Taste vs Opinions

Ever avoid reading some blogs cause the admins are too negative or the commenters are too negative that you’ll afraid you’ll get bashed for commenting? Blogging is opinion based. Some fans don’t want to create a drama blog afraid of being bashed by other fans. I would applaud for the admins of drama blogs for being able to deal with criticism. Some do rant a lot when others have different opinion or taste. Sometimes I do watch the dramas that not many fans like but it doesn’t mean I have to rant and bash others for not watching them.

Opinions vs taste: Everyone have different taste. Can’t force yourself to like a genre of drama if you don’t like it. My favorite genre is adventure and comedy. My least favorite type of dramas is Wuxia Series with lots of CGI and world war period dramas. You can’t force a fan to like or dislike a drama since everyone got their own taste on dramas. Some blogs do have way too many negative commenters and it makes fans mad seeing fans bashing their favorite dramas. How much negative is too much? There must be some positive aspect of a series. Some prefer reading blogs that focus on one country dramas and instead of asian dramas. Some prefer reading a CDRAMA or KDRAMA blog instead of asian drama blog. For me, I blog whatever dramas I enjoy or in the mood for. Sometimes I’m in the mood for tvb; sometimes for kdramas, sometimes for Wuxia. Others may have different motivation for blogging whatever dramas they have decided to blog. Some wants to promote Wuxia only; some wants to promote kdramas only; some wants to promote asian dramas as a whole.

My point is do not confuse negativity with taste. Just because some blogs more modern dramas than Wuxia, it doesn’t mean that they dislike Wuxia. Perhaps they like watching both modern dramas and Wuxia and want to blog about both but prefer blogging more modern dramas. Everyone got their own opinions, there are some dramas we bound to dislike. No need to explain why you dislike it or prove if you’re right or wrong, it just doesn’t fit your taste.

There is no right or wrong in opinions or taste. When we watch certain dramas, we may view it as good but other may differ and don’t like the dramas.


7 thoughts on “Taste vs Opinions

  1. I always consider more important talking about something you like over something you don’t like, talking about something you like is more blissful and more constructive in a way, but one can always write about something he/she doesn’t like and WHY. The difference is that many people point their negativity towards authors or commenters that don’t like the type of dramas they like or they don’t find THAT actress or THAT actor others worship that good. There’s always a lurking hate-sphere in dramaland(j-k-c-t-th) that attacks when a not positive (but not necessarily negative) article, post, comment, opinion appears. One of the biggest problems of the GENERAL scene from whichever country a drama comes is the face-centered worship of an actor or actress, if something not positive but not necessarily negative pops up there’s an organized attack in the making, it’s not healthy. Negativity has nothing to do with taste but it can affect taste, but this doesn’t mean that negativity is what forces people to have a different taste from others. It’s as simple as that, if someone likes something, then he/she likes it! If he/she doesn’t like it, then he/she doesn’t like it. An opinion isn’t THAT negatively biased, unless a person wants to progress his/her opinion towards something negative in the way he/she expresses him/her-self. It’s healthy for someone to not like someone else in terms of acting or something in terms of a drama field, we can’t like everything, it would be to opinion-less and too generic in order to appeal to everyone. One’s opinion must be strong with proof why he/she doesn’t like something, it’s sincere to say the least, sincerity is TOO important in everything, unless one’s goal isn’t sincerity but popularity. Just keep liking what you like and don’t like what you don’t like with a careful stare in case you start liking under circumstances 🙂

    • Yeah taste and opinions can be confusing at times. When you’re being positive about the dramas that many fans dislike, you still get bashed. I agree with you that too many negative commenters or bloggers can affect fans or bloggers to defend it. When we all dislike the same dramas, we agree and bash altogether but when we like the dramas we highly praise it Blogging is so subjective.

      • Yup, it’s the opposite aftereffect, you like something, you can get bashed by the majority not liking it. But the greatest impact falls upon those who don’t like what most of the majority likes. It doesn’t have something to do with the previous sentence, but it’s a personal example i experienced, i won’t name the drama or the actors/actresses because i don’t want to spoil anything. I was shipping the same couple almost everyone was shipping, it didn’t come true in the end, there was lots of hate towards the winning couple, i didn’t change my ship, but i dared to say why i can understand why that ship was the winning one and for loving the drama even though the couple i was shipping alongside most of the audience didn’t turn to life. Views suddenly minimized 😛 I could have easily continued the same route onwards the gates of a short-lived “blog-success,” but i couldn’t silence my mind! Sincerity of opinion has its own cost even though you are a “soldier in the same camp” but tend to differ a bit and try to be a bit more objective. Subjectivity is a big part in one’s life, one can rarely be objective since it’s a personal opinion. One’s personal opinion may appeal as objective to the person him/her-self, but for someone else it may be too subjective and ultimately different.

    • What do you think about drama bloggers who bash other drama bloggers for negative reviews and refuse to make friends with most bloggers? It is a disadvantage. It’s always better to make friends than enemies right?

      • I think it’s better to have a constructive discussion of different opinions on why one liked it and the other not instead of one entering a bashing mode. It’s needless negative energy. It’s always a disadvantage, not necessarily in terms of friends/enemies, but for one’s peace of mind! XD

      • I was surprised to see some drama bloggers would put names of other bloggers on their blog and bash them for negative reviews. Are we supposed to be make friends in the blogging world instead of bashing one another for different opinions?

      • Haven’t witnessed something like that, but i trust your personal opinion and experience! 🙂 My point of view in this specific field of blogsphere named dramasphere regardless of the drama’s nationality i think that we’re supposed to make friends whether we agree or not because we can’t agree on everything and can’t disagree on everything either. There can be constructive discussion with opposing opinions as long as it remains on personal facts, reasons why and gentility. Of course, it depends on the person! In the end, we can’t be friends with everyone! XD

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