Happy Ever After episode 18 and 19 recap

Emperor Qianlong told Consort Take that now he found her, he won’t let her leave him. He asked her why did she avoid him for three years. He heard from the Empress Dowager she died from the disease. Consort Tak said she was afraid her illness was contagious and will affect him. The majesty wouldn’t believe it since there are many great imperial doctors in the place. Consort Tak said she found her fate turned out to be miserable so he requested the Empress Dowager to let her be a nun. Consort Tak beg the majesty to let her stay here and pray for him. The majesty told Consort Tak he will escort her back to the palace. The consort recalled the Empress Dowager punished her for seducing the majesty. Consort Tak hangs her head on the rope The storm broke the rope and Consort Tak fell. The Empress Dowager spared her life but banished her out of the palace. Consort Tak stared at the majesty and promised her she won’t leave the palace again. The majesty requested the empress dowager to let him reinstate Consort Tak’s post as the Consort. The empress Dowager said she nominated Akina as the concubine.

The empress Dowager told Consort Tak she let her stayed for two reasons since she didn’t reveal the truth about her staying in the village, and for the sake of the emperor’s health. The empress dowager warned Consort Tak not using the french dance to seduce the majesty or she won’t forgive her. Consort Tak’s maid told Consort Tak though the empress dowager has let her stay but she asked Akina to serve the majesty. She has a feeling the upcoming days won’t be easy. The emperor gave a jade to Akina and blow off the candles and left. The majesty visited Consort Tak.


In the restaurant, Bobby sighed about the majesty has forgotten about him. Fiona saw a woman pushed Roger’s mother in the store. Marianne let Roger’s mother stay in her restaurant. Fiona read the red paper on the tree from Fiona wishing for Roger’s wellness. Marianne asked Fiona to confess her love for Roger. Fiona asked Marianne about her relationship with Bobby. Roger’s mother admired Fiona for helping Roger so much and would like her to be Roger’s spouse. Roger chopped food in the kitchen and asked Bobby to teach him to cook. He said he failed the scholar exams multiple times and not booksmart enough. Bobby asked Roger to stop kidding. Roger sadly left. Roger told Fiona he thought that he would be successful in studying hard but his hard work didn’t pay off. Roger drove Fiona away. Bobby yelled at Roger. Roger told Bobby he knows Fiona is a kind girl but he doesn’t want to fail her. Marianne told Roger that Fiona is getting married to a lunatic. Bobby’s mother said the lunatic’s father is really arrogant and enjoy spanking females. Roger ran in front of the sedan chair and stood in front of the bride and beg her not to marry the lunatic. The lunatic and the groom went in the house. Roger saw Bobby and his family cheer and happily eat, and he got mad. Roger went into the kitchen and grabbed the knives. Fiona stared at Roger. Bobby’s family asked Roger if he knows how much effort did they persuaded Fiona to return. Roger promised Fiona he will study hard and cherish her. Fiona took Roger to the study house. Bobby and Marianne teased Roger. Bobby told Roger this is so cute, he has Fiona while he has Marianne. It will be very rowdy when they both get married at the same time.

Marianne whined to Bobby that he kept on visiting the mountain and grabbed the fruits for Nadia. Bobby explained to Marianne that he saw Consort Tak in the village which look alike Nadia. He promised he never has touched her. Bobby took Marianne to the house where Consort Tak stayed in the village but didn’t see anybody. Marianne told Bobby that he’s been seduced by a gumiho. The majesty took some magic tricks with the knots to cheer Consort Tak. Consort Tak told the majesty she haven’t got used to the environment in the palace.


The prime minister’s wife read the fortune to Akina that she will end up lonely in the palace. The prime minister’s wife told Akina that she should befriend Consort Tak to have good impression in front of the majesty. Consort Tak’s maid tripped and spilled the hot tea on her leg. Akina helped Consort Tak’s maid up and visited Consort Tak. Akina complimented Consort Tak’s playing the harp. Akina would like to be sisters with Consort Tak.

The emperor asked the kitchen manger’s assistant to invite the chef at the feasts to cook for the palace to have more original food. The prime minister introduced Wilson to the kitchen manager’s assistant. The kitchen manager asked the assistant to be careful. The kitchen manager’s assistant found Bobby’s food tasty. The kitchen manager watch Bobby’s slicing the food. Bobby’s mother sewed a new apron for Bobby. Marianne invited Bobby at three in the morning in the backyard. Marianne gave her father’s spicy food cook manuel to Bobby. Bobby promised Marianne he will marry her after he passed the cooking trial in the palace.


Wilson spins the ball on the roulette. Bobby picked up the ball and the ingredient is beef. Bobby doubt what to cook with beef and thought of Marianne’s manuel and thought of cooking beef pho. Wilson wiped out Bobby’s plate for the servant to serve for Bobby. The kitchen manager tasted Bobby’s spicy beef pho dish and found it bitter. Bobby went home upset and told his family he fail. Bobby realized and told the kitchen manager and Marianne that Wilson used the fabric to wipe the dish. The kitchen manager barged in the prime minister’s room and asked him why did he use dirty tricks. The kitchen demanded the prime minister to go see the majesty with him. The prime minister threw the kitchen manager out. The kitchen manager called the prime minister a bastard. Bobby tried to shut the kitchen manager and said he always cause trouble and said they will go their own way. The kitchen manager said this trick is so old to kick him out. The kitchen manager persist scolding the prime minister. Bobby knocked the kitchen manager. Bobby and Marianne threw water at the kitchen manager. Bobby explains to the kitchen manager that Wilson always cook the same thing and the majesty will be tired of his food soon. Bobby greets the kitchen manager on the canoe and asked him to have fun traveling.


Roger got a stomach flue. The doctor told Fiona that Roger have an incurable disease which may cause him to lose hair. The doctor said he has a medicine for it but it is expensive. Fiona cried and told Marianne she wants to hurry and marry Roger since he won’t live for long. Roger’s mother told Roger that his fate is miserable and he will have to marry Fiona to bring luck. Fiona sewed a shirt for Roger. Roger told Fiona he is poor and not a sweet talker. He gave her a hairpin as a gift. Roger told Bobby that he has a feeling that he’s hiding something from him. Bobby denied and told Roger that he has anxiety before marrying. A stall owner chased Bobby to reduce the tomb price for Roger. Bobby punched the stall owner. Roger refused to marry Fiona. Fiona told Roger she doesn’t mind. Roger told Fiona if she thought carefully, she will be lonely after he dies. Roger told Fiona if he dies, he will have no children to pass down. Bobby’s stepbrother told Roger that he won’t die, he investigated that the doctor was a con and arrested. Roger and Fiona gets married. Roger massaged Fiona.



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