Happy Ever After episode 6 recap

Nadia’s servant told Nadia that Bobby must have treated Marianne badly that she will not return. Nadia told her maid they only saw one part of it and can’t judge the situation yet; it is a pity that Marianne left. The customers left to Wilson’s restaurant. Bobby complained to his mother that the most evil thing that Marianne did was making him lose faces in front of Nadia. Bobby ordered a spicy tofu in Marianne’s restaurant to taste it to see how to cook it. Bobby said his restaurant never hired a female as a chef but he broke the rule and hired Marianne since he sees potential in her. Bobby’s mother liked Marianne when she met her and adopt her as a goddaughter. Bobby told Marianne that his mother never treat her as a maid but she took what she learned from his restaurant and cooked in Wilson’s restaurant. Bobby told Marianne that Wilson and the rich elder master only use her to make profit. Bobby said he can tell by the rich elder master’s evil smile. Marianne asked Bobby to shut up and not to defame her father. Bobby praise Marianne for her evil plan. Wilson told Marianne that he knows she feels bad inside. Wilason told Marianne Bobby’s parents betrayed his father. Wilson gave Marianne a handkerchief.

Fiona did chores for Roger. Fiona bid farewell to Roger. Roger’s mother gave Roger some dried nutrients and money for Fiona. Roger saw the bandits and took Fiona in another way to the canoe. Fiona went in the canoe and saw the bandits beat up Roger. Fiona swam in the lake and asked the bandit to stop. The bandits took Fiona away to sell her for money. The bandits negotiates with Roger to pay two hundred thousand dollars pay them in one hour.

Bobby’s stepmother and stepbrother told Roger that Bobby’s restaurant went down since Marianne left. Roger bumped into a mean big man. Roger thought of acting more mean to scare the bandits. Roger disguises into a bandit and claimed he’s the big brother. The bandit asked Roger to stab himself three times to get Fiona back. Roger blinked at Fiona. The bandit laughed and took Roger’s fake mustache off. The bandits threw Roger down the stairs. The bandit asked Roger to write a letter for his mother since he is illiterate. Roger wrote a poem for the bandit’s mother. The bandit felt touched as Roger read his poem. Roger told the bandit that his mother will feel good seeing him forgiving Fiona. Roger recite a poem of filial son. The bandit spare Roger and Fiona’s life. Roger asked Fiona to stay in his house.


Nadia went to the mountain to find the author of the novel. Bobby asked Nadia to watch the sunset with him. Bobby brought the toys for the orphans. Nadia wrote a wish on the lantern wishing everyone is happy. Nadia drinks tea with Bobby. A kid told Bobby that the lantern flew on the roof and burnt the temple. Bobby looked at the huge fire. Nadia went in the fire to save a girl. Nadia hugged a girl through the fire. Bobby went in and covered himself with a blanket. Bobby grabbed the girl and held Nadia’s hand and got out of the temple. Bobby fainted. Nadia complimented Bobby for being courageous. Nadia asked the magistrate to help build the temple for the orphans. Bobby’s family wouldn’t believe Bobby rescued Nadia through the fire. Bobby tries to cook with fire but trembled. Roger told Bobby that he wasn’t scared of fire when rescuing Nadia cause he loves Nadia. Bobby told Roger that he risked his life to save Fiona. Roger introduced Bobby to Fiona and asked Fiona if she’s willing to work in Bobby’s restaurant.

Bobby told his stepmother that Marianne’s dishes won’t last long since it’s always the same spicy dish. Bobby deals with Marianne’s father to collaborate with him to compete in the competition. Marianne’s father told Bobby if he is willing to chop one of his hands, he will let go of this feud. Bobby asked Marianne’s father if he ever get tired of thinking of the past. Bobby told Marianne’s father he will never have a chance to win, he will only fall down deeper.



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