Happy Ever After episode 2 recap

This is the third time I’m watching this drama. It’s one of my favorite TVB Dramas.

Marianne ache her back after being beaten by Bobby’s men mistaken she stole money from him. Marianne saw some fish at the swamp and doubt if she should cook fish next. Bobby introduced Marianne to Roger and asked Roger to cheer Marianne up. Roger told Marianne that it is a rare opportunity for her to cook for the emperor. Roger went to the library and found the document about the duck plague in Guangdong. The magistrates was afraid being affected by the disease so he killed all the animals. Bobby said which means his father didn’t use meat to cook the tofu. Bobby think about what ingredients to use which has the scent of the meat. Bobby saw a dog biting the fabric and eating the food. Bobby asked the owner to take his dog away. The owner said the monk dared to eat meat. The owner said the dog didn’t eat the monk’s vegetarian food but the meat. Bobby picked up the food and smell the meat. Bobby asked the monk where did he get the food. The monk said he got it from the vegetarian restaurant Bobby asked the owner to make a bet with fifty taels. If he can find the meat in the kitchen then he have to pay the monk. Bobby mumbled to Marianne he would like the owner to win so the monk will show how to make the food with the scent of the meat. The dog’s owner searched the kitchen but couldn’t find the meat so he pay fifty taels to the chef . Bobby and Marianne peeked behind the temple. Bobby sneaked in the kitchen and surprised seeing soybean instead of chicken. A huge bag fell on Bobby. The men beat up Bobby. Marianne came and took Bobby away.The vegetarian chef apologized to Bobby and said there’s been many people who sneaked in his kitchen to steal the ingredients and he thought he was one of them. Marianne told Bobby that the sly chef knew they would come so they set up a trap for them to fall in.

Bobby went home and his mother noticed the bruised on his face. Mariane told Bobby’s mother what happened. Bobby’s stepmother told Bobby he should be proud fighting for his father. Marianne made Bobby a soup. Bobby tasted the soup and said it is a meat soup. Marianne asked Bobby to see if there’s any meat in it. Bobby took out two fabrics. Marianne said the scent of the meat came from those two fabrics. Marianne said the scent of the meat are soaked in those fabric. Bobby now realized how the monk’s food has the scent of the meat. Bobby came to the monk’s restaurants and held the fabric and tell the monks that he knows why the priest’s restaurants has the smell of the meat, he soaked the meat’s water in the fabric. The monks threw up. Marianne came with several vegetarian women. The vegeterian women beat up the vegeterian chef. Marianne asked Bobby how did his father cooked the tofu using the meat’s water. Bobby showed Marianne a dried pig’s tail. Bobby said he will use fabric soaked with meat and soybean with tofu to make his father’s popular dish.


Roger reads his girlfriend’s farewell letter. Roger recalled he failed the scholar exam and his girlfriend promised she will wait for him. Bobby came and told Roger he knows that the letter probably said he will marry his girlfriend after he pass the scholar exam. Bobby support Roger to pass the scholar exam. Bobby told Roger he will make his father’s popular tofu dish. Roger count the silvers to save for paying for his scholar exam. Roger’s mother told Roger that she can earn more silvers by keeping selling the noodles. Roger feels guilty having his mother taking care of him. Roger’s mother told Roger that if he pass the scholar exam, then he already repay her. Roger returned the silver to his mother and said he will work hard and try to find more money. Roger showed an owner his painting for sale. An elder rich master looked at Roger’s painting and praise it. The owner paid Roger some silvers and asked him to leave. The owner told the elder rich master that too bad that owner of the painting has passed away. A man pushed the tofu cart on the street. Roger pushed the elder master. The painting fell on the tofu cart. The elder master said this painting is such a gem. Roger asked the elder master how many silvers did he buy this painting. Roger is shocked to hear that the elder master has used ten thousand silvers. Roger asked the elder master to let him fix the painting in two days. Customers wait in line in Bobby’s restaurants. The rich elder master and a poor man sat on the same table with a rich man. The rich man complained that he has to sit in the same table with a poor person who eats pork instead of abalones. Bobby apologized to the rich man and said his servants used to work for his father so he doesn’t want to yell them harshly. Bobby told the rich man hope he understands. Bobby reduced seventy percent of the price for the people. The elder rich man told Bobby that he came from another town. Service is only a small thing, the most important thing is food and wine. The elder master praised Bobby’s food.

The four chefs sat in the spa and laughed about Bobby using his simple tofu dish to serve in the royal party. Wilson told the four chefs that good ingredients but used by a bad chef will still be useless. Wilson wants to compete with the four chef. Wilson bet using a cheque of four thousand golds, if he wins, he will represent them competing against Bobby. Wilson brought a chef to taste the four chef food. The four chef couldn’t recognized their own food. Wilson said he can cook the same dishes but better than them. Bobby taste his spicy tofu he cooked and found it the same taste as his father’s tofu.

Roger told the elder rich master he threw away his painting but he drew a new one. The elder rich master looked at the new painting and was surprised that the painting could be the same. Roger told the elder rich man that he is only a poor scholar but he is also the one who drew this painting.



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