Happy Ever After episode 29 recap

Some assassins sent by Empress Dowager dressed in black, pointed a sword toward the mute lady and Marianne. Consort Tak arrived with the guards to Bobby’s house and asked the assassins “Who are you guys”. The guards fought with the assassins. Consort Tak came up to the mute lady. The guard caught a badge. The guards line up against the assassins. Roger said those guards come from the Empress Dowager’s hall. Marianne doubts if the Empress Dowager wants to shut the mute lady. Consort Tak asked the mute lady how is she related to the majesty. The mute lady said she found the handkerchief and the badge pretty so she kept it. Consort Tak asked the mute lady why did she kept the badge so close. Consort Tak asked the mute lady to tell her worries. Consort Tak told the mute lady that the majesty wouldn’t want his biological mother to wander around the street.

As Consort Tak returned to the palace, the Empress Dowager’s eunuch invited Consort Tak to meet with the Empress Dowager under her order. Consort Tak looked frail and walked with the eunuch and pretends to have a stomach ache and knocked on Akina’s room. Consort Tak gave Akina the letter and asked her to give it to the majesty. Akina opened the letter and read it. Empress Dowager asked Consort Tak if she knows the rule of the palace that she can’t walked out during the night. Akina came to the majesty and gave him the letter. The majesty read the letter and said Consort Tak will be fine; he’s got a more important task to do. The majesty walked out of the palace. Empress Dowager asked Consort Tak where is that mute lady. Consort Tak apologized that she can’t say it. The empress dowager’s eunuch ordered the guards to follow the majesty. The majesty got mad and said this incident is related to the world. Consort Tak bowed and said let the majesty handle it. Marianne bowed in front of the mute lady and beg her to save Bobby. The mute lady told Marianne that she is not the empress. The majesty arrived in Bobby’s house. The majesty asked the mute lady if she is his mother. The majesty asked the mute lady if she knows how the empress dowager reacted after he showed her the badge and the handkerchief. The empress dowager was nervous and spill her tea and burnt her hands. The majesty asked the mute lady a favor to admit she is his mother. The majesty asked the mute lady who has the power to have her faking mute and hiding the badge. The mute lady refused to admit she is his mother. The majesty asked the mute lady why she won’t accept him as her son. The mute lady cried.


The empress dowager arrived. The mute lady hid. The majesty stumbled on greeting the Empress Dowager. The majesty asked the Empress Dowager if she is hiding something. The Empress Dowager said she never made a mistake in her life. The majesty demanded the Empress Dowager to tell how is the mute lady and him related. The Empress Dowager said the mute lady is a han maid. The majesty said if he doesn’t reunite with his mother he will be an unfilial son. The empress dowager said if he reunites with the mute lady, he has to tell the world he is the son of a han lady and will hardly keep his reign. The majesty told the Empress Dowager she is just worried she won’t be the Empress. The majesty asked the Empress Dowager why did she sent assassins to kidnap the mute lady. She must have used this tactic to separate him and his mother. The Empress Dowager said it was sad for her to nurture the majesty. the mute lady came out and told the majesty he can’t be disrespectful to the Empress Dowager. The mute lady told the majesty that the Empress Dowager is their savior. During the hunting days, the previous majesty drank deer blood and his blood pressure rose and raped the mute lady in the camp. The general wanted to behead her but the Empress Dowager saw she gave birth to a royal prince. She promised the Empress Dowager she won’t tell this incident. The Empress Dowager nurture him to be the majesty. The majesty apologized to the Empress Dowager. the majesty said she will bring his mother to the palace. The Empress Dowager objects. The Empress Dowager asked the majesty how would he deal if the people of Qing knows he’s a Han and there will be a war. The mute lady used a piece of glass and cut her hair and said she will be a nun. The mute lady asked the majesty to promise her to be a good emperor and take care of the Empress Dowager.


The mute lady becomes a nun and pray and plead the majesty to do one thing for her which is to spare Bobby’s life. The majesty told the prime minister that Bobby has done many good deeds. The prime minister asked the majesty to behead Bobby to warn the people. the majesty showed the signatures from thousand of people to the prime minister. The majesty spares Bobby’s life and kick Bobby out of the palace. Bobby looked at the kitchen utensils. Wilson got promoted to the kitchen manager. Wilson tells the chefs that whoever has the talent will rise unlike someone who seduce the consorts. Bobby told his stepbrother that Wilson lives a wealthy life while he is stuck as a servant forever. Bobby leaves the palace. Bobby returns home and hugged Marianne. Bobby was surprised he got an early release and didn’t see the mute lady. Marianne leaned on Bobby on their bed and asked him where they will go from now on. Bobby wants a baby.


Consort Tak served tea for the Empress Dowager and wants to watch the flowers with her. The Empress Dowager asked the majesty and Consort Tak to leave since she wants to rest. Empress Dowager asked the prime minister’s wife to drink tea with her after they investigate which royalty are being gossiped by the concubines. Akina told the Empress Dowager that she spied on what was the recent rumors, and she heard that the majesty isn’t her son. The prime minister’s wife and Akina said the rumor came from Consort Tak’s hall and they doubt if Consort Tak spread it. Akina said Consort Tak wouldn’t spread it. The prime minister’s wife told Akina she is too kind. The prime minister’s wife said Consort Tak is mad at Empress Dowager for restricting her fro becoming the queen. Perhaps she created fake rumors to badmouth her. Akina said that Empress Dowager’s relationship with the majesty has been good. No one will believe such a tale. The Empress Dowager won’t be mad. Consort Tak arrived and the Empress Dowager madly refused to greet her. A guard eavesdrop on Akina mixing a scent.

The majesty asked Consort Tak if she is cold. The majesty embraces Consort Tak. Consort Tak asked the majesty what if she is still cold. The majesty said with him hugging her, she won’t be cold. It’s getting windy, Consort Tak worries that the Empress Dowager will feel cold. The majesty said there’s like a wall blocking between him and the Empress Dowager. Consort Tak believes that Empress Dowager will calm down. Consort Tak suggests the majesty to travel and buy something special for the Empress Dowager for letting her know he is thinking of her. The majesty told Consort Tak she is so considerate which is why the Empress Dowager loves her. The majesty told Consort Tak besides the Empress Dowager, there is also a person he loves. The majesty gave Consort Tak a jade as a gift for memories. The majesty asked Consort Tak if she will give him a gift. The majesty hugged Consort Tak and said he needs a gift who he can possess without leaving him. Consort Tak bit the majesty for him to remember. Consort Tak told the majesty she would like him to always remember her. The majesty held Consort Tak in his arm and said he wants to hug her forever in his heart and he doesn’t her to leave him. After sleeping intimately with the majesty, the Empress Dowager invited Consort Tak. The Empress Dowager asked Consort Tak if she heard of the rumor of the majesty isn’t her biological son. Empress Dowager told Consort Tak she couldn’t believe she is so scheming using the rumor to alienate her and the majesty. Empress Dowager asked Consort Tak to not waste time. She schemes to be the queen but lucky she haven’t trust her completely. The Empress Dowager said there are loopholes in her plan. As long as she is still Empress Dowager, she can’t dream of being the queen.



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