Happy Ever After episode 21 recap

The kitchen manager’s assistant told Bobby that each day, fifty chefs will cook for the majesty but the majesty only pick one dish to eat. Each person will have their name tag on their dish. The prime minister invited Bobby to his room privately and warned him that the palace is not a fun place to say, and he needs to be careful what he should or should not say. Bobby said he will remember the kitchen manager told him that he must cook for the people. Wilson cooked a dish using crab poop, fish bird’s nest inside the lobster shaping like a butterfly. Bobby cooked a dish with beans covered with honey. Wilson tasted Bobby’s dish and found it tasty and whispered to Bobby’s stepbrother to switch Bobby and Wilson’s name tag on the dish. The majesty listens to Consort Tak playing the harp. The majesty and Akina tasted Wilson’s crab with wine and thought it was just usual. The majesty tasted Bobby’s bean dish and thought it was very good but rewarded Wilson since the name tag was under Wilson. Wilson accepts the golden cup and got promoted to be the kitchen manager. Bobby checked his dish and found the majesty ate most of it.

Bobby pretends to smile in front of his family saying he has a wonderful first day of work and everyone was nice to him. Marianne came in the bathroom and asked Bobby if he is not happy today. She can tell his smile was forced. Bobby said he wasn’t sure why Wilson won over him. He’ll think of another great dish to cook for the majesty tomorrow. The prime minister asked Wilson if he can have his ring. He pulled out the ring from Wilson’s finger. Bobby came back in the kitchen table and saw his stepbrother switching the name tag. Wilson told Bobby if he tell out on his stepbrother, his stepbrother will be in trouble. Bobby pinched Wilson’s eyes. Wilson accused Bobby of hitting him. The kitchen manager moved Bobby to the breakfast room. Bobby made some medicine for his stepbrother. Bobby told his stepbrother that his family cares for him while he follows Wilson. Wilson came to Bobby’s restaurant and ordered his stepbrother to return to him. Wilson treated Bobby’s stepbrother like a dog and asked him to showed him his hands. Marianne slapped Wilson. Wilson told Bobby that he will cause him to fall down hard and get Marianne back to him.


Bobby cooked with the elders in the breakfast room. Bobby showed his breakfast he has prepared. The elder smashed Bobby’s breakfast and said if the majesty liked his dish, their days will be gone. Bobby screamed. A chef encourage Bobby to hang on and stand up and one day he will get promoted. The majesty watches the shooting star and tell Consort Tak about the Legend of the Cow Herder and Weaving Maiden where the couple meet each other every seventh day on the seventh month of the Lunar New Year. He always wish under the shooting star that she will return to him. Consort Tak promised the majesty she will served him forever. Bobby cooked desserts and showed it to the chef but he got sick. The majesty ordered the chef to cook a soup for Consort Tak. Bobby asked the chef if he trusts him.

Bobby cooked soup for Consort Tak. Consort Tak asked the eunuch who made this soup. The majesty is impressed to hear that Bobby made another good meal. Consort Tak told the majesty that Bobby took care of her in the mountain and cooked for her. The majesty got mad after hearing her said she made friends with Bobby. Bobby greets the majesty and saw Consort Tak. The majesty asked Bobby how dare he hang out with Consort Tak. Bobby said he mistaken Consort Tak for one of his friend. She wanted him to tell more about the majesty so he talked about him. Consort Tak wasn’t feeling well so he cooked for her. Bobby freaked out and asked for forgiveness. The majesty laughed and asked Bobby if he knows that those who don’t know what happened, is innocent. The majesty ordered Bobby to cook healthy meals for Consort Tak from now on. Bobby asked Marianne if she remembers his promise of marrying her after he works as an imperial chef. Bobby smiled and cheer with Wilson for helping earn this spot. Wilson drank the cup of tea and Bobby laughed that the cup has been spread with spices. Bobby drinks and celebrates with the chef for being promoted.



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