Thief of Honour episode 8 recap

The king’s uncle got mad that the Mongolian lost. The cashier plans to befriend with Ekin’s grandpa. Dicky asked a servant to fight with Ekin. Dicky suggests Ekin to do chores such as chop the woods until his hands has enough force to fight. The cashier’s daughter saw Dicky’s servant boss Ekin, and she was displeased with Dicky’s attitude and left. Noel saw Ekin’s bruises and asked him if the cashier’s niece knows Dicky bullied him. Noel punched Dicky and hang him up on the tree for bullying Ekin. Noel’s father asked Noel if she hung out with Ekin. Noel told her father that Ekin is the only person who’s not afraid her her so she enjoy hanging out with him. Noel’s father asked Noel to beware of rumors. Noel told his father to not worry since he has a lover. Ekin threw a cauldron in front of some bullies in front of his grandpa’s house and said even a weak guy like him can fight with them.Ekin’s grandpa gave Ekin a key. Ekin’s grandpa teach Ekin that he needs to hit his opponent with one strike. Ekin asked Noel to let him solve his own problem. Noel asked Ekin to promise her to visit the cashier’s niece.

The cashier visits the lady’s house. The lady served Noel’s father in the brothel. The leader of the rebel greets Ekin’s grandpa and hopes he joins his force against the Mongolians. Ekin’s grandpa reject the request. Ekin’s grandpa warned Dicky not to say anything he just heard. Ekin’s godmother visits Ekin’s restaurant. Ekin’s godmother hang out with her daughter and Noel on the street and saw Ekin’s grandfather from the back. Ekin’s grandmother told Ekin’s parents at the grave that Ekin has been working hard and earn enough money though she doesn’t have enough money to pay for his education. Ekin greets his godmother. Ekin’s godmother said she will go back home tomorrow and she is pleased to know that he and her daughter have a job.

In the restaurant, Noel teased Dicky that Ekin is hanging out with the cashier’s niece and he’s behind. Ekin showed his shooting knife skills in front of Dicky.Dicky barged in the room and confronted his grandpa for teaching Ekin his martial arts. Dicky hangs out with Ekin’s godsister. Ekin’s friend told Ekin’s godsister that Dicky doesn’t truly love her. Ekin’s godsister asked Ekin and his friend to leave and she knows what she’s doing. Ekin asked Dicky if he truly love his sister. Dicky said he will never fall for his sister but he likes to play with her. Whatever Ekin owes him, he will repay by playing with his sister. The soldiers chased the cashier’s niece in the black suit.






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