Happy Ever After episode 32 recap

Bobby hosts the charity in his restaurant. Marianne waits for the majesty to arrive. Marianne pushed the bottle of perfumes on the lady and the lady eyes hurts. Marianne asked Nadia to replace the lady dressed in a french dress to served the food at the charity. The wealthy people bids for the food. The majesty is glad seeing his cousin doing some charity. The majesty’s cousin bids the food for Nadia. Nadia wears the french dress and the black mask. The majesty stared at Nadia taking out the mask and it reminded him of Consort Tak and how they used to dance together. Nadia holds the mushroom dish. The majesty’s cousin bids one thousand gold. The majesty bids two thousand golds. The majesty’s cousin bids three thousand golds. The majesty bids four thousand golds. The majesty’s cousin bids five thousand golds. The majesty bids six thousand golds. The majesty’s cousin bids seven thousand golds. Everyone stands up and gets shocked when he majesty bids one million dollars. The majesty’s cousin got mad and told Nadia that the person behind the blind probably can’t pay that sum of money. The majesty’s cousin read the letter from the majesty under a pseudonym. The majesty’s cousin ordered Bobby to find that person. Marianne took the majesty’s cousin to meet Nadia. The majesty told Bobby that Nadia’s face looks like Consort Tak. The majesty asked Bobby to invite Nadia to see him. Marianne asked Bobby if the majesty noticed Nadia. Bobby told Marianne that the majesty was only bidding for charity; he doesn’t have a crush on Nadia. Roger washes his face and blames himself for sleeping with his ex. Roger’s ex gave Fiona a fan as a gift.

Nadia visited the majesty and asked him about the money from the charity. The majesty invited Nadia go on the canoe and watch the moon or have a drink on the mountain. Nadia got mad thinking the majesty has another motive to see her. The majesty gave Nadia the cheque.



Marianne showed Bobby the love words she sewed on his apron. Bobby found it humiliating reading those words. Bobby put the shirt away. Marianne brought the apron and put it on Bobby. The chefs teased Bobby. While Bobby is sleeping, Marianne asked Bobby who does he love the most. Bobby whined that she asked him that question many times. Bobby said she loves Marianne forever. Marianne sewed a pair of love outfit and shoes for Bobby and her. They wore and it and the people laugh at them. Bobby hurriedly left and told Marianne he can’t stand wearing those outfits with those cheesy love quotes. Marianne whined that she hurt her fingers by sewing those clothes and now he blames her. She’s doing it for him. Bobby told Marianne if she feels stressful dong it, then she doesn’t have to do it. Marianne said she’s worried he will leave her like Roger leaving his wife. Marianne cries and said she is afraid he will leave her for a nice girl. Bobby told Marianne she is so silly, he only likes strong girl like her. Marianne asked Bobby to make a vow. Bobby vowed that if he changes his heart he won’t be able to eat good food and will get beheaded if he cooks. Marianne happily hugged Bobby. Nadia read the letter of apology from the majesty. The majesty’s cousin brought some orphans to Nadia and asked them to greets Nadia as their godmother. Nadia have a headache. Bobby asked the majesty’s cousin to search for the best doctor in the palace to treat her.


Bobby took Nadia for a cup of tea. Bobby greets the majesty. Bobby told the majesty that Nadia has been looking for a shelter for the orphans. The majesty and Nadia watch Justice Sung driving away the elder lady from her house. The majesty asked Justice Sung to pay double the rent of the house for the elder lady every year. Justice Sung signed the contract. The majesty explains to Justice Sung that each year, he has to pay double the price he paid from the previous year. Justice Sung got mad and left. The majesty brought a cup of water from the stream for Nadia. Nadia recite a poem. Nadia told the majesty she thinks he misunderstood the meaning of the poem from the banned novel like others. Nadia said she has a dream of publishing this banned poem to a book.

Bobby invited Roger to eat hotpot with her but he refuses. Roger told Bobby not to cook hotpot for the majesty since he has a cold. The chef injured and told Bobby that he’s been hit for taking the blame for losing the banned novel. The chef told Bobby he remembered Wilson returning the key to him when he left the library. Bobby figured out that Wilson duplicates the key by rolling it on the flour. Bobby swear he will return to the kitchen and kick Wilson out.



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