Happy Ever After episode 15 recap

Been in the mood for ancient comedy which is why I’ve been recapping Happy Ever After actively since it’s a ancient food comedy.

The next morning, the guard told Bobby that the kitchen manager has been executed. Bobby went to the funeral and a servant mourn and told Bobby that last night the kitchen manager served a poisonous dish for the majesty and he threw up so he beheaded the kitchen manager. The servant gave Bobby a letter from the kitchen manager, in the letter the kitchen manager asked Bobby to cook three dishes for him. Bobby drove a butterfly away. Bobby saw the kitchen manager as a ghost. The kitchen manager beg Bobby to cook for him. Marianne meets with the kitchen manager during the night and say he and Bobby has similar personalities. The kitchen manager said if he train Bobby, he will be successful. Bobby told Marianne if Bobby can cook those dishes, he will introduce him to the imperial kitchen. Marianne asked Bobby to keep frying food and she’ll cook tofu for him. Bobby ate the tofu leaving the pan alone and the kitchen got burnt. Marianne yelled at Bobby for being lazy. She threw the kitchen appliance in the river. Marianne told Bobby that it was hard for him to get out of his fire phobia but why won’t he work hard as a chef. Marianne fell and Bobby grabbed her. Bobby pick up food for Marianne during diner. Bobby’s mother asked Bobby if he fell for Marianne. Bobby told his mother he was just cheering her up. Bobby’s mother told Bobby that people who oppose each other usually can fall for each other. Bobby’s mother told Bobby he needs a pink cord to tie up him and Marianne. The sedan chair bumped into Bobby, and Marianne saw Nadia looked out and said she thought she heard Bobby. Bobby picked up his taels. The servant gave a bottle of yeast to Marianne hinting that she is jealous.


Nadia wrote a calligraphy for his father. Nadia’s father sighed that the majesty may punish him for failing his task. The majesty asked Nadia’s father how many soldiers have been hurt in the war. The majesty complimented Nadia’s father for selling his land to gather money for the victims. The majesty forgive Nadia’s father for losing the war. The magistrate got promoted and visit Nadia. The magistrate told Nadia that Bobby greed money from the charity and his restaurant got closed down. Nadia believes that Bobby didn’t take any money and the people have received the money. Bobby came to pick up flowers and tripped and saw Consort Tak who look alike Nadia, the captain daughter. Marianne feels touched that Bobby spent the night and cooked medicine using flowers for her. Bobby told Marianne that he saw Nadia but she got freaked out and left. Marianne got mad and asked the kitchen manager to scare Bobby in the forest. The fire burnt the kitchen manager leg. Marianne got out. Marianne told Bobby that she wanted him to focus on cooking instead of going in the mountain. The kitchen manager said Bobby is useless and can never be a chef. Bobby said he’s been practicing to work on his hands to work faster. Bobby cook for the kitchen manager and asked him to taste it. The kitchen manager taste it and said it’s kinda salty and he has to drink tea. Bobby served tea for the kitchen manager as his master. The kitchen manager gave his legendary knife to Bobby to be his student. He is his 18th student. Bobby thanked Marianne. The kitchen manager trains Bobby some knife skills. Bobby walked in the mountain and got lost but returned to the same tree again. Bobby rain from the rain and arrived at Consort Tak’s shelter. Consort Tak played the harp and Bobby thought she was Nadia. Consort Tak’s maid hit Bobby thinking he lust. Consort Tak fainted. Bobby made medicine for Consort Tak. Consort Tak’s maid told Bobby that her master isn’t Nadia and she’s been staying her for three years. Bobby told Consort Tak’s maid that her master seems a bit skinnier though.




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