Happy Ever After episode 10 recap

Marianne ran and told Bobby that the magistrate and his guards is on his way to arrest him assumming he bribed money from the charity. Bobby wouldn’t believe Marianne. Marianne told Bobby that Nadia has left but she lost the letter. Marianne told Bobby that others believe that he’s just a conman. Marianne asked Bobby to listen to her and pack her stuff and leave. Bobby’s mother and stepbrother told Bobby it’s better to believe it. Bobby’s mother and stepbrother knocked on Bobby and took him away and peeked at the guards. Bobby’s mother consoled Bobby that he has a great sense of taste and will someday step up. Bobby and Fiona came to town searching for Roger’s shelter. Bobby picked up some food and drank tea in a shelter but some ladies demanded him to pay and said they don’t know who Roger is. Bobby and his stepbrother recite poems and requested for a shelter to stay for the night. During the night, Bobby howled like a rooster signaling his family to come. The owner of the shelter caught Robby and his family. Fiona refused to pay and sat outside in the cold. Bobby and his mother asked Fiona to come in the room but she refused and said she can endure the cold. Fiona jumps up and down. The owner of the shelter told Bobby and Fiona he’s tired of dealing with them, he will give them free room.


In the temple, Emperor Qianlong thought about Consort Tak. Wan Lek walked on the street and thrilled to see scholars. Wan Lek went to the tasting contest. Wan Lek decided to take the challenge in the tasting contest and guess the ingredients of the first two meals. It’s time for the third meal. The host of the contest said no one have ever figured out the ingredients being used in this final meal. Bobby came in and want to participate in the tasting contest. Bobby figured out the ingredients. Bobby teased Wan Lek for not figuring out the food and said he has the special tongue. Bobby and Wan Lek guesses all the ingredients right and there’s one last dish. After Bobby went to the bathroom, The prime minister pointed a sword at Bobby and said he has to lose. Bobby pretends to not recognizing the ingredients. Bobby saw a termite crawling and screamed and the host said his answer is right. Wan Lek smiled and praised Bobby. Wan Lek is impressed there is someone who can beat him in this tasting contest.

While watching the opera, the opera actress fell down and begged the empress dowager for forgiveness. The empress Dowager spares them since she saw a bee flying on her nose. The Empress Dowager asked an instrument player to play a song for her. He played so bad; the empress dowager ordered the guard to chopped his ears and spank his recruiter one hundred spanks. Wan Lek visits the Empress Dowager and said he’s been busy reading manuels. Wan Lek fainted. The imperial doctors told the empress dowager that the majesty has been poisoined. The prime minister ordered the guards to spank Wan Lek’s eunuch and put the blame on him. The eunuch said he traveled with the majesty and he ate shrimp’s brain, pig’s legs, turtle’s shell, and termites. The prime ministered ordered the guards to spank hundred more times. The doctors told the prime minister there’s only one way is to use poison to cure poison. Bobby threw up. Fiona came up to Roger’s girlfriend and beg him for money but she left. Roger’s girlfriend asked her maid not to tell Roger that Fiona came. Roger’s girlfriend criticized her hairpin with Roger gave him, and said she wouldn’t wear it if Roger wasn’t a scholar. Fiona followed Roger’s girlfriend to Roger’s house and told Roger that Bobby’s has been bankrupt and is now ill. The emperor guard’s dressed in black and grabbed Bobby away.



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