Happy Ever After episode 33 recap

This is one of my all time favorite tvb dramas. Good times of ancient series.

Fiona brushes the hair for Marianne. Marianne is happy that Bobby has been focusing on his work. Roger’s ex-girlfriend hugged Roger and said she can’t forget him. Fiona went in the room and saw Roger’s ex laid down with Roger. While Fiona nagged Roger, Roger’s ex cut her arm trying to kill herself. Roger’s mother slapped Roger and asked Roger to find Fiona. Fiona cried and sighed to Marianne she can’t blame Roger since she is cheap and cause him to lose faces. Marianne asked Fiona to not forgive Roger easily and wait for Roger to beg he to go home. Marianne told Fiona that though she loves Bobby she still has to keep an eye on him. Bobby brought Roger to Fiona. Roger told Fiona he was drunk so he didn’t know what he was doing. He promised her he will take care of her forever. Marianne told Roger that Fiona has helped him to save money for the scholar exam and he wouldn’t be in this status without Fiona. Now that he’s rich he wants to dump her. Fiona asked Roger to leave. Bobby asked Marianne to shut. