Happy Ever After episode 13 recap

Roger has confidence he will pass the scholar exam. The empress dowager asked the majesty’s eunuch if the majesty has been eating lately. The empress dowager asked the kitchen manager how did he managed the chef causing the majesty to lose appetite. The empress dowager ordered the kitchen manager to make sure the chef cook the meal so the majesty can regain his appetite. The empress dowager visits the majesty and asked him to taste the soup. The majesty tasted the soup and has the appetite to eat all the food. The prime minister plead the majesty to punish Nadia’s father for being stubborn and not listen to his order. The prime minister suggests the majesty to give let the rich people buy the small magistrate posts to help the victims during the war. Nadia gave the guard some money to help the victims during the war. Nadia visits her ill father whom is a captain. Nadia’s father complaint to his daughter about hosting the charity and sell the land to help the victims. Nadia’s father asked Nadia to rest. Bobby ate the fish and meat from the kitchen manager and threw up and said it’s too dry. Bobby suggests the kitchen manager to cook vegetable with tofu. Bobby suggests one more dish salted fish with two chinese sausages. Bobby wrote the ingredients for the kitchen manager to cook new meals. Bobby’s mother recommended Bobby to go to a food stall for applying for jobs.

When Bobby arrived at the food stall he heard Marianne talking to the boss begging him to hire Bobby. Bobby confronted Nadia about stealing his job thinking she went there for an interview. Bobby threw the grains out and tore the paper. Bobby pushed Miriam over the guys with the scar whom pickpocketed Fiona. Bobby saw his stepbrother carrying a dried pig to his restaurant. Bobby followed his stepbrother. Bobby saw his mother, stepbrother, and Roger go together. Bobby came and said Marianne’s father is their enemies. Bobby said he saw Marianne but he is not naive to help Marianne beat up those two scary guys. Marianne arrived home with her dirty clothes and axe and tried to chop Bobby. Roger, Bobby’s mother and Bobby’s stepmother ate all the food and left nothing for Bobby for diner. Bobby pinched his stepbrother and Roger’s arm. They asked Bobby to give medicine and apologize to Marianne.


Bobby followed Marianne to the corner. Marianne sensed someone followed her and threw candle scent at him. Marianne twisted her legs and Bobby couldn’t see anything. Bobby piggyback Marianne while She gives him direction, to the kitchen manager house. The kitchen manager is nervous seeing Bobby’s tongue got hurt. Marianne asked Bobby why the kitchen manager is so worried about his tongue. Bobby said he’s not sure which rich family does the kitchen manager work for but he needs him to taste and critic his food. The kitchen manager gave Bobby a medicine to rub. Bobby rub some ointment on Marianne’s leg. Marianne asked Bobby why is the kitchen manager so harsh. Bobby said he doesn’t know who he works for, but the kitchen manager gave him lots of rich food such as abalones and paid him to taste them. Marianne believes that the kitchen manager isn’t a person with a normal status since he dressed so rich and has so much money to buy rich foods. Marianne and Bobby followed the kitchen manager to the palace. Marianne suggests Bobby to let the kitchen manager recommend him to work in the palace kitchen. Bobby said he can’t cause he’s scared of fire. Marianne went home and tripped and Bobby’s family thought Bobby pushed her. Marianne gave Bobby the letter from Nadia that “They’ll meet again if they are destined”. Marianne told Bobby that he must make himself to stop being scare of fire or he’ll never be a chef. Bobby’s family and Marianne showed Bobby a chicken burnt in the fire. They tied him up and force him to touch it.




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