Happy Ever After episode 17 recap

A lady accused the majesty of molesting her. The majesty told the lady he just wanted to eat the food in the basket. The majesty asked Bobby to carry him. Bobby carried the majesty to his home. The mute lady made a sign to the majesty to take care of him. Bobby cooked fish dumplings to the majesty. The majesty told Bobby that only he can cook good food. The majesty gave the mute lady some fish dumplings. Bobby cooked for the kitchen manager. Bobby asked the kitchen manager what should he cook for a person that doesn’t like to eat. The kitchen manager suggests Bobby to cook him a soup to cure his illness. Bobby brought a bowl of soup to Consort Tak in the village . Bobby told Consort Tak’s maid that the consort is just like the majesty who enjoy his food. Consort Tak asked Bobby how is the world out there. Bobby said the world is peaceful and Emperor Qianlong is caring and hosted a feast. Consort Tak believes Bobby will have a chance to attend the imperial feast next time. Consort Tak asked Bobby if he knows what other qualities does the majesty possess to have the love of the commoners. The majesty sneaked in Roger’s room reading a manuel. Fiona asked the majesty to help sort out the green and red beans. The majesty asked Fiona if she likes Roger.


The majesty saw Marianne following Bobby and thought they were playing hide and seek. The majesty busy squashed the cockroaches and got lost in the woods. Bobby sidetracked Marianne and fell down the hill. Bobby and Marianne worried about each other. The majesty searched for Bobby and Marianne and listened to the harp played by Consort Tak and found it familiar. The majesty eavesdrop at Consort Tak and wonder who she is. The majesty saw Consort Tak and recall her. The majesty tripped and fainted. Consort Tak walked out. Bobby came and take a look at the majesty. Bobby piggyback the majesty home. Bobby asked Marianne to help him carry the majesty. During the rain, in the cave, Bobby and Marianne change shirts for the majesty. Bobby told Marianne he never seen any girl as stubborn as her but he still loves her. Marianne leaned on Bobby in the fireplace. Bobby and Marianne came home. The kitchen manager told Bobby there’s a placement for him to enter the imperial chef competition. Bobby brought the majesty to the restaurant and the kitchen manager was shocked and bowed in front the majesty. Roger stared at the majesty and told Bobby that the person he is carrying is the majesty.


It’s been three days, the prime minister couldn’t find the majesty, and thought of running away. Bobby and his stepbrother carried the sedan chair to the palace. Bobby’s sedan chair bumped into the prime minister’s sedan chair. The kitchen manger showed Bobby round the imperial kitchen. The prime minister came with the guards and arrested the kitchen manager. The prime minister’s niece Akina took all the credit in front of the empress dowager of finding the emperor. The empress dowager appointed Akina of being a concubine. Bobby apologized to the kitchen manager for causing him to be demoted. The kitchen manager said it’s time for him to retired and hopes that his student will cook for the majesty. The kitchen manager told Bobby he will depend on him.

The majesty dream of Consort Tak and wakes up and wants to leave the palace. The majesty came with the guard to the house in the village searching for his beloved Consort Tak. The majesty stared at Consort Tak’s harp. The emperor wandered in the forest and shouted why does she have to avoid him and let him feel lonely. He misses her so much. The majesty choked. Consort Tak came. The majesty wrapped Consort Tak’s hands and said they will never part each other anymore.



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