Drama Blog recommendation:

Now it’s the trend when bloggers blog about asian drama blogs in general instead of one countries. Back then we rent VHS and DVDs at the video store but now we can watch asian dramas online and with so many options to choose from, fans don’t have to be limited to watch one countries dramas. There used to be plenty of solo tvb blogs focusing on tvb series but now there are more blogs that review tvb series but also review korean, taiwanese, japanese, and chinese dramas. There are plenty of Korean Dramas solo blogs but there’s not really any Taiwanese, Chinese, or HK Drama Blogs which focus on one countries. Some kdrama blogs also branched to Chinese and Taiwanese Dramas. You’ll often see blogs mixed with other countries dramas.

Korean Dramas

Wuxia Series:


HK Dramas

Casual TVB

Asian Drama Blogs:

A Koala’s playground: Korean, Chinese, and Taiwanese Dramas

Kaedejun Japanese, Korean, and Taiwanese Dramas

My Drama Tea Japanese, Chinese, and Taiwanese Dramas

Drama For Real: Chinese, Korean, and HK Dramas

Drama Pot Chinese, Taiwanese, and HK Dramas

A Fairy Tale World: HK, Taiwanese, and Korean Dramas

A Virtual Voyage: Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, HK, and Korean Dramas.

Mookie Hyun Chinese, Korean, and Japanese Dramas


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