Brick Slaves episode 2 recap

A man recorded Vincent saving Eliza. Vincent told Eliza she is so young and beautiful and it’s a shame for her to die. Vincent said his girlfriend dumped him after they’ve been dating for fourteen years but he still has to pay the bill and mortgage his flat. He applied for two hundred jobs but still hasn’t received any offer but he still doesn’t want to die. Vincent told Eliza to laugh since there will be always someone more suffering than her. Vincent picked up his bag and Eliza’s phone. Eliza returned and picked up Vincent’s phone by mistake.

Vincent went to the bathroom and saw a woman cleaning his toilet. Selena hit Vincent using a plunger. Selena asked some men to fix her toilet. Selena told Vincent that she is Annie’s her high school friend, and lived in the same neighborhood and she left the flat to her. As Vincent picked up his phone to call Annie to clear up, he saw a picture of Eliza. Selena teased Vincent not knowing his girlfriend’s phone number. Selena lends her phone to Vincent. Vincent called Annie. Annie said she knows he was in financial crisis but she still wants to pay for the flat so she thought about getting a tenant to share the bill with him. Annie said she already sent a message to him. Vincent explains to Selena she doesn’t like having noises in his house. Selena asked the men to place her piano by the window.


Vincent slept and recalled his girlfriend and he laid on the bed at the store. Selena has a dream of her sneakily taking a bathroom and leaving her towel behind. The manager called Selena and said people complain about her spending the night in the mini storage. Vincent wakes up and cleans he trash in the kitchen and knocked on Selena’s door and called Selena a Girl and asked her stop making noises. Vincent saw a vacuum. Selena said she’s installing a lock. Vincent asked Selena to not damage the door. Vincent borrows Selena’s vacuum to clean the kitchen. Selena pointed a hammer at Vincent and asked him to put down Cool Coolie. Rachel’s dad said that everyone can buy a flat in Singapore just in a couple of years.

Eliza called Vincent. Eliza and Vincent exchanges their phones and read their messages. Vincent asked Eliza not to do something silly like suicide again. Eliza said she didn’t jump in the water but she tripped when she was spreading her mother’s ashes. She was waiting for the boat and fell onto the sea. Eliza told Vincent he’s so ardorable. He’s her first friend in Hongkong; he saved her life. If this has happened in ancient time, she would have married him. Eliza said she came to Hongkong to study translation. Eliza said rent in Hongkong is so expensive. She doesn’t mind sharing a flat with someone. Vincent received a phone call for his interview.


Rachel gave Evergreen Mak a hundred dollar bills to treat his colleague to diner so they’ll listen to him when he becomes the manager. In the restaurant, Evergreen Mak’s colleague circle plenty food on the paper. Evergreen Mak scratch out some food and said she needs to lose weight. Evergreen Mak went into the office and surprisingly saw Vincent. Kiki came and wants to talk to Vincent privately. Kiki told Vincent that from all the applicants, his application is the worst. Kiki asked Vincent to give one reason why she should hire him. Vincent said he applied for the senior officer post not manager. Kiki asked Vincent if he doesn’t want the manager post. Kiki asked Vincent to answer her question why she should hire him. Vincent said he knows his qualification isn’t strong but he is willing to work hard and learn and take responsibility. His enthusiasm for the job can replace is lack of qualification. Kiki told Vincent he can start his job this monday. Kiki said his pay is the same as the officer but if he doesn’t want the job then consider this interview has never happened. Vincent said just pretend he never asked that question. Kiki announced to the employee that Vincent will be their manager. Vincent shakes hands with Evergreen Mak. Evergreen Mak stared at Vincent putting lotion. Evergreen Mak watches the colleagues greets Vincent. Evergreen Mak texted Kiki’s assistant why does Vincent suddently becomes the manager. Kiki asked her assistant Cindy if she knows what she hates what people do most behind her back. Cindy said she hates people who gossiped. Kiki is glad that Cindy knows her priority and she asked her to get in the car.

Kiki shopped with her niece Eliza. Eliza told Kiki that she haven’t found a flat yet since it is expensive. Kiki told Eliza her job is to lend flat and she asked her which flat does she want. Eliza asked Kiki if she ran into her dad. Annie invited Selena to diner and asked her what does she think of Vincent. Selena told Annie that Vincent did switch phone with a girl. Annie said Vincent always cook the same dishes and never bought anything for her everytime they went shopping. He never celebrated anniversaries with her and he stayed away from her family during Chinese New Year. Selena asked Annie what couldn’t she tolerated with him. Annie said they planned to buy the flat but their budget were so limited. Selena said a flat is expensive, if you don’t have money you can’t compromise. Selena stared at her mother aching her back and working hard at the food stall. Selena’s mother called Selena asking if she has found a flat. Selena’s mother apologized and said if her brother Wing didn’t get married she didn’t have to move out. Vincent bought bean sprouts from Kiki.


Evergreen Mak went in his flat, and Rachel’s family threw confetti at him. Rachel’s son showed Evergreen Mak the car he wants to buy. Rachel’s brother refused to fill applications for grants and loans for university. Rachel is proud of their son for studying in the university. Rachel’s father showed a letter in english to his grandson. Evergreen Mak took the paper and read and said the letter said the lobby and external walls of the flat and the lift needs to be repaird and it costs fifty thousand dollars. Rachel leaned on Evergreen Mak and asked if he’s hiding something from her. Evergreen Mak said he didn’t get a promotion but a new employee got the post. Evergreen Mak types the resignation letter. Rachel asked Evergreen Mak why not let their son type it for him. Evergreen Mak said their is useless and couldn’t even read the english letter. Rachel told Evergreen Mak that her brother is graduatinng in two years and he’ll find a job. Rachel told Evergreen Mak he promised his father to pay his repairment bill. Evergreen Mak surrender and decided to stay in his company. Evergreen Mak asked his wife to lend him money. eighty dollars instead of sixty dollars. Rachel gave Evergreen Mak seventy dollars. Vincent went to his flat and saw some duct tapes on the floor separating the territories and a paper with rules. Selena pushed Vincent and asked him to not step up in her zone. Selena asked Vincent to sign the contract. Selena ate half of the fried rice that Vincent cooked, while he left a while to go to the bathroom. Vincent and Selena typed out their frustration.


KK asked the server why his breakfast and tea is larger. The server said it was under Evergreen Mak’s tip. Evergreen Mak gave KK a shirt with soccer player Cantona’s autograph. KK asked Evergreen Mak if he didn’t feel good about a young man being his boss. KK told Evergreen Mak that Vincent’s salary isn’t higher than him. KK asked Evergreen Mak to let it go. Kiki thanked KK for consoling Evergreen Mak. Kiki ache. Kiki said she’ll be find but he must go to the meeting in Germany because she doesn’t trust anyone but him. Kiki watches the clip in her phone of Vincent rescued Eliza from drowning in the sea.



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