Thief of Honour episode 7 recap

Ekin sucked out the poison for his grandfather and got poisoned. Ekin’s grandfather generate energy for Ekin. Ekin’s grandfather asked Ekin to meet him tomorrow night, he will teach him a martial art to relieve the poison. Dicky greets the cashier’s niece and wants to come with her to the restaurant but Ekin’s friend blocked him. Dicky threw a rock at Ekin’s friend. Dicky took the cashier’s niece to the restaurant. Ekin’s friend told Ekin that he never seen someone as gullible as him and let Dikcky steal the cashier’s niece. Ekin’s grandpa practice martial arts with Ekin. Ekin’s grandpa asked Ekin why does he work as a servant with his ability. Ekin said he plans to save money and teach martial arts for the kids in the village. and give money to his parents. Dicky gave the cashier’s niece a painting she drew of her. Noel told Ekin that he is good though he is kinda poor. Noel said not every girl falls for rich man, if she were the cashier’s niece she would choose Ekin. The cashier asked his niece what does she thinks of Dicky. The cashier’s niece said she feels that Dicky is a rich guy who is playful and dishonest. The cashier asked his niece to try to avoid Dicky. The cashier said love is not easy to get out once she fall for it.

Two sedan chairs pass by each other. The lady asked his maid to move the sedan chair aside to let the magistrate pass by. The magistrate drank ate ate with the prostitutes in the brothel. The magistrate demanded to see the lady. The ladyboss said the lady demanded every guy who wants to see her have to leave a badge and be on the waitlist. The lady’s maid said the lady will play the harp for him instead of breaking the rules to see him. The magistrate listens to the song and admired her.


Dicky came in the restaurant and invited the cashier’s niece to hang out. The cashier’s niece requested Ekin and Ekin’s godsister to come along. Ekin followed a female with a black suit jumping on the top of the house. The next night, Ekin sat in front of the cashier’s niece room and saw the girl with the black suit jumping on the wall. Ekin saw a group of thief. Ekin knocked down one thief and dressed up as him. In the underground, the thieves discuss about fighting with the mongols. A thief scream there’s a mole. The leader of the thieves grabbed Ekin. The cashier and his niece dresses in black surprisingly saw Ekin. The cashier’s niece asked Ekin to promise not to tell anyone about his including his family. Some of Ekin’s grandfather disciple got hurt by the mongols. A mongol captain fought with Ekin’s grandpa. Ekin’s grandpa asked Ekin to bow being his disciple and asked him to pack his stuff and stay in his house. Dicky punched Ekin. Dicky’s father told Dicky if he wants to get the love from his grandpa, he should behave and study martial arts. Ekin bids farewell to the cashier and his niece. Ekin’s grandpa showed Ekin the underground where he will practice martial arts. Ekin’s grandfather has a duel with the mongol. Ekin’s grandfather broke the mogol’s sword. Ekin’s grandfather got injured and have to maintain his energy for two months.




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