Romantic Repertoire episode 13 recap

Evergreen Mak called Moses and said he managed to invite Joyce. Jason watch Katy talking to guys,and he asked her not to go out with them tomorrow. Jason told Owen once he becomes her woman, he’ll become her soldier. Katy looked surprised and asked Moses’s sister if Jason has a girlfriend. Katy persuaded Joyce to eat crabs with her this saturday. Joyce read the script of Hua Mu Lan play. Katy and Law Lok Lam remind Joyce that the current trend are hit music. Katy dressed up for Joyce for a date with Evergreen Mak. Law Lok Lam told Louise that he couldn’t believe that Joyce would be Evergreen Mak’s type. Evergreen Mak called Moses and said he booked many different cuisines and he’ll let Joyce choose. Joyce told Evergreen Mak sometimes she finds some treasure when digging through old stuff. Evergreen Mak took Joyce to a store of antiques and sculptures. Evergreen Mak went to a restaurant’s restroom and found it full of toilet paper. He paid a dishwasher five hundred dollars to clean the toilet. The lady told Evergreen Mak he can’t bribe her with money, but he can go to a five star hotel for a clean restroom. The boss of the store showed Joyce a fan of Xin Jingyu from the Qing Dynasty. He had a son named in Zhangshou. His son failed the exam several times. Before he died, Xin Jinyu wrote a poem on the fan, and his son was so moved and worked hard and passed the scholar exam. The boss said that Zhangshou wrote another poem but he doesn’t know who has the fan. Evergreen Mak washes his hands in the men’s room in the hotel. Evergreen Mak returned to the antique store but Joyce has left. Joyce got an idea of doing a play on this story of Xian Jingyu and his son and call it “Turn in the Son”. Katy and Louise laughed that Joyce forgot her cell phone in Evergreen Mak’s car and forgot to bid goodbye to him.


In the fancy, restaurant, Evergreen Mak told Moses he has never been left by a girl alone. Evergreen Mak doubts if he doesn’t have any other quality besides having money. Moses told Evergreen Mak Joyce left him for a man in the Qing Dynasty. Evergreen Mak asked Moses if he’s trying to put him down. Moses said he’s only here to eat. Katy told Joyce that whenever her face blush and sweat, and her heart beat fast, it means she’s falling in love. Joyce believes romance should be like Cui Yinying dating Zhang Sheng in Romance of the West Chamber. Joyce performed the opera. Katy told Joyce when she finds her Mr.Right, she will blush. Belle sent Moses a picture of her shooting scene. Moses meet with Unkle Kuen to renovate his study room. As Moses takes pictures, he saw the fan. Unckle Kuen wrote the writing on the fan which said One who love his parents won’t hate on others. Uncle Kuen told Moses the stoy of Xin Jingyu. Moses showed Evergreen Mak the picture of the fan. Moses told Evergreen Mak he can’t use money to buy the fan but he can use his sincerity. Moses sent Joyce the photo of the fan and typed the poem on it. Love destiny has no name but the wait before meeting is its name. Evergreen Mak stared at Moses and surprised that Moses know a lot about Joyce and even the phone she uses. Joyce borrows Katy’s laptop to see the photo that Evergreen Mak sent. Joyce and Katy read the love quote under the picture of the fan. Joye replied “Limitation of Life is a western movie I watched before, it’s about motherly love. Moses gave Katy and Jason an assignment of renovating Mr and Mrs.Chow’s house. Jason asked Katy to be more focused at work instead of keeping on talking on the phone.


Katy’s boyfriend told Katy he likes her quality of focusing on work. Katy recalled Jason asking her if she could be more foused at work. Katy gave her boyfriend the box of food and ask him to watch the movie herself since she needs to get back at work. Katy asked Jason if he should thank her for getting back to work. Jason asked Katy why should he thank her, this is her job. Katy said she left her friend behind at the movie theater for work. Jason said it’s meaningless to get angry, he is not her soldier. Jason’s stomach growl. Jason asked Katy to finish working together faster so they can eat sooner. Jason took Katy to the stall to eat. As Katy and Jason eat, they saw the the people in the next table drove an elderly woman away. Katy asked the elderly woman to sit and she asked her what does she wants to eat. The elderly woman pushed her cart of trash and told Katy she only want to see her grandson. Katy ordered many meals for her. Jason told Katy he’ll take to her favorite restaurant. Katy called Jason “Boss” and thanked him.Jason told Katy he only has one boss which is Moses. Jason took Katy to her favorite restaurant ordered Sweet Soup takeway for her. Louise complimented Katy that she can boss Jason. Moses and his sister didn’t like Herbal Jelly and Red Bean soup. Louise and Joyce didn’t like them either. Katy return to the firm and discuss with Jason about the design. Jason told Katy that Mr.Chow’s study room is his own personal space, if they remove the wall from Mr.Chow’s room then he’ll lose his personal space. Jason gave a metaphor of Katy’s boyfriend never talked back to her to please her. Katy madly return home and ate the roast pork and tofu and complain to Joyce and Louise that Jason fought back with her. Katy said Jason criticized her design and her personality. Law Lok Lam teased Katy that she failed to recruit her soldier.



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