Happy Ever After episode 31 recap

Akina served desserts for the Empress Dowager. Empress Dowager asked the majesty if he thought of appointing Akina as the queen. The majesty has no opinion. The majesty gave Akina a gingseng and nominating him as a consort and asked her to take care of the Empress Dowager. The majesty wants to sorting out the manuels. The majesty gave the job to Roger to assist the elder magistrate to sort out the manuels. Marianne do the hair and dresses up for Bobby. Bobby said he hasn’t met the majesty for a long time. Bobby brought for the majesty a special chicken. The majesty used a hammer to chop down the rock. Bobby served the chicken for the majesty. The majesty tasted it and found it delicious and wished he made it for Consort Tak. Bobby told the majesty that Consort Tak is kind and probably is in the heaven. What has happened can’t be turned back. Bobby said he was useless of not being able to save Consort Tak. Consort Tak will know they are thinking of her. The majesty told Bobby he will open a new restaurant for him near the palace.


Marianne fell down the bed and blinked when watching the mirror. Nadia picked Marianne up. Marianne asked Nadia to choose a jade bracelet for her. A girl sat and cried for losing her parents. Nadia gave Marianne to give the poor girl some money. Nadia visits Bobby and said she plans to open a charity to help the elders in his grand opening. The majesty’s cousin brought gifts for Nadia. Nadia’s maid told Marianne that the majesty’s cousin followed Nadia from JiangNan to the palace. He always buy stuff for Nadia. Nadia told the majesty’s cousin he doesn’t need to waste time on her. Nadia asked the majesty’s cousin why doesn’t he focus on his work. The majesty’s cousin is impressed that Nadia cares for him. The majesty’s cousin drove away his wives to be with Nadia. Mariannae smiled and said this proves that the majesty’s cousin is loyal to Nadia. The majesty’s cousin fought with his father that he will only marry Nadia. The majesty’s uncle laughed and supports his son.

Fiona served food for the magistrate. Roger said he’s busy working. Roger got a fever and said he needs to finish his work. Roger took the blame for forgetting on putting the date. The majesty yelled at Roger. Roger coughed and Fiona plead the majesty. The majesty asked Roger to go home and rest, he’ll hand over the task for others. Roger feels shameful when his mother thanked Fiona for sacrificing so much for him. Roger’s ex-girlfriend eavesdrop at Roger yelling at Fiona that he caused her to suffer. Roger’s ex-girlfriend cheered Roger up that he took care of his mother and his wife is already being a good model. Roger’s ex-girlfriend brought a jacket for Roger and tripped. Roger’s ex-girlfriend told Roger that Fiona cares about him.


Marianne blinks again. Marianne saw Roger going with his ex. Marianne confronted Roger for being with his ex. Marianne asked Roger’s ex to leave faster. Roger forbids his ex to leave. Bobby cooked meat with light. The majesty’s cousin servants brought a basket of flowers for Nadia. The majesty’s cousin paid a man to sit in the front table in the charity. Marianne asked Bobby if the majesty is coming to the restaurant. A lady yelled at Fiona for not knowing how to put her bow. Nadia do the hair for the lady. Roger’s ex girlfriend sent a farewell letter to Roger. Roger went to the house and saw his ex drinking. Roger drinks with his ex. Roger’s ex-girlfriend told Roger she can stay here alone; she asked him to leave. Roger sees there’s no wine left and he left. Roger’s ex-girlfriend wants to hang herself and said she feels uncomfortable hearing rumors. Roger’s ex tripped and Roger held her. Fiona waits for Roger to come to the restaurant. Roger’s ex asked Roger to give her a chance to take care of him.



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