Brick Slaves episode 1 recap

Flats in Hongkong are expensive but even more expensive than Japan, London, New York, and Paris. Luxury flats with the view of the sea are the most expensive. Why are people are willing to be brick slaves for an area of several hundred feet? There are still a way to save your income which are don’t care what you wear or don’t care eating good food. Don’t play with technology or go on vacation during the holiday. Don’t go to wedding or funerals.

Vincent is a thirty years old male who saved enough money to buy his own flat in ten years. Vincent surprised his girlfriend Annie with a new flat and proposed to her by sending the words on the flying balloon.

A month later, in the Love Me Bar, gals danced with guys searching for the right fitted man. Vincent tripped in the middle and girls intimately stared at him. The young girls told the old lady she’s old and shouldn’t fight with them for the young man Vincent. The old lady told the young lady that she’s so manipulative, all the men will be scared of her. Vincent saw a girl threw up after eating the all you can eat food. Vincent tasted the food and about to vomit. The host told Vincent that he prefer being a matchmaker full-time than being a bartender. Vincent told the host that he was just lucky that the boss of the bar let him use his bar today. The host and Vincent watch a newlywed taking pictures. The host told Vincent he wanted to be a matchmaker for him, ever since his girlfriend Annie dumped him he didn’t take care of his hair. The host told Vincent he’s a brick slave now. Vincent told the host there was a girl who thought his food was bad and he should have inspected it first since she wasted a thousand dollars on it. The host told Vincent he must have fallen for her and he asked him what’s her number. Vincent snatched the phone and ran. Vincent opened the refrigerator and thought about his ex girlfriend.


The wedding doll has been delivered to Vincent. Vincent looked at the dolls and teared up. Vincent recalled looking at a picture of Annie and her boyfriend Billy in the living room; Annie apologized that she’s getting married to Billy next month and he bought the flat for her. Annie apologized to Vincent for having suffered so much for the flat. Annie told Vincent that the problem lies on they are both unhappy together and buying the flat was just the beginning. It’s been fourteen years and she has suffered enough. They used to be happy but ever since they planned to buy a flat they’ve been frugal. He didn’t notice nor care about her. Even though they can’t be husband and wife, they can still be friends.

The housewives sat together in the restaurant and chat about how it is not easy to buy a flat in Hongkong, while eating dessert. Rachel said buying a flat is different from eating cakes. They lady showed Rachel her house with a tennis court. Rachel said she can play tennis with her husband everyday. The lady told Rachel that the lady divorced her husband; she has the house with the tennis court but no man. Rachel gave the ladies each a make up accessories. Evergreen Mak told Rachel that he bought a toilet bowl for half of the price. Vincent and Boss Hoi deal with a Mainland he paid twenty percent for it. A guy snatched the bag from Boss Hoi; Vincent jumps over Evergreen Mak’s car. Evergreen Mak thinks there’s a robbery. Rachel asked Evergreen Mak to ignore it. Vincent fought with the thief and broke Evergreen Mak’s front car window. Evergreen Mak screamed that it is his company’s car. Evergreen Mak demanded Vincent for compensation. Vincent told Evergreen Mak his company will pay for it. Vincent gave Evergreen Mak his business card and phone number. Rachel took a picture of Vincent for proof. Vincent surprisingly saw his boss being arrested for money laundering.


Evergreen Mak held the bouquet of flowers for Uncle Bui and saw a note that Kiki is hospitalized. KK came and apologized to Kiki that he postponed the meeting. Uncle Bui brought the basket of flowers for Kiki with a note saying she has a surgery. Kiki told Uncle Bui he’s fired. Kiki told KK that Uncle Bui is so stupid for carrying the flowers around with the note that she’s having a surgery. Vincent saw the paparazzi taking pictures of Mr. Ng and Mr.Kwan getting arrested. The security guard told Vincent that his boss may be selling drugs. Fanny told Vincent that the police suspected that Mr.Ng an Mr.Kwan is related in money laundering. Vincent went to the toy store and saw a helicopter, he was about to pay for it but he received a phone call from the bank that there was an insufficient fund in his account which couldn’t be made in to his mortgage flat payment so they charged him an extra fee of five hundred dollars. Vincent asked the salesman to reserve the helicopter for him until he has the money pay. The salesman promised to keep it for a week. At the bar, Vincent sighed that he owes the car repairmen to Evergreen Mak. The host picked up the phone and yelled at Evergreen Mak that Vincent owes him ten thousand dollars. Vincent and the host laughed. Vincent told the host if he wants to help him, find him a job or led him some money. Vincent said he has to make at least thirty thousand dollars to pay the mortgage. The host gave Vincent a magazine and said even beggars rely on this.


Vincent circled the jobs and received a rejection letter. Vincent frustrated and circled all the jobs including dishwasher. Vincent tore the newspaper and picked up a scrap which said Senior Property Officer. Rachel saw Evergreen Mak choosing neckties from their son’s room. Evergreen Mak showed Rachel a post of Senior Property Officer opening. Rachel asked Evergreen Mak if he got fired. Evergreen Mak said he got a promotion. An Estate agent called Evergreen Mak about selling his flat for 5.5 millions. Evergreen Mak refused to sell it but renovate it. Kiki arrived in the company and went to the elevator. Evergreen Mak dropped some coins. Vincent rushed in the elevator with Kiki. Kiki stared at Vincent putting lotion on his face. Kiki sneezed and dropped a coin. Vincent stared at Kiki. Kiki walked to her office and asked her assistant to fire the guy who just walked in her elevator. Evergreen Mak sweat and gave two employees two boxes of black tea leaves and asked how did the interview go. Kiki’s assistant looked at the mirror and Evergreen Mak complimented her face is smooth. Kiki’s assistant thanked Evergreen Mak for giving her the mirror. Evergreen Mak gave Kiki’s assistant a box of perfume and thanked or else he would have gotten fired like Uncle Biu. Kiki’s assistant told Evergreen Mak that one of the interviewee is already out. Evergreen Mak asked if it was the guy who walked into the elevator with her, it wasn’t his fault since he didn’t know the rules. During the interview, Evergreen asked the interviews a question if the guy should pay for the damage if he broke a car while chasing a robber. What should happen if he refused to pay for the damage and refused to answer the phone. A person said he thinks he’s a hero but he is full of himself. He’s no different from those who leave restaurant without paying. Vincent stood up and said not every hero wants to show off, sometimes circumstances force him to do what he does. He’s just financially unstable at the moment. Vincent said he’ll pay for the repair cost later. Vincent left the room. Vincent upset and checks his phone. Eliza fell down the sea and Vincent jumps down.



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