Happy Ever After episode 25 recap

Consort Tak sung a lullaby for the empress dowager. The empress dowager said she used to sing that song to put the majesty to nap. The majesty dig out the block of woods. Consort Tak asked the empress dowager to walk out first. The blocks fell down on Consort Tak. Consort Tak had a nightmare seeing her tomb. Consort Tak hugged the majesty. The empress dowager visits Consort Tak and thanked her for saving her. The empress dowager gave Consort Tak a box of ginseng as a token. Wilson performed cooking the pork for the majesty. Bobby performed slicing tofu in front of the majesty. Bobby said the tofu dish has a meaning of finding what they’ve lost and to celebrate him reuniting with the Empress Dowager and Consort Tak. Bobby showed the buddhist statue he made out of food. The empress dowager complimented that its is the majesty’s deed to have a talented chef. The majesty gave Bobby a golden cup as a gift. Bobby’s family moved to a big house.


Marianne upset about Bobby. Fiona told Marianne that she and Bobby have gone trough many things and Bobby liking Nadia is just an illusion. Marianne told Fiona that Bobby fell for Nadia first and she knows she will lose. Fiona count the points of Nadia’s sacrifices to Bobby. Mariannne got nervous seeing that Nadia earned more points than her for helping Bobby. Bobby’s mother plans the wedding date for Bobby and Marianne next month. Bobby’s mother would like to hold a grandson. Bobby sat and apologized to Marianne to cheer her up. Bobby teased Marianne he can take his heart out for her to see. Bobby promised Marianne they will be a very happy couple after they get married. Marianne took out a hairpin in her pocket and thought he bought it for her. Bobby said the hairpin belongs to Nadia. Bobby said he accidentally step on her hair pin and caused her to twist her leg. He will cook a soup for Nadia. Marianne asked Bobby to let her return the hairpin and cook the soup for Nadia. Marianne whined why Bobby wouldn’t stop seeing Nadia. Bobby asked Marianne to change her attitude or thy will fight everyday. Bobby asked Marianne to delay the marriage until they understand each other more.

Marianne sadly left. Marianne ate food on the food stall. Nadia saw Marianne. Marianne washed Nadia’s handkerchief and said since she cause her handkerchief to be dirty, she will watch it. She dislike dragging the relationship. Nadia asked Marianne if she has some misunderstanding toward her. Marianne told Nadia she is not as educated. She won’t fight for Bobby anymore. She can have him. Marianne said she will cancel the marriage. Marianne told Nadia she knew Bobby first and they love each other or else she wouldn’t come here to see Bobby. Nadia told Marianne she visited Bobby cause he’s her friend. Nadia asked Marianne to believe her. Marianne told Nadia that since Bobby is an imperial chef she matches her. Marianne told Nadia she can sacrifice her status of the general’s daughter to keep Bobby in her room. Marianne sighed that Bobby used her as a replacement. Nadia asked Marianne why does she put herself down like that. Nadia told Marianne she and Bobby are fated to be together. Marianne told Nadia that she thought about not seeing Bobby again. They can freely meet each other. Marianne went in Wilson’s canoe and said there are many guys who care for her. Bobby brought a soup and hairpin for Nadia. Nadia told Bobby that Marianne said she wanted to give him to her and she went in Wilson’s canoe. Bobby worried about Marianne after hearing it. Marianne drinks. Wilson touched Marianne and tries to rape her. Wilson threw Marianne down the sea.


Bobby went to Wilson’s house and dogs barked at him. Bobby’s stepbrother met Bobby and asked him to leave since Wilson is not here. Bobby walking back and forth worrying about Marianne. Marianne went home soaked and asked Bobby why does he still care about her if he doesn’t want to marry her. Marianne said she purposely went in Wilson’s canoe and got raped by him. Marianne told Bobby he can officially break up with her since she’s not a virgin and he can be with Nadia. Bobby angrily search for Wilson. Fiona barged in the room and asked Marianne why didn’t she tell the truth that she didn’t get raped. Marianne said this would be better since Bobby would forget her and she knows she is not as good as Nadia. Marianne told Fiona that Bobby put Nadia first place in his heart.

Bobby held a knife and wants to chop Wilson. Bobby and Wilson argued in front of the majesty. Wilson said that Marianne went into her canoe and she was cheap. Bobby told Wilson even if Marianne is cheap, he didn’t need to rape. Wilson asked Bobby what he’s talking about, Marianne tripped in the sea. Wilson told the majesty he didn’t rape Marianne. Bobby told the majesty that his fiance said that Wilson raped her. The majesty asked his eunuch to bring Marianne to the court. The majesty asked Marianne if she got raped by Wilson. Marianne said she had a fight with Bobby and just lie to him out of anger. The majesty asked Marianne if she knows that virgin is important to female and why did she joke. Bobby and Wilson plead the majesty to forgive Marianne. The majesty asked Marianne what does she thinks of those two males pleading for her. Marianne told the majesty he doesn’t like either of them. The majesty told Marianne if she couldn’t pick, he will choose one for her. The majesty put two dish of worms and asked Bobby and Wilson to eat. Whoever can eat the whole dish of worms for Marianne, he will let that person be with Marianne. As the two guys eat the dish of worms, Marianne fainted. Wilson and Bobby ate the dishes. The majesty brought two bowls which contains two poisonous spider. Whoever can put their hands in the bowl, will be with Marianne. Wilson and Bobby put their hands in the bowls. The doctor came and said Marianne is pregnant. The majesty asked Marianne who’s the baby belong too. Marianne said she doesn’t want to talk about it. The majesty told Marianne she causes the two guys to fight for her and don’t care about her virginity. The majesty ordered the guards to take out Marianne to be executed. Bobby screams.



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