Happy Ever After episode 8 recap

Bobby’s stepbrother told his mother that he earned lots of money has the manager. Bobby’s stepmother told his son to not gamble anymore or he’ll lose more money than he earn. Bobby’s stepbrother ate and drank with Bobby’s stepbrother. Wilson told Bobby’s stepbrother to sell his restaurant to him to kick out Bobby. Wilson showed Bobby’s stepbrother two contracts. One is he will sell his restaurant to Wilson, the other is he and Wilson will own the restaurant. Roger begged a store owner to buy his painting so he has some money to take the scholar exam. Roger threw his paintings in the river. Fiona picked up one of the paintings and asked Roger to persist. Roger gave his painting to Fiona. Fiona gave Roger a sum of money and said she won the lottery. Wilson paid for some food for Bobby’s stepbrother. Bobby told Nadia that there are many greedy officials but there are also a good general like her father. Bobby asked Nadia to look at the pair love ducks. The chefs complained to Bobby’s stepbrother about the ingredients having bad brands. Bobby’s stepbrother told the chefs whoever don’t listen to him, he will fire. Roger told Bobby he wrote down the calligraphy from the manuels from him.

Bobby told Roger that Nadia comes from a wealthy family but is still kind to poor people like them. Roger wrote the brand for Bobby. Bobby’s stepmother scold Fiona and asked her to comb her hair properly. Fiona told Bobby’s stepmother she would like to leave for a while. Bobby’s stepmother told Fiona if she didn’t believe she will break her leg so she will crawl. She told Fiona if she called her cheap and if she didn’t eat vegetarian today she would have died. Bobby’s stepmother hit Fiona and she slapped her. Roger’s mother bids farewell to Roger and asked him to not fail accomplish Fiona’s wishes. Bobby’s stemother whipped Fiona. Fiona bids farewell to Roger with her two knees injured. Roger told Fiona he feels bad that she sells herself to earn money for him for him to take the scholar exam.


Nadia and Bobby asked everyone to give them silvers for charity. Three bandits grabbed Nadia’s maid and gave some silvers. In the restaurant, customers complain to Bobby’s stepbrother that they threw up after eating. Bobby’s stepbrother asked the chef to give medicine to the customers and asked them to leave. Bobby went in the restaurant and announced to the customers to give them silvers. Marianne’s father gave a silver to Bobby. Wilson told Marianne’s father that he is so thrilled today and Bobby’s restaurant is going down. Nadia surprised Bobby bringing Marianne to the feast. Marianne told Bobby she didn’t come her for him but cause she respect Nadia for being her best friend. Wilson gave money to some people to cause chaos in Bobby’s restaurant. Nadia served flower teas at the feast. Nadia introduced Nadia to his stepmother. Bobby’s mother performed and and elder man recognized her martial art. Nadia made a speech thanking the people for donating their silvers and they should also receive recognition for it. As the ceremony begins, customers stood in front of Bobby’s restaurant demanding his stepbrother to return their money. Everyone watches Marianne cook. Bobby asked everyone if anyone wants to buy this dish. The magistrate bought the dish. Bobby announced he will go inside the chest with firecrackers. Bobby’s mother and the customer gave silvers. The customers stood outside demaneded Bobby to return money since his food cause them to be sick. A man beat up Bobby and his shoulder got hurt. The guards came. Bobby told the people that there must be a misunderstanding since his restaurant always has good customer service.




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