Happy Ever After episode 27 recap

Fiona puts on the blanket for Roger’s ex-girlfriend. Marianne told Fiona that she doubts that Roger’s ex-girlfriend came here to patch up with Roger. Marianne asked Fiona to give her a sum of money and ask her to leave. Roger’s ex-girlfriend wakes up and told Roger what happened to her. The magistrate served a brain meat for the prime minister. The magistrate told the prime minister he is worried about the crime of him leaking the exam being exposed. The prime minister requested to have the plate of Ming. Roger’s ex-girlfriend told Roger that Joe has been framed in the case of the bribery of the land of flood. Roger’s ex-girlfriend beg Roger to help Joe. Roger read the manuel and doubt why the two pages is made of two different papers. Roger eavesdrop the prime minister told the magistrate that Roger’s ex-girlfriend husband will be their scapegoat for the case of the flood. Marianne leaned on Bobby and asked Bobby to persuade Roger to ignore his ex-girlfriend. Bobby told Marianne that Roger is smart and knows what to do. Bobby’s bodyguard showed the badge to Marianne and he said he will be Roger’s bodyguard from now on. Roger throws the manuel at Joe in jail. Joe looked at the manuel and surprised the page is so new. Roger told Joe he will investigate this case. Joe told Roger that he suspect the magistrate has someone backing up for him. During the night, Roger meet up with a miner and asked him about the case of Joe and the magistrate. Roger and Fiona saw two poor people harassing Roger’s ex-girlfriend. Roger showed his badge to the poor people and they left. Fiona asked Roger’s ex-gilfriend to stay in her house.


A seventy years old fisherman told Bobby he sold this fish to the magistrate. Roger told Bobby that he brought his ex-girlfriend staying in his house. Bobby told Roger that Marianne doesn’t agree. Bobby asked Roger to hurry and solve he case. Roger saw the magistrate with the fish and beg him to lend the fish to him. Bobby told the magistrate he’s worried she doesn’t know how to cook the fish. Bobby said he will cook the fish with abalones and it will be very tasty. He has to fry the fish and drink wine. Bobby looked at the fish and the magistrate asked him to be careful of bumping into the wall. Bobby told Roger that the magistrate bought his fish. Bobby told Roger that the magistrate is still angry at him about exposing the leaked exam. Bobby said he’s trying to use the diner to bond the relationship with the magistrate and he will slowly save his ex-girlfriend. Bobby’s stepbrother told Roger and Bobby that the miner has disappear.

Fiona bought birds nest to cook for Roger’s ex-girlfriend. Marianne asked Fiona to buy rat poison and ask her to leave. Marianne said she’s mad seeing how Roger’s ex-girlfriend used to treat her and Roger. Roger’s ex-girlfriend threw white papers and mourn about her mother and plead Roger to save her husband. Bobby performed cooking fish in front of the the prime minister and the magistrate. The prime minister and the magistrate tasted the fish and found it very tasty. Boby boiled the fish with abalone and ask his stepbrother to watch it for half an hour. Bobby sneaked into the magistrate’s room and searched for the golds but couldn’t find it. Bobby went by the bathroom and saw the wall. Bobby pushed the button on the wall and the it opened to a golden closet. In jail, Roger’s ex-girlfriend asked Joe to not admit that he also to part in the bribery. Bobby showed Roger a two golds he found. Bobby served the head of the fish for the majesty and said someone had paid a high price to buy the body parts of this fish. Bobby said the magistrate bought this fish and organized a feast. Roger greets the majesty and showed the majesty the document of the flood. Roger suspects that Joe is only a scapegoat. The magistrate told the majesty that those pack of gold is fake and he used them to build a wall. The majesty asked his eunuch to show him the gold which looked silver. The prime minister said Joe used Roger and Bobby to create fake evidence. Joe told the majesty that the magistrate forced him to fingerprints the documents. The magistrate brought the miner. the miner said Joe gave him a sum of money and ask him to leave. The majesty read the document and got mad. Joe said Roger was the mastermind. The majesty demoted Roger. Bobby pleaded for Roger and said it was all of the prime minister’s doing. The prime minister confronted Bobby for playing smart and investigating the case without the consent of the majesty.




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