Happy Ever episode 3 recap

The elder rich master requested Roger to draw him for his daughter a drawing of Bobby for her. Wilson greets Bobby as his competitor for the party in Guangdong. Wilson served his tofu dish for Bobby. Bobby tasted the tofu and surprised that the tofu has the same ingredients of soybean, white yolk, and is spicy. Wilson told Bobby that spicy tofu is a simple dish. Bobby followed his servant and saw Wilson gave silvers to the vegetarian chef thanking him for the recipe. Wilson told Bobby that they are competitors and need to use some tactics. Wilson requested Bobby to be his assistant. Wilson told Bobby that the magistrate has an eye on him. Whatever food he cooks, Wilson can cook. Wilson asked Bobby to taste his tea and see if it’s similar to his. Bobby’s stepbrother and his servants grabbed Marianne for giving out the tofu recipe. Bobby’s mother wants to hit Marianne with a stick. Marianne persist that she didn’t do it. Marianne said she saw the fat servant sneaked out after she cooked half of the tofu dish. Bobby returns home and stood in front of Marianne’s room. Marianne cleaned the dishes and told Bobby that her family’s problem is his business but don’t frame her. Bobby’s mother asked Marianne to be her goddaughter. Marianne asked Bobby’s mother to give her a stick. Marianne knocked Bobby. Bobby’s stepmother told her son that it is an advantage if Marianne stays in the house since Bobby will be busy cooking with her while he will be able to manage the restaurant by himself. Roger drew the picture of Bobby with the elder master’s daughter. Roger told the rich elder master that he can cure the lovesick of his mother and arranged Bobby with his daughter. Bobby fight with Marianne over food during diner. Wilson sent Bobby a letter that his new restaurant opened next to his.

Bobby’s stepbrother told Bobby that the owner of the restaurant next door gave free abalones and hired pretty young girls. Customers praised that the neighbor’s restaurants is cheap and good. Bobby disguised as a hunchback and eat at the neighbor’s restaurant. Bobby ate the food and dessert and surprised it is the same as his menu. Bobby asked for the bill. Wilson took of Bobby’s disguise. Roger and the elder rich master went in Wilson’s restaurant. Wilson introduced the elder rich master as the boss of his new restaurant. The elder rich master showed the customers the portrait of Bobby and his daughter which Roger drew. The elder rich master the girl in the portrait died from a contagious disease. Bobby got infected by her disease which will make the food contaminated.


Bobby ate with a family and sighed about his restaurant going down. Marianne told Bobby there’s still a chance to win the competition if he uses other dish besides the tofu dish. Marianne meet up with his father which is the rich elder master, and Wilson. Bobby received a letter from Marianne’s father that he tied up Roger for stealing ingredients in his restaurant. The guards are coming to arrest Roger. Bobby went to Wilson’s restaurant backyard and saw Roger being tied up with a chain. Marianne’s father demanded Bobby to bow in front of him if he wants him to release Roger. Bobby bowed and apologized to Marianne’s father. Marianne’s father drank tea and spit at Bobby. Wilson threw the key in the fountain. Nadia and her maid stared at Bobby searching for the key. Nadia used her magnifying glass so Bobby can find the key easier through the light. Bobby found the key and unlocked Roger. Roger twisted his knee. Bobby piggyback Roger out the restaurant. Nadia admires Bobby’s friendship toward Roger. Bobby told Roger that he is a future magistrate and will eventually get married and have kids. Bobby told Roger he never blamed him, he blamed Wilson and the elder rich master. Bobby uses abalone in his new dish to compete in the Guangdong. Marianne told Wilson about Bobby’s new method of cooking his new dish.


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