Sword of the Outlaw episode 28 recap

This episode of Sword of the Outlaw focuses on the case of the missing chest of gold. It sidetracked from the story of the main lead Zhuiyun absorbed by evil powers.

The bodyguard gave the lady by the canoe a silver to tell her how the group of men transport the chest of gold. The lady told the bodyguard that some hans came and carried a huge chest. The guy is very skinny and paddled the canoe in thirty minutes while it takes others two days to get there. The men are very shady but paid very big money. The bodyguard gave the lady more silver to tell him where did they go. The bodyguard gave the lady more silver to lead him the way. The lady threw a rock at the bodyguard but he dodged it and hit it back. The bodyguards reminds the lady that the martial art world is dangerous. The lady asked the bodyguard what conflicts does he and the men has. The bodyguard asked the lady not to ask too much questions. The lady mumbled he is mysterious. The bodyguard bids farewell to the lady. The lady has a dream of being kidnapped by the bandit and the bodyguard saving her. The lady bids farewell to be bodyguard and wish him wellness. The lady tripped and the bodyguard grabbed her.

The magistrate discuss with the bodyguard about the robbery of chest of gold. The magistrate sympathized for the family. Three years ago, the family bought a tea and planted tea for a living but the farm got burnt last year. They used their savings to pass through the winter. They didn’t have any money, and their family were forced to pay their golds. The daughter went to jail until they have the golds. The bodyguard asked the constable why the family were asked to pay their gold. the constable said the golds were for official to use to build a temple. The magistrate said the official bribed thousands of rice and borrowed two chest of gold. The people have suffered. The bodyguard showed the warrant of fifty thousand golds from the official. A businessman confronted a commoner about exchanging fake golds to him in front of the magistrate. The businessman showed a box of stone; he rubbed the golds on the stone to test whether it is fake or real. If he throws water on the gold, and the color faded then it’s fake. The commoner said he’s innocent and the businessman is framing him. The servant gave the magistrate thirty golds he has gathered. The magistrate and the bodyguard found the businessman fishy. The bodyguard told the magistrate he checked the businessman’s house and he found the manuel documented fifty golds.


The commoner sighed to the magistrate that he trust people too easily. He lost the land and had to sell his treasures. He met the businessman but lost two hundred and fifty thousand taels. The commoner wants to request some golds to take care of his mother. A magistrate told the magistrate that the commoner must have bribed some officials for some golds. The commoner gave the magistrate a box of five hundred thousand golds. The magistrate gave the commoner a cheque of three hundred thousand. The bodgyuard confronted the commoner for bribery. The commoner said he failed the scholar exams five times. The commoner told the bodyguard he arrested others for bribery just for honor. The commoner showed the bodgyguard the fake golds. The commoner told the bodyguard he can help him investigate the case of the missing chest.



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