Happy Ever After episode 28 recap

The prime minister’s wife read teh fortune and told the empress dowager that she will be in danger. Consort Tak pleads the empress dowager to save Bobby. Consort Tak told the empress dowager though she doesn’t know the whole story but she believes in Bobby. The prime minister’s wife advised the empress dowager not to bother in the affair of the palace. The empress dowager told Consort Tak if she continues to bug in the palace’s affair she will also arrest her. The prime minister asked Akina in front of the majesty if he ever joked using the majesty’s name. Akina said Bobby did say the majesty’s nickname was hunchback. Bobby said he did joke but he didn’t have any bad intention. The prime minister told the majesty he wanted to prove how arrogant Bobby is. The prime minister said it is worth a death sentence. The prime minister said Bobby think highly of himself and dare to mock the majesty. The prime minister asked the majesty to give a death sentence to Bobby. The majesty got frustrated and put Bobby in the cellar. The guards gave Bobby a pig fish. Bobby slaps himself and asked the guard to write a letter for his family but he refuses. Marianne slapped Joe’s wife for causing Bobby to be sentenced to death. Roger thought of a way to gather thousands of signature from the people to save Bobby. Bobby’s stepbrother thought of an idea of throwing a rock at the majesty and save the majesty when he goes hunting tomorrow.


Roger gather the signatures of the people. Bobby’s family wait the majesty on the hill but didn’t see him. Bobby’s stepbrother saw the mute lady walking on the hill and he tried to prevent her. Bobby’s mother and Marianne thought Bobby’s stepbrother made a sign to throw the rock. Bobby’s stepbrother pushed the rock down the hill, Bobby’s stepbrother pushed the mute lady out. Bobby’s stepbrother tried to pick the mute lady up and fell down the hill. Bobby’s stepbrother got injured while the mute lady is in coma. They couldn’t believe that the majesty has cancelled the hunting trip. Bobby was surprised the meals were great today and he whined that it may be the last day before the execution. Marianne visits Bobby in the cellar. Bobby told Marianne he’s worried about her and he hopes she would find a good husband after he dies. Marianne cries and told Bobby nothing will happen to him. The majesty watches the dance. Akina served food from Wilson for the majesty. Wilson performed his frying in front of the majesty. Consort Tak brought ginger soup for the majesty. Consort Tak said when she was ill, Bobby made ginger soup for her. The majesty complimented the soup. Consort Tak told the majesty that the ginger soup that she made is by far not as tasty as Bobby. Only Bobby can cook the food by the majesty’s taste. Consort Tak told the majesty that Bobby comes from the lower class and is blunt and consider him as his friend so he jokes. The majesty said if he doesn’t punish Bobby, how can he explain to the people. Consort Tak asked the majesty if Bobby’s good deed is not enough to save him. Consort Tak gave the majesty the signatures from the people pleading for Bobby since he alert them about the earthquake.

The prime minister and the magistrate stopped the guards and wants to kill Joe privately. Joe said he have to tell the majesty the truth. The guards beat up Joe. Two men grabbed Joe’s wife and demanded her to repay her debt. Roger treated a magistrate to diner and beg him to be nice to Bobby. In the brothel, Joe’s wife deal with the ladyboss to be the top prostitute. The ladyboss ordered Joe’s wife she also has to serve those low class people. Roger picked Joe’s wife up. Roger asked Joe’s wife to say in his house. Marianne objects Fiona to let Joe’s wife stays in Roger’s house.


Marianne and Fiona heard the mute lady mumbled the name Wan Lek. Roger told Bobby’s family that Wan Lek is the majesty’s name. Marianne doubts if the mute lady is related to the majesty. Marianne found a jade under Yongzheng’s name in the mute lady’s pocket. Roger said if they know this huge secret why the mute lady has to fake mute, it can do them good deed or harm. Marianne brought the jade and the handkerchief to Consort Tak and said the mute lady keeps on calling the majesty’s name as her son. Consort Tak yell at Marianne to say some nonsense. The majesty showed the jade and the handkerchief to the empress dowager and said the jade is the same one when he wore when he was a kid, and the jade also has Yongzheng’s name. The empress dowager freaked out. The empress dowager said the jade is the second pair of this jade, she used to take him around and lost this jade in the street. The empress dowager sat and remembered she stole the baby from the mute lady and told her that from now on he will be the royal prince. The majesty doubts if the empress dowager is telling the truth since she is so quiet. Consort Tak told the majesty that she’s worried if they investigate this case, it will affect the relationship between him and the empress dowager. The mute lady wakes up and asked Roger and Bobby’s family to leave or it will be too late. The guards arrived.



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