Sword of the Outlaw episode 29 recap

The fisherwoman’s sister asked the store owner about the fabric store. The store owner told the lady that women have bought all the fabrics and make up accessories since the majesty is coming to Jiangnan. The guard told the bodyguard that seven people have died. The bodyguard is surprised there weren’t a body of the other bodgyguard. The bodyguard came to the house. A guard touched a servant holding a sword and he died. The mongolian girl told the bodyguard that since many guards have died and the chest have been robbed, there must be a mole. The bodyguard said that person can shot a person using a gold without causing that person to die. The mongolian girl said those golds can only be kept for twelve hours and if any of the guards used their muscle, they will die. The bodyguard asked the mongolian she still doesn’t trust him. The bodyguard suspects the other bodyguard. The fortune teller told the bodyguard he’s been frustrated about losing the chest in his hand. To find the chest, he has to find a person. The fortune teller said he knows a lot but say a little.


The bodyguard met the lady by the lake. The lady said she’s been bitten by a snake. The bodyguard checked her pulse and said she haven’t been poisoned. The bodyguard piggyback the girl the lady to the doctor. As the bodyguard and the lady wait for the doctor, the lady suggests the bodyguard to pay the doctor more so he can check her first. The bodyguard said this is bribing. The lady said her life is pretty boring, she has no friends and making friends with the water as a fisherwoman. The bodyguard and the lady drank tea and fainted and got locked in the prison. The bodyguard demanded the lady to tell who ordered her to meet with him. The lady said a man kidnapped her family and forced her to lure him to meet her. The magistrate told the bodyguard he already sent guards to move the chest of gold. The magistrate said the chest of gold has been possessed by the bad guys. The mongolian girl said she sent someone to meet with him to lure the mastermind out. The magistrate said the four bodyguards found out the mastermind is the master. The magistrate ordered the bodyguard to connect with the monks at the temple to find news. Two eunuchs came to the cellar and spanked the lady. The lady woke up and hugged the bodyguard and saw the mongolian girl. The mongolian girl asked the lady if she knows Zhuiyun. The lady said that Zhuiyun rescued her and her family. She saved Zhuiyun from her canoe and guess what he told her. He said she is her savior and he gave her a jade but she pawned it.

The mongolian girl told the bodyguard that the fisherlady is smart and if he teaches her well, she will be successful. The mongolian girl encourage the bodyguard to find ways for her to tell the truth. In the restaurant, the bodyguard asked the lady to not spend too much money on food. The lady asked the bodyguard to walk out so he can get changed to a new outfit. The eunuch ordered the officials to take care of the majesty during his journey to Jiang Nang. The bodyguard took the lady to the military camp. The bodyguard trains the lady to shoot arrows and to fight. The Mongolian girl asked the bodyguard to train the lady harder and let her handle the horse herself.



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