Happy Ever After episode 30 recap

Akina showed the prime minister’s wife the candle scent she burnt for two days. Akina treated Consort Tak to diner and said she doesn’t understand why the Empress Dowager has been cold to her for the past few days. Perhaps she isn’t happy. Even if she isn’t happy, she shouldn’t have been angry toward her. Akina suggests Consort Tak to give the candle to the Empress Dowager. Marianne soaked a towel with boiling water and threw it on Bobby’s face while he’s sleeping, asking him to wake up and go to work. Marianne pinched Bobby’s ear. Bobby set up his food stall near the palace and called the majesty to eat. Wilson told Bobby that the majesty is on a trip to Jiangnang. Wilson asked Bobby to not play any tricks and as long as he’s still here, he won’t let him get back in the palace. Bobby covered his mouth and told Wilson his breath smells so bad. Akina brought the candle. Empress Dowager asked Akina to bring the candle to her. Akina asked the Empress Dowager to burn the candle every night. Akina told Empress Dowager that Consort Tak wanted to give her the candle and is really caring for her. Akina smelled the candle for the Empress Dowager and fainted. The Empress Dowager said Akina has a miscarriage by being poisoned. The doctor told the Empress Dowager the candle has been laced. lee The Empress Dowager punished Consort Tak privately in her room. Consort Tak yelled for innocence. The Empress Dowager asked Consort Tak who put poison in the candle if she didn’t do it. Consort Tak said she doesn’t know. Empress Dowager told Consort Tak she is evil pretending to be nice while others treat her like a friend. Empress Dowager asked Consort Tak if she caused the tower to fall down. Empress Dowager said she regrets not sentenced her to death earlier. Consort Tak’s maid went in Akina’s room begging her to persuade the Empress Dowager while she go find the majesty. Akina knocked Consort Tak’s maid down using the teapot and ordered the guards to burry Consort Tak’s maid. Akina scold the prime minister’s wife for asking her to smell the candle causing her to lose the baby. The prime minister’s wife told Akina that it is not a bad thing to lose her baby since she will gain sympathy from the Empress Dowager. She will have chances to give birth to her baby since she’s still young.The prime minister’s wife told Akina she have read the fortune that she will be the queen soon. Akina laughed and stared at the prime minister’s wife and asked what is she afraid of. She is her relative, though she killed someone she won’t kill her. Consort Tak’s maid fell down the woods and the guard left. Empress Dowager ordered her eunuch to get rid of Consort Tak right away after hearing Consort Tak’s maid is on her way trying to find the majesty. Consort Tak’s maid crawled to the camp and told the majesty that the Empress Dowager gave a death sentence to Consort Tak. lee The emperor is on his way back to the palace. Empress Dowager’s Eunuch placed wet white paper towels on Consort Tak’s nose one by one. Consort Tak held the jade tightly. The majesty arrived and scream for Consort Tak. The majesty took out the paper on Consort Tak’s face. The majesty held Consort Tak in the rain. Empress Dowager told the majesty that Consort Tak deserves to die. The majesty stared at Empress Dowagers angrily in the eyes. The majesty held Consort Tak in the arm by the mountain. The majesty did a funeral for Consort Tak surrounded by flowers. Consort Tak’s soul flew. The majesty haven’t eaten for two days. The majesty closed Consort Tak’s tomb. lee Empress Dowager refused to believe that the majesty will go down for love. Empress Dowager vowed she will never appoint a han female as consort. The officials requested to nominate a royal prince in case the majesty won’t return. The Empress Dowager ordered Wilson to go to the mountain to cook for the majesty. The majesty prayed for Consort Tak in the house she used to hide. He heard some noises and went outside and picked up the soup and drank. The majesty screamed for Consort Tak and teared up. Bobby went to the village and pray for Consort Tak. Bobby told the majesty that Consort Tak isn’t a schemer and only has the majesty in her mind. The majesty asked why heaven separated him and Consort Tak and why they couldn’t wait till he return to investigate. He couldn’t save the woman he loved the most. The majesty doesn’t plan to return to the palace. Bobby told the majesty the first question Consort Tak asked him was about his health and she was worried about his work in the palace. A bird flew and landed in front of the majesty. lee


2 thoughts on “Happy Ever After episode 30 recap

  1. Great recap of the episode! I just thought of this recently. It was so tragic when Consort Tak died. She didn’t deserve it. And her last thoughts were of the emperor… :/

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