Limelight Years episode 21 recap (End)

Buddy treat Linda and her family for tart and tea. Linda’s mother asked Buddy why are they celebrating their wedding in Taiwan instead of Honkgong. Linda’s mother asked Buddy about Alex’s character. Linda said Buddy and Alex are close buddies. Linda’s mother said Buddy is honest while Alex is tricky but since Buddy is good friends with Alex then Alex must be good too. Buddy said as long as there’s love between Linda and Alex, they will overcome their obstacles. Buddy told Linda he’s done all he could, she must be happy. Damien has a dream of seeing fireflies. Damien opened his eyes and couldn’t see anything. Damien opened his eyes and thrilled he can see. Damien stared at Fluorescent Mushrooms picture on the wall. Hugo came in the hospital room but Damien couldn’t hear what he said. Damien critiqued Miss Wah’s mushroom photos. Damien and Miss Wah sit at the park. Damien told Miss Wah he’s not her fan but he have listened to her song many times. Miss Wah told Damien he is her favorite fan. Damien read the lyrics for Glamorous Transformation and surprised to see lots of flowers theme in it.


The publisher congratulated Alex for having lots hits in his new book Behind the Glamor. The publisher’s boss wanted to recommend Alex as the writer of the year and will publish five books for him every year. Miss Wah called Alex and said she is not pleased with the lyrics and wants to revise it. Alex refused to edit and said he thinks there’s nothing wrong with the lyrics. Alex visited Linda and she felt ill. Linda got changed to go with Alex to meet with Miss Wah though she feels ill but she got Alex by her side. Alex drove Linda and asked her if she remembers the last time he gave her a ride. Linda said the last ride was when he gave her his Marjorina bookmark. Alex asked Linda if she still has the bookmark. Linda refused to tell him. Alex asked Linda to throw it since he will publish his new book under his real name and have a new car. The reporters followed Alex and Linda. Alex asked Linda to sit while he speaks to the reporters. Alex told the reporters they are getting married in Taiwan. Miss Wah arrived at the hotel and saw Alex being interviewed and Linda looking sick. Miss Wah checked up on Linda and saw she has a fever. Miss Wah asked Alex to take Linda to the hospital. Alex said she’ll take Linda to the hospital once the show is finished. Miss Wah took Linda to the hospital and asked Alex to do whatever he wants.

Miss Wah and Linda watch the show, Alex apologized to the audience that Linda wanted to come but couldn’t come since she has a fever. Linda is very weak and scream when she sees cockroaches. Alex said that Linda said that a person with little bit of something can still achieve something big as long as he has the courage and determination. If Linda can do it, everyone can do it. Linda told Miss Wah that he feels Alex has changed so much and he keeps on mentioning her name but she has a feeling he was talking about someone else. Miss Wah told Linda that is perhaps it is his true character. Doctor Wu congrats Linda for marrying Alex in Taiwan. He told Linda that it’s the talk of the town. Alex spent a lot of effort on this wedding. Alex knew she will recover from coma so he prepared the wedding for her. Miss Wah couldn’t believe that Alex marrying Linda was all just a show. Miss Wah told Linda that the show is already on but it’s up to her decision if she can accept her husband is this kinda of person. Linda said but Alex is good to her. Miss Wah apologized she doesn’t know how much Alex loves her. This is her happiness and it’s for her to decide.


Alex called Linda if she wants him to by her some congee. Linda said she’s tired and just want to sleep. Alex sings a song for Linda. In the plane, the flight attendant asked Alex for an autograph since she’s a fan of his book. Alex told Linda that Marjorina once said not every woman can wear a wedding dress. Linda said but every woman can wear a black dress. Alex told Linda she’s luckier than other women that she can wear both a wedding gown and black dress. He’ll work hard to write more books to buy her more dresses. Alex and Linda saw Lancy’s fiance Melvin coming up to Lancy. Melvin told Lancy that he gave up his business for her. He told her he loves her and want to build a family with Chris and her. Linda teared up and said it’s so good to have someone who gives up everything for you. Alex said he thinks the Taiwanese have read too many romance novels.

