named him Hunchback.


Wilson got pissed that he didn’t have anything to do in the kitchen. Bobby smelled the egg, fish and condensed milk and fount it has a weird scent. Bobby took the ingredients and made into a dish. The chef couldn’t stand the smell of the food. Bobby ate it and found it tasty. The majesty smelled the dish and arrived in Bobby’s room. The majesty eunuch couldn’t stand the scent of the food and left. Bobby asked the majesty to taste it. The majesty tasted and complimented the mushroom mixed with the beef brain and condensed milk. Bobby asked the majesty to try the fish’s egg. The majesty asked Bobby to sit and drink with him. The majesty asked Bobby how does he know his taste. Bobby told the majesty that his servant used to give him a bowl of soup which make him has a good sense of taste. The majesty said he also has drank that soup. The majesty asked Bobby how come he stood on the chair while picking up the food on the pot. The majesty and Bobby play rock, paper, and scissor to see who will taste the food first.


Bobby served noodles for the majesty and Consort Tak and told them the tale of Fiona’s dish she cooked for Roger before the scholar exam. Bobby requested the majesty to give Roger a chance. The majesty made a deal with Bobby if Roger and Fiona can pass their love test trial, he will let Roger be the magistrate. A prostitute yelled for help. Roger threw a rock toward the raper and he died. The majesty stared at the prostitute hugging Roger. The prostitute gave Roger some cheque. Roger ran away from the prostitute. Some guards gave Roger a warrant to go to the military. Fiona stirred sleeping powder on the tea and gave it for Roger to drink. Fiona dresses as a man and apply for the military. The magistrate asked Fiona why does she has ear holes. The magistrate arrested Fiona for impersonating Roger. Roger came and beg the magistrate to arrest him. Fiona and Roger takes turn begging to be arrested. The magistrate ordered for Roger and Fiona to be arrested. Bobby came and showed the majesty badge to bring Roger and Fiona to the majesty. The majesty read Roger’s poem and was impressed. The majesty asked Roger some rhetoric questions. The majesty smiled and promoted Roger to be a magistrate. Bobby and his family celebrates Roger’s promotion. Marianne irritated everyone ignored her. Marianne asked Bobby when will he marry her. Bobby’s family came with the read lanterns and smiled that she finally say what she wanted to say.


Bobby and Roger and the chefs visit the brothel. Bobby saw Nadia and her maid passing by. Bobby performed flying noodles in front of the concubines. Bobby asked Consort Tak if she left the palace for the past two days. Consort Tak asked Bobby if he encountered his friend who has similar face as her. The majesty invited Roger to write a calligraphy for him.


Taste vs Opinions

Ever avoid reading some blogs cause the admins are too negative or the commenters are too negative that you’ll afraid you’ll get bashed for commenting? Blogging is opinion based. Some fans don’t want to create a drama blog afraid of being bashed by other fans. I would applaud for the admins of drama blogs for being able to deal with criticism. Some do rant a lot when others have different opinion or taste. Sometimes I do watch the dramas that not many fans like but it doesn’t mean I have to rant and bash others for not watching them.

Opinions vs taste: Everyone have different taste. Can’t force yourself to like a genre of drama if you don’t like it. My favorite genre is adventure and comedy. My least favorite type of dramas is Wuxia Series with lots of CGI and world war period dramas. You can’t force a fan to like or dislike a drama since everyone got their own taste on dramas. Some blogs do have way too many negative commenters and it makes fans mad seeing fans bashing their favorite dramas. How much negative is too much? There must be some positive aspect of a series. Some prefer reading blogs that focus on one country dramas and instead of asian dramas. Some prefer reading a CDRAMA or KDRAMA blog instead of asian drama blog. For me, I blog whatever dramas I enjoy or in the mood for. Sometimes I’m in the mood for tvb; sometimes for kdramas, sometimes for Wuxia. Others may have different motivation for blogging whatever dramas they have decided to blog. Some wants to promote Wuxia only; some wants to promote kdramas only; some wants to promote asian dramas as a whole.

My point is do not confuse negativity with taste. Just because some blogs more modern dramas than Wuxia, it doesn’t mean that they dislike Wuxia. Perhaps they like watching both modern dramas and Wuxia and want to blog about both but prefer blogging more modern dramas. Everyone got their own opinions, there are some dramas we bound to dislike. No need to explain why you dislike it or prove if you’re right or wrong, it just doesn’t fit your taste.

There is no right or wrong in opinions or taste. When we watch certain dramas, we may view it as good but other may differ and don’t like the dramas.

