Happy Ever After episode 22 recap

Bobby think hard of what to cook for Consort Tak. Consort Tak used the puppet to invite the majesty for dinner. Bobby got a surprised dish for the majesty. The majesty stared at the two fish swimming on the pot and recalled watching those fishes with Bobby. The majesty recall Bobby named him “Hunchback” and recalled him rescuing him. The majesty doubts why he couldn’t recall the memory of Akina finding him. Bobby told the majesty perhaps he was too busy worrying about other things. The majesty asked Bobby about his family. The majesty visits Bobby’s restaurant. The majesty teased Bobby’s mother where is her stick. The majesty asked Marianne when he will eat her meal she cooked again. The majesty gave the brand board as a gift for Bobby. The majesty visits the mute lady. A bear roared at Roger in the woods. Roger sighed he missed the chance to see the majesty. Consort Tak invited Bobby to meet the concubines. The concubines requested Bobby to cook for them meals that makes their skin look healthier. Bobby told Consort Tak and the concubines that the tale of when he rescued the majesty and named him Hunchback.


Wilson got pissed that he didn’t have anything to do in the kitchen. Bobby smelled the egg, fish and condensed milk and fount it has a weird scent. Bobby took the ingredients and made into a dish. The chef couldn’t stand the smell of the food. Bobby ate it and found it tasty. The majesty smelled the dish and arrived in Bobby’s room. The majesty eunuch couldn’t stand the scent of the food and left. Bobby asked the majesty to taste it. The majesty tasted and complimented the mushroom mixed with the beef brain and condensed milk. Bobby asked the majesty to try the fish’s egg. The majesty asked Bobby to sit and drink with him. The majesty asked Bobby how does he know his taste. Bobby told the majesty that his servant used to give him a bowl of soup which make him has a good sense of taste. The majesty said he also has drank that soup. The majesty asked Bobby how come he stood on the chair while picking up the food on the pot. The majesty and Bobby play rock, paper, and scissor to see who will taste the food first.


Bobby served noodles for the majesty and Consort Tak and told them the tale of Fiona’s dish she cooked for Roger before the scholar exam. Bobby requested the majesty to give Roger a chance. The majesty made a deal with Bobby if Roger and Fiona can pass their love test trial, he will let Roger be the magistrate. A prostitute yelled for help. Roger threw a rock toward the raper and he died. The majesty stared at the prostitute hugging Roger. The prostitute gave Roger some cheque. Roger ran away from the prostitute. Some guards gave Roger a warrant to go to the military. Fiona stirred sleeping powder on the tea and gave it for Roger to drink. Fiona dresses as a man and apply for the military. The magistrate asked Fiona why does she has ear holes. The magistrate arrested Fiona for impersonating Roger. Roger came and beg the magistrate to arrest him. Fiona and Roger takes turn begging to be arrested. The magistrate ordered for Roger and Fiona to be arrested. Bobby came and showed the majesty badge to bring Roger and Fiona to the majesty. The majesty read Roger’s poem and was impressed. The majesty asked Roger some rhetoric questions. The majesty smiled and promoted Roger to be a magistrate. Bobby and his family celebrates Roger’s promotion. Marianne irritated everyone ignored her. Marianne asked Bobby when will he marry her. Bobby’s family came with the read lanterns and smiled that she finally say what she wanted to say.


Bobby and Roger and the chefs visit the brothel. Bobby saw Nadia and her maid passing by. Bobby performed flying noodles in front of the concubines. Bobby asked Consort Tak if she left the palace for the past two days. Consort Tak asked Bobby if he encountered his friend who has similar face as her. The majesty invited Roger to write a calligraphy for him.



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