Brick Slaves episode 3 recap

Evergreen Mak came late to work and gave a box of cookies to Vincent. Evergreen Mak told Vincent that there are some things he must do which is checking the location. Evergreen Mak gave Vincent a USB of his powerpoint. Vincent told Evergreen Mak he’s not interested in the power point but how does the construction work. Vincent and Evergreen Mak went to the construction site to inspect the flat. The tenants told Vincent that Evergreen Mak is such a good person and he mustn’t fire him. Evergreen Mak treated Vincent some egg tarts and tea. Vincent told Evergreen Mak his tricks may work on others but him. He used to drive his wife using the company’s car but he wasn’t his boss back then so he won’t bother with it. Today he paid two people to put on a show for him. Vincent told Evergreen Mak he almost got fooled by him but then he saw the box of cookies. He came late to work to set up the show for him. Vincent told Evergreen Mak he doesn’t care how he bribed his past supervisor but he’s now his boss and he can’t do sloppy job. Kiki introduced Eliza to Vincent and Evergreen Mak. Kiki asked Vincent if he liked his first day of work. Vincent said he learned a lot of Evergreen Mak. Evergreen Mak and Vincent showed Eliza round the flat. Eliza’s friend said she will live with her parents and save money after she graduate from college. Her parents will pay the deposit of the flat .She’ll use the rental income to pay the monthly mortgage. When the monthly mortgage is full, she’ll repossess the flat. Eliza told her friend that it sound like a brick slaves. Eliza’s friend said the flat is nice but it still smells. Vincent asked Evergreen Mak to hand out the company’s car key. Cheong left his job to have no income to be qualify for public housing. Vincent gave Evergreen Mak the work from Cheong letting him staying up late to do it.


While Rachel dye hair for Evergreen Mak, Evergreen Mak told her that he has a tough day. Vincent was lucky he knew his boss’s daughter and he suddenly became his manager. Evergreen Mak wants to quit his job. Rachel told Evergreen Mak that their neighbor has retired and bought three new flats with low prices. Rachel told Evergreen Mak that his son is graduating in two years and he has to pay for his father’s repair. Rachel finished dying hair for Evergreen Mak. Vincent returned home and saw Cool-Coolie vacum on the floor. Vincent dropped the bean sprouts and and Cool-Coolie scrub his them. Vincent sat on the sofa while Selena eat. Selena took a picture of Vincent while he is sleeping. Selena plays the piano. Evergreen Mak’s son Dor Dor and his friend Kwong distributes flyers about archaeology. Eliza came with her friend Winter. Dor Dor and Kwong helped Eliza moving their stuff in her new flat. Winter thanked the two guys for helping them. Eliza picked up a pineapple and coffee ground and thought it could get rid of the smell. Vincent came to check the flat. Eliza asked Vincent to take a picture with her. Eliza took picture with her friends.


Eliza came to Vincent’s company working as the new intern. Vincent, Eliza, and Evergreen Mak came to the flat to inspect. The client complains about one of his shoes being stolen and his flat smells. A female neighbor complains that the client invites people to drink which create a lot of noises which disturbs her kids from sleeping. Evergreen Mak told them it doesn’t matter if the CCTV is fake, if they continue to argue with each other they have to terminate their leases. The flat smells and the Eliza couldn’t stand it and went outside. A neightbor told Vincent he already sent a message but they haven’t read it. Vincent yelled at Evergreen Mak that the CCTV was broken. Evergreen Mak puts the blame on Uncle Bui for being thrifty. Vincent gives Evergreen Mak three days to take photos of all the CCTV in their properties marking which ones are fake. He will replace them. Some people told Evergreen Mak and his wife that the station has been moved to his block.


Vincent went in the pastry shop and saw ex girlfriend Annie eating french fakes with her boyfriend. The salesman in the toy store returned the money to Vincent and said a customer has bought his helicopter. Vincent laid down and hoped that the new owner will make it happy. The salesman said that customer loves the helicopter as much as he does. Vincent cooked for the dancers as a chef. Selena plays the piano while the elder ladies dance. Selena wants to stay to eat. Selena tries the food and found it not as good as she thought. Vincent tried the food and spit out. Selena complains and asked Vincent why is he here. Vincent madly say he must smack the irresponsible cook. Selena chats with Vincent that she bought the new helicopter Chopper today. Selena look at her new Chopper and loved it. Eliza, Evergreen Mak, and Vincent went in the flat. Eliza saw a knife on the orange and a manuel and pushed bag and freaked out and said it is a human head.



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