Happy Ever After episode 12 recap

Roger’s girlfriend got mad that his house has the smell of the fish. Roger asked his girlfriend to help recommend Bobby for the job. Roger’s girlfriend refused and left. Roger’s girlfriend tripped on the way out. Bobby’s mother plans to leave to not disturb Roger’s girlfriend. Fiona massaged Roger’s girlfriend and do her hair. Roger’s girlfriend asked Fiona to be her maid. Roger’s girlfriend gave Roger the topics of the exam. Roger feels unfair if he studies the topic of the exam while other scholars study hard for it. Roger showed the exam topic to the prince’s uncle. The prince’s uncle showed the majesty the leaked topics. The emperor demoted the magistrate who let the topics be leaked and ordered the magistrates to investigate the case. Wilson gave the prime minister’s wife’s some treasures and requested to visit the Prime Minister. Wilson gave the prime minister a treasure to say good words for his food. The majesty tasted Wilson’s food and thought it was good. The prime mister recommends the majesty to hire new chefs. A magistrate took all the blame. The majesty yelled at the magistrate for daring to lie to him. The majesty asked the magistrate if he has any other cohort. The magistrate pointed out another magistrate. The majesty gave the prime minister a blank manuel and asked him to read the list of people who cohort. The prime minister said there’s only two of them. The prime minister suggests the majesty to let the two magistrates to hand out their money to help the people. The majesty let the prime minister administer the scholar’s exam.


A chef cooked abalones for the other chefs. The chefs are worried about losing their jobs since the majesty is hosting a feast. Bobby told the kitchen manager that chefs have to be happy to cook and his face looks to grumpy which makes his boss not motivated to eat. Bobby showed the kitchen manager to cook a new meal using two chickens. Bobby saw his stepbrother buying chickens. Bobby yelled at his stepbrother for hanging out with Wilson. Wilson told Bobby his stepbrother is his dog and can bark. Wilson told Bobby that the prime mister favor him and if he slaps if he won’t know what will be his consequence. Bobby sighed about Wilson to the kitchen manager. Bobby went to the restaurant to find a job and saw Marianne’s father as the new boss of the restaurant. Bobby whined that they caused him so much troubles and his mother has to beg money on the street. Bobby said Wilson is living a wealthy life. Bobby refused to listen to Marianne’s explanation and left. Marianne’s father said if this revenge cycle doesn’t get settled, he will forever feels regret.

Fiona got pickpocketed by a man on the street and the man accused her to being his wife and using the money to gambled and he claimed he will take the money to treat her illness. Marianne beat up the man with a stick and called the people stupid for believing such a tale form a lowly man. Bobby told his mother and stepbrother he saw bad guys today. Bobby’s mother and stepbrother defended Marianne and his father and blamed Wilson. Bobby’s mother told Bobby that they’ve been treated to diner by Fiona and his stepbrother got a job. Bobby’s mother gave Bobby’s bun to Marianne and his father to finish. Roger’s girlfriend refused to wear Roger’s hairpin. Roger’s girlfriend asked Fiona if she knows why she hired her as her maid, she doesn’t gossip and is smart so she should know what shouldn’t be said. Roger’s wife thanked Joe for arranging her to pray in the temple. Roger’s girlfriend heard that the majesty is checking the exam since the exam has been leaked. Roger’s girlfriend got pissed at Roger for reporting the leaked exam topics. Roger asked his girlfriend to believe in him. Roger’s girlfriend made a deal with Roger if he passes the scholar exam she will marry him but if he fail the scholar exam she will marry someone else.




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