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Thief of Honour episode 9 recap

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Ekin and Dicky found the cashier’s niece. Ekin left and let Dicky handle her. The guards came and Dicky said he doesn’t have anything to do with her but he just found her. The guards refused to believe and fought with Dicky. Ekin went in the cashier’s room and said her niece has been kidnapped. The cashier’s nice wakes up and sees Dicky’s hand got injured and she apologized Dicky. The cashier’s niece told Dicky that she’s a han and scheme against the mongolians. Noel’s father whipped the rebel. The rebel killed himself instead of disclosing the cashier’s niece. The mongol hung the rebel. Noel and the crowed stared at the rebel. Noel went home and complained to her father about hanging the rebel on the wall. Noel beg his father to stop following the mongols; the people gossiped about cohort with the mongols and doing evil things. Noel told his father that he’s also a han, if he collaborates with the mongols it means he forgot where he came from. Noel’s father angrily told Noel that anyone can talk to him with this attitude but her since she is his daughter. Noel’s father asked Noel to go to her room. The cashier told the rebels he finds Dicky not trustworthy. The leader of the rebel which is the cashier’s niece father, discuss privately about her love affair with Dicky and Ekin and to focus on their mission. The cashier’s niece brought a bottle of medicine for Dicky. Dicky promised the cashier’s daughter he will work hard. Dicky apologized and asked Ekin not to blame him. Ekin mumbled and told Noel that Dicky said he has turned for the good.


In the restaurant, Ekin’s friend told Ekin’s godsister that if Dicky likes her he would meet her again. Ekin’s godsister asked Dicky why she hasn’t seen him for a while. Dicky told Ekin’s godsister he only likes her as a sister. Ekin’s godsister ran in the restaurant crying. Dicky consoled Ekin’s godsister and said he already have a lover. Ekin’s godsister told Dicky she knows he likes the cashier’s sister. She asked him to not leave her. Noel asked the cashier’s niece not to trust Dicky. The cashier’s niece said love can’t be forced. Noel said Dicky told Ekin that he used Ekin’s godsister’s love to revenge Ekin. The cashier’s niece believes in Dicky.

Noel wants to celebrate her father’s birthday alone. Noel’s father said the prince’s uncle and the mongolians will celebrate his birthday. Noel’s father listens to the lady playing the harp in the brothel. The lady wants to play a song for him in the party but Noel’s father refused the request. The prince’s uncle gave Noel a gift and complimented Noel is pretty. The prince’s uncle asked Noel to sit next to him during the feast. The prince’s uncle listened to the lady playing the harp and asked Noel’s father to invite the lady over here. The prince’s uncle requested the lady to play him a song. The prince’s uncle said the majesty sent an edict to invite Ekin’s grandfather. Noel’s father refused to go with the prince’s uncle to see the majesty. Ekin’s grandfather said it is impolite for him to visit the emperor while he is ill. The prince’s uncle asked Ekin’s grandfather if he knows the consequence of disobeying the majesty’s order. Ekin’s grandfather said the majesty will understand him. Ekin’s grandfather asked Dicky and Ekin to be careful, worrying that the mongolians will pick on them. Dicky and his brothers hang out in the street and wants to buy a dagger from a poor man. The poor man asked Dicky what does the dagger do. The poor man said dagger which is made of gold is legendary. The poor man told Dicky he can use his word to win against his grandfather. The poor man wants to have a duel with Dicky and if Dicky loses he has to say his family’s dagger only has the name. The poor man punched Dicky. Dicky threw his three knives and the poor man got injured. Noel eavesdroph is father. Noel ran to Ekin’s house and told the servants to tell Ekin’s grandfather that his father is bringing guards to arrest him.



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