Romantic Repertoire episode 13 recap

Evergreen Mak called Moses and said he managed to invite Joyce. Jason watch Katy talking to guys,and he asked her not to go out with them tomorrow. Jason told Owen once he becomes her woman, he’ll become her soldier. Katy looked surprised and asked Moses’s sister if Jason has a girlfriend. Katy persuaded Joyce to eat crabs with her this saturday. Joyce read the script of Hua Mu Lan play. Katy and Law Lok Lam remind Joyce that the current trend are hit music. Katy dressed up for Joyce for a date with Evergreen Mak. Law Lok Lam told Louise that he couldn’t believe that Joyce would be Evergreen Mak’s type. Evergreen Mak called Moses and said he booked many different cuisines and he’ll let Joyce choose. Joyce told Evergreen Mak sometimes she finds some treasure when digging through old stuff. Evergreen Mak took Joyce to a store of antiques and sculptures. Evergreen Mak went to a restaurant’s restroom and found it full of toilet paper. He paid a dishwasher five hundred dollars to clean the toilet. The lady told Evergreen Mak he can’t bribe her with money, but he can go to a five star hotel for a clean restroom. The boss of the store showed Joyce a fan of Xin Jingyu from the Qing Dynasty. He had a son named in Zhangshou. His son failed the exam several times. Before he died, Xin Jinyu wrote a poem on the fan, and his son was so moved and worked hard and passed the scholar exam. The boss said that Zhangshou wrote another poem but he doesn’t know who has the fan. Evergreen Mak washes his hands in the men’s room in the hotel. Evergreen Mak returned to the antique store but Joyce has left. Joyce got an idea of doing a play on this story of Xian Jingyu and his son and call it “Turn in the Son”. Katy and Louise laughed that Joyce forgot her cell phone in Evergreen Mak’s car and forgot to bid goodbye to him.


In the fancy, restaurant, Evergreen Mak told Moses he has never been left by a girl alone. Evergreen Mak doubts if he doesn’t have any other quality besides having money. Moses told Evergreen Mak Joyce left him for a man in the Qing Dynasty. Evergreen Mak asked Moses if he’s trying to put him down. Moses said he’s only here to eat. Katy told Joyce that whenever her face blush and sweat, and her heart beat fast, it means she’s falling in love. Joyce believes romance should be like Cui Yinying dating Zhang Sheng in Romance of the West Chamber. Joyce performed the opera. Katy told Joyce when she finds her Mr.Right, she will blush. Belle sent Moses a picture of her shooting scene. Moses meet with Unkle Kuen to renovate his study room. As Moses takes pictures, he saw the fan. Unckle Kuen wrote the writing on the fan which said One who love his parents won’t hate on others. Uncle Kuen told Moses the stoy of Xin Jingyu. Moses showed Evergreen Mak the picture of the fan. Moses told Evergreen Mak he can’t use money to buy the fan but he can use his sincerity. Moses sent Joyce the photo of the fan and typed the poem on it. Love destiny has no name but the wait before meeting is its name. Evergreen Mak stared at Moses and surprised that Moses know a lot about Joyce and even the phone she uses. Joyce borrows Katy’s laptop to see the photo that Evergreen Mak sent. Joyce and Katy read the love quote under the picture of the fan. Joye replied “Limitation of Life is a western movie I watched before, it’s about motherly love. Moses gave Katy and Jason an assignment of renovating Mr and Mrs.Chow’s house. Jason asked Katy to be more focused at work instead of keeping on talking on the phone.


Katy’s boyfriend told Katy he likes her quality of focusing on work. Katy recalled Jason asking her if she could be more foused at work. Katy gave her boyfriend the box of food and ask him to watch the movie herself since she needs to get back at work. Katy asked Jason if he should thank her for getting back to work. Jason asked Katy why should he thank her, this is her job. Katy said she left her friend behind at the movie theater for work. Jason said it’s meaningless to get angry, he is not her soldier. Jason’s stomach growl. Jason asked Katy to finish working together faster so they can eat sooner. Jason took Katy to the stall to eat. As Katy and Jason eat, they saw the the people in the next table drove an elderly woman away. Katy asked the elderly woman to sit and she asked her what does she wants to eat. The elderly woman pushed her cart of trash and told Katy she only want to see her grandson. Katy ordered many meals for her. Jason told Katy he’ll take to her favorite restaurant. Katy called Jason “Boss” and thanked him.Jason told Katy he only has one boss which is Moses. Jason took Katy to her favorite restaurant ordered Sweet Soup takeway for her. Louise complimented Katy that she can boss Jason. Moses and his sister didn’t like Herbal Jelly and Red Bean soup. Louise and Joyce didn’t like them either. Katy return to the firm and discuss with Jason about the design. Jason told Katy that Mr.Chow’s study room is his own personal space, if they remove the wall from Mr.Chow’s room then he’ll lose his personal space. Jason gave a metaphor of Katy’s boyfriend never talked back to her to please her. Katy madly return home and ate the roast pork and tofu and complain to Joyce and Louise that Jason fought back with her. Katy said Jason criticized her design and her personality. Law Lok Lam teased Katy that she failed to recruit her soldier.