Happy Ever After episode 11 recap

The imperial doctors tested the poison on Bobby but the poison is still purple color. The concubines worried that they’ll be stuck in the palace if the emperor die. Empress Dowagers ordered the concubines to slap themselves for badmouthing. The poison on Bobby has turned from purple to red. Bobby wakes up and wonder why there’s cylinders in his belly and he sensed the fire and believes he’s in the dungeon. Bobby wants to leave and saw a servant covered his face with a powder and thought he’s a ghost. Bobby wandered around to the spa. The doctors pour the poison on the majesty and he woke up. The majesty wants to take a bathe. Bobby crawled in the spa and saw the majesty and thought he died and said they both went to hell. The emperor tied Bobby up and asked the prime minister if he knows who brought this lunatic. The prime minister told the emperor that he used Bobby to test the poison. Bobby’s family did a funeral for Bobby and grieved about his death. Bobby fell down on the bed from the roof. Bobby told his family he went down the hell and saw someone got boiled in the cauldron.

Roger showed Bobby his house. Bobby’s mother doubt why everyone is cold to Roger and gave him such a small and dirty house to stay. Bobby’s mother pretends to be pity and asked the people to give her money to take care of her sons. Bobby put on a cement on his mother’s body. Bobby’s stepbrother is about to punched the cement using an axe but a man stopped them and confronted them about hurting their mother. The guards arrested the man. Bobby and his family ate the buns. Bobby went at a restaurant and saw mute servant. The elder man who’s been grabbed by the guards, told Bobby that the servant meant that the restaurant boss will come back in three days. Bobby smelled and sensed what the elder man is eating. Bobby tasted the elder man’s food and figured out the ingredients. The elder man cooked fried rice and asked Bobby to taste it. Bobby said it’s too salty and too much meat and too little rice. The elder man recalled what the majesty also said the same thing. The elder man asked Bobby to compliment his dish a bit. Bobby said his food is only causal. The elder man asked Bobby to name some ingredients for him to cook a good dish for him to bring tonight. Bobby saw his mother pretends to be pity that her sons have abandon her, she laid down and beg money from the people on the street.


In the palace, the imperial chefs cook meals and the servants placed the dishes on the table for the majesty. The majesty sat and don’t have the mood to eat. In the kitchen, the chefs told the manager that they are worried that they will be beheaded since the majesty don’t enjoy eating their food. Bobby knocked at the wrong house and nitpick on the kitchen manager. The kitchen manager caleld Bobby dumb for not telling between east and west. The kitchen manger gave Bobby the imperial dishes to taste. Bobby criticizes the dish has too much oil and salt and flour. Bobby told the kitchen manager that his father was a well known chef in Guangdong. His father’s servant used to give him some kind of tea which burnt his tongue but gave him a good sense of taste. The kitchen manager asked Bobby if he doesn’t think he’s too self absorbed. Bobby said he’s just too confident. Bobby believes that the kitchen manager must be rich instead of poor. The kitchen manager gave Bobby ten taels to taste his food. Bobby agrees though he said he won’t find another person with great taste like him. Bobby’s mother met Roger’s girlfriend. Roger’s girlfriend saw Fiona in Roger’s house.



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