HK TVB Drama Blog recommendations

TVB Bloggers are not dead yet. There’s stil quite a vast amount of TVB Bloggers around.

Lynne from TVB Horizon are still watching blogging about Wudang Rules TVB Horizon

Iris from TVB Interaction reviewed Master of Destiny TVB Interaction

Kat from Drama Pot have been reviewing current TVB Series from time to time Drama Pot

Mirriamfanz and Funn actively review TVB Series on their blog and on Jaynestar

Casual TVB


Kappy and KTVB haven’t been watching much TVB Series recently but you never know when they will blog about TVB again!

A Virtual Voyage

K for TVB

Other tvb blogs
A personal blog but sometimes review TVB Series
Vincent Loy

Anthony has recapped Ghost of Relativity and Eye in the Sky Hongkong TV Series Critic


Blogging takes a lot of time! The only rule is to Be Nice!

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