Happy Ever After episode 23 and 24 recap

The magistrate gave Roger the manuel and ask him to keep it safely. Roger wrote the calligraphy for the majesty and realized the manuel is fake. Roger saw the prime minister talking to the magistrate. Roger peeked at the magistrate inserting fake manuels in the library. Bobby sighed about Marianne. Roger stressed about the fake manuels in the library. Marianne saw Nada in the fabric store and covered her face. Marianne tried to leave but Nadia saw her. Nadia came and asked Marianne about Bobby. Nadia asked Marianne to leave a message to Bobby that she’s in the capital. Marianne whined to Fiona why Nadia has to come at this time. Marianne worries that she will lose Bobby. Marianne decided to test her confidence and tell Bobby that Nadia has returned to the capital. Roger critique the calligraphy to the majesty. The majesty doubts who dared to steal the real manuel from the palace. The majesty ordered Roger to investigate this case. The prime minister teased Bobby of having concubines asking them to cook meals for them. Bobby gave the prime minister some ginseng since he has sore throats. The prime minister said he has a friend who is ill and would like to request him to cook healthy meals for him.

Roger and Bobby followed Wilson and Bobby’s stepbrother. Bobby and Roger saw the magistrate getting out of the sedan chair. The guards stopped Bobby and Roger to come in since they don’t have a badge. Marrianne wrote a wish on the lantern hoping Nadia will find a good husband but that person will not be Bobby. Bobby suggests Roger to steal the badge from the magistrate and create multiple fake badges to freely walk in the library. Roger rejects the idea.


Bobby watches the flying lantern being burnt. Bobby turned around and saw Nadia. Bobby asked Nadia what did she wrote in the letter. Nadia recite a poem. Nadia thanked fate for let them meet again. Marianne happily sew phoenix on the embroidery. Bobby came home. Marianne asked Bobby to eat her desserts. Bobby read the manuels. Nadia brought a fruit basket to Bobby to his house. Marianne asked Bobby why didn’t he tell her he met Nadia last night. Bobby said he read the manuel to cook new meals. Marianne hit Bobby and threw a chair. Bobby fainted. Roger wiped Bobby’s bruise on his head. Bobby told Roger that he used to love Nadia but now he loves Marianne. Marianne cried and told Fiona that it is time for her to withdraw since Nadia is back.

Bobby gave he prime minister the soup he made from the manuel. Bobby asked the prime minister if he noticed his neck got twisted. Bobby said he was a gamble addict and said it in the dream that he lost all the money so Marianne hit him. Bobby told the prime minister if this soup cure his illness, he needs the money to pay his debt. Bobby showed the prime minister the french painting but the prime minister sneezed on it. The majesty came to invite the prime minister to eat with him the hot shrimp. The majesty stared at the painting and saw it being dirty. Bobby took the blame. The majesty ordered the guard to spank him twenty times. The majesty’s eunuch demanded Bobby to pay back his money. The prime minister apologized to Bobby. Bobby told the prime minister it is a minor thing, he is young and can take up the spanks but he is the prime minister and it would be weird letting him take the blame. The prime minister asked Bobby about the money he owed from the majesty’s eunuch. Bobby suggests the prime minister to open the healthy dinner feast so he can pay the debt sooner.


The majesty laughed with Bobby and said that the prime minister’s anxious look was so funny. The majesty said he hopes the prime minister isn’t related to the prime minister since he is loyal to him. Bobby passed by Marianne and ignored her. Marianne followed Roger disguising as an old man and Bobby. Bobby showed the guards his badge and went in the brothel. Marianne followed Nadia. Bobby cooked. Roger eavesdrop at the prime minister and the magistrate. Roger saw the prime minister open the statue and place the notebook inside. Roger look at the notebook and saw the documents on debt. Marianne whined to Bobby that he must have gone to the brothel to see Nadia. Roger asked Marianne and Bobby to hurry and leave. The prime minister came and ordered the guards to arrest them.

Bobby threw flour at the guards and ran. Roger twisted his left. Bobby tore the calligraphy part and asked Roger to give it to majesty while he sidetracks the guards. Bobby climbed inside Nadia’s house. The guards check in Nadia’s house and went to Nadia’s room. Nadia took a bath and pushed Bobbby down the bathub. Nadia and her servant asked the guards to leave. Nadia walked out and tripped. Bobby held Nadia and fell on her.


Roger asked Marianne to go home with Bobby. Roger gave the majesty the document on the prime minister and the magistrate’s bribery. The majesty ordered Roger to close down the brothel. Marianne went home and told Bobby’s mother and stepbrother that Bobby been kidnapped by some jerks. Bobby massaged Nadia’s leg. Bobby’s stepbrother beat up some guards. Marianne and Bobby’s mother and stepbrother saw a man in the bag instead of Bobby. Marianne searched for Bobby all night. Bobby wonder how’s Marianne and Roger’s doing. Nadia asked her servant to serve tea for her. Bobby found Nadia lay in her room having a fever. Bobby sat by Nadia and took care of her. Nadia thanked Bobby. Bobby bids farewell to Nadia. Bobby got out of Nadia’s home. Marianne yelled at Bobby for having with fun with Nadia. Marianne told Bobby that she understands she is only a replacement.

The majesty asked the prime minister about his bribery at the gamble. The majesty yelled at the prime minister and the majesty for selling the antiques from the palace. The majesty demoted the magistrates and deduct salary from the prime minister. The majesty gave Bobby and Roger a house and money as gifts and promote them. The prime minister shows vengeance toward Bobby.

Bobby tried to cheer Marianne up. Nadia told Bobby that he and Nadia stay in one room and slept with each other. Marianne asked Bobby if he regrets being with her since she is not as educated as Nadia. Bobby cooked in the imperial kitchen alone. Bobby sighed to Roger that Marianne accused her of loving Nadia. Roger asked Bobby if he has once fell in love with Nadia. Bobby said he was thinking of Nadia but never did anything wrong with her. Bobby said he truly loves Marianne. Bobby told Roger that though she and Marianne always argue but they are also very close with each other. They are a good match. Roger asked Bobby to close his eyes and tell him who he thinks of. Bobby said he is thinking of Marianne.


The empress dowager ate vegetarian food with the concubines. The empress dowager tasted the soup and found it very good. Akina showed the empress dowager some plants. Akina said Consort Tak took some of it this morning. The empress dowager frowned and left. The empress dowager visits Consort Tak. Consort Tak said she’s been writing down ninety nine calligraphy to pray for her wellness. The empress dowager told Consort Tak she doesn’t blame her, she ordered the servant to prepare soup for Consort Tak. The empress dowager and the concubines stood on the tower. The empress dowager said this tower has been burnt three times. The tower shook. Consort Tak got stuck with the empress dowager after the tower has fallen. Consort Tak asked the empress dowager to hold on to her hands. Consort Tak admired the empress dowager for being so calm. Consort Tak massaged the empress dowager’s leg. The majesty came with the guards to the temple in the rain. The majesty ordered the guard to dig out the underground. Consort Tak peel out the fruit for the empress dowager. Consort Tak pick up a rat and put the empress dowager’s ring in on its hand. The majesty picked up the empress dowager’s ring.



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