Sword of the Outlaw episode 27 recap

The master’s father told the master that girlfriends is only a small part of life. The flower lady pushed her sword toward the master. The flower lady asked the master to runaway to an unknown location with her. The master asked the flower lady to stay with him and conquer the world. The master refused to sacrifice his mission overthrowing the king for love. The flower lady left and asked the master to take care. The mongolian girl wanted to show the bodyguard her sword. The mongolian girl asked the bodyguard the difference between sword and flower. The mongolian girl told the bodyguard she took him to this mountain for him to excel practice his sword fighting. Planting flower and practicing martial art depends on the right timing and the right environment.

The magistrate’s daughter told her father it would be nice if she could be free as a bird. The magistrate’s daughter served tea for the master’s father. The magistrate’s daughter told the master’s father that the master and the flower lady love each other. The master’s father got poisoned. The master asked the magistrate’s daughter why did she poisoned his father. The magistrate’s daughter denied she didn’t poison the tea and believes someone used her to harm his father. The master’s daughter remembered her father gave her the tea. The master’s daughter admit the crime and said she used the tea and water from the temple. The magistrate ordered the guards to close down the temple. The master’s daughter cried and asked her father who has poisoned the master’s father. The master’s daughter why does he has to hide the servant’s son here and why those everyone obey him. The master’s daughter asked the magistrate if he is scheming to overthrow the majesty. The master’s daughter asked the magistrate to let her lend an ear. The magistrate showed his daughter a map of the war plan. The magistrate said this painting belongs to their ancestor and they are related to the ancestor of the previous dynasty. The magistrate told his father he wanted her to live a peaceful life so he never told her this huge secret.


The servant bowed in front of his father and asked him to kill him in the woods. The master asked the servant’s son if he poisoned his father. The servant’s son refused to admit the crime and ran. The master pointed a sword toward the servant’s son but the servant chopped his son’s head. The master asked the servant how did he know that his son was the killer.

The bodyguard stood in the crowd and listened to the story. The bodyguard gave the storyteller some silver and questioned him about the story of the lost golds from the palace. The bodyguard questioned the storyteller about how how did he know this story. The bodyguard tied up the storyteller in the hay. The storyteller said the cargo didn’t have anything and he exchanged the cargo with silvers. The bodyguard searched for the trace of the cargo.



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