Linda and Alex visited the chapel. Linda asked Alex to promise her something before they get married. Linda wants to tell the reporter the truth she didn’t do anything heroic and she went to the hotel to catch Brother Tang cheating but went to the wrong room. Alex said he understands but she doesn’t need to do that since it is a white lie and she’s a heroine for the children and adults. Linda told Alex to be honest with her that he doesn’t care about the dream but he ‘s scared he won’t be the prince and she won’t the princess. Alex said if people finds out the truth, they will become normal people and people will call them liars. Linda told Alex it is nice to live a normal life like her uncle. Linda gave Alex two options to either tell the people the truth or she won’t marry him. Linda left and told Alex that he only wants to marry his Wonder Lady and not her. Alex told Linda that the script he used while she was in coma was a scheme but it was truly what the said in his heart. Alex told Linda though it was a gimmicks but it doesn’t meant he doesn’t want to marry her. Alex told Linda the wedding was rushed but he doesn’t mind marrying her. Linda asked Alex if marriage was a game for him. Linda said she’s out. Linda gave Alex an analogy if marrying is a gamble, she’s getting out instead of trying to win what she lost. She doesn’t want to lose the rest of her life. Linda walked away and Alex told Linda “I Love You”. He knows it’s hard for her to forgive him but he wants her to know he loves her. Linda cried and told Alex she never realized she would be so sad hearing him telling her those three word. Linda told Alex her instinct tells her that they will live happily ever after but she doesn’t even trust her instinct and even what he said. Alex told Linda but he truly loves her and they will be happy together. Linda dumped Alex.


Alex sighed to Buddy and asked him if he deserves any sympathy. Buddy replied “No”. Buddy told Alex that Linda and he believed he is gifted and has the potential to be famous but couldn’t he stop using tricks and wait longer. Buddy said he wanted to cover up for him but the truth couldn’t be covered and he was very calculating until the very end. Buddy told Alex he couldn’t lie to Linda though he is his friend. Buddy told Alex he likes Linda but don’t get the wrong idea, he is his best friend and she is the one he loves and he wants them to be happy. Buddy told Alex he borrowed money from his father to pay his debt from Brother Tang but now he has to repay back by working for his father. Buddy told Alex he’s doing this for him cause he believes he is the only person who can make Linda happy. Buddy told Alex he sacrificed Linda. He worked so hard to be famous he needs to proves he deserves to be famous.

Three months later, Alex gave Miss Wah the lyrics for Glamorous Transformation. Alex told Miss Wah Glamorous Transformation was his idea and he believes no one can write the lyrics better than him. Alex hopes that Miss Wah won’t reject his idea because of what happened to Linda. On the day of the concert, Eliza’s father sat by the table next to Lancy’s father, Uncle Leong and Jazz. Miss Wah sings the song about Superstar. Miss Wah made a speech about how she abandoned her family for her career. Miss Wah said when the glamor has faded, the stage will turn gloomy and she will feel lonely. It looks like she won a lot but she lost a lot. Is it too late to turn back. Miss Wah sang the song Glamorous Transformation. Miss Wah made a speech three different composers composed this song for her representing three different eras. Miss Wah mentioned about her son Tong Wing and she didn’t feel motivate to sing but it was him who motivated her to sing on stage. She said if you fall, you must stand up and make a glamorous transformation. Miss Wah sang the theme song of Limelight Years. Alex and Linda thought about each other. Miss Wah made a speech that she has a friend (Damien) whom refused to call himself her fan and called her a hypocryte which made her transformed today. Damien came and sang on stage with Miss Wah. Everyone came on stage.


Hugo brought Corina to the studio. Damien’s studio became one of the top ten. Damien thanked his friends for teaching him bygones are bygones and they can always start a new life. Damien thanked George for bringing new ideas to the studio. Eliza joined Miss Wah’s fanclub. Alex told Damien he always believed that before a person, die he should focus all his work on getting famous but now he realized the success or failure is counted on how many people will still love you if you die. Alex said the person who loves him is no longer there with him. Alex asked if she will give him a chance. Alex sign his autograph for his new book for George. Miss Wah asked Damien if he is still helping Alex. Damien told Miss Wah he doesn’t want to give Alex a chance but he wants to give Linda a chance for a glamorous transformation. Alex came up to Linda. Linda complimented Alex’s lyrics Glamorous Transformation. Alex told Linda he rejected many job offers in the past three months and wrote this book. Alex gave Linda his new book and asked her to read and it and tell him how she feels about it. Linda told Alex she will always be his fan and that will not change. Linda read Alex’s book about his autobiography of him as a journalist and his relationship with Linda and how Linda is willing to wait for him. He was selfish and even lost the woman he loved but he doesn’t want to lose hope in the last moment. Linda walked in the chapel with her wedding dress. Linda asked Alex to not come near her. Alex told Linda he loves her while she loves him too. Linda told Alex it isn’t only about him but also about her. Linda asked Alex if he saw that flash. She was afraid he was setting her up again. Alex told Linda it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t get famous but he cannot lose her. Linda told Alex she’s so scared she doesn’t know if he is lying or telling the truth. Linda asked Alex if he remembers that a relationship is void without trust. Linda apologized to Alex. Alex apologized to Linda for making her wait too long. Alex asked Linda to give him a chance for him to wait in return. He will wait until she trusts him again.

One the plane, Damien asked Miss Wah to put her camera away taking photos of him. Miss Wah rode the bike with Damien in the island and fell. Miss Wah told Damien it is a good thing cause she can now do a Glamorous Transformation.





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