Happy Ever After episode 9 recap

Bobby told the people that the feast is sponsored by the magistrate. He’ll wait until this feast is over and will deal with them. The people left. Bobby put the firecracker tied up with his body and let the people donate money. The firecracker starts to burn and the chest exploded but Bobby was fine. Wilson gave the people some money to leave. Bobby’s stepbrother told Wilson that he is in trouble due to believing him buying bad brands of sausages. Wilson wants to withdraw his sum of money. Wilson grabbed Bobby’s stepbrother and said his restaurant will go down and he asked him to bow in front of him if he wants him to forgive him. Bobby teased Marianne that it took so long to convince her to go to the feast whereas Nadia agreed to go to the feast right away. Marianne teased Bobby that they should have put on more fire in the firecracker so Bobby would die. Bobby teased Marianne of being evil. The customers demanded Bobby their money back from the restaurant. Bobby promised the customers he will pay the medical bills for them. Bobby asked the customers to write down their name and he will pay them back money one by one. Bobby saw his stepbrother going in the back door and he asked him to show him what’s he’s hiding in his back. Bobby’s stepbrother hand out the account book. Bobby’s stepbrother told Bobby that he was gullible for believing Wilson and buying sausages and other brands of food. Marianne returned home and asked her father he can’t backstab Bobby when he’s gathering money for the charity. Marianne’s father told Marianne that his feud have to be resolved. Bobby’s stepmother whipped his son in front of Bobby and his mother. Bobby’s stepmother hid her box of jewelries under the plant. Bobby’s stepmother gave Bobby’s mother some silvers and said she is very spendthrift and she lost her jewelries due to gambling. Fiona brought the jewelries and silvers she found under plant and showed it to Bobby and his family. The chef recognized Bobby’s stepmother notebook. Bobby’s stepmother that she worked hard to save those jewelries and silvers and she can’t give it to them. Bobby’s stepmother told Bobby that she has two sons, one is smart but one is dumb but all he those is boss them around. Bobby said they’ll loan shark some money to pay their debt. Nadia read the manuels. The guards came and told Nadia that her father got injured in the war and is in coma. Her mother ordered them to greet her back to her house.


Marianne’s father asked Bobby’s mother if she knows how much he suffer in jail. Bobby’s mother told Marianne’s father if her husband didn’t take care of him and give him medicine, he would have died. Bobby’s father illness got worse. Bobby’s mother said she married her husband to save him. Bobby’s mother brought the prison guard to Marianne’s father. The prison guard told Marianne’s father he swears that Bobby’s father used to pointed a sword toward his neck to sneak in the prison to give Marianne’s father the bowl of medicine. Bobby’s mother told Marianne’s father that her husband saved him but now he revenge him. Marianne’s father wants to let go of their plan. Wilson refuses to abide. Marianne sneaked in Wilson’s room and took his box of cheque. Bobby’s stemother asked his son to pack his stuff and leave with her before the people demanded them their debt. Bobby and his stepbrother came to ask the loan shark to lend the money. Marianne met Nadia. Nadia gave Marianne a letter to give to Bobby. People stood outside of Bobby’s restaurants demanding money. Marianne brought the cheque and said she is donating those cheque to Bobby. Wilson came and asked Marianne to stop joking and said those cheque are blanks. Bobby yelled at Marianne for playing him. Wilson demanded money back from Bobby. The customers stole the food in the kitchen. Marianne asked Wilson why does he harm Bobby when he doesn’t have any conflicts with him. Wilson told Marianne that the more she loves Bobby, the more he will play him. Bobby fell. The magistrate came to Bobby’s restaurant and seize the people. People complain that Bobby’s restaurant food stinks and caused them to vomit. Wilson told the magistrate that Bobby said they are brothers and he hosted the feast to pay his debt. The magistrate ordered the guards to arrest Bobby.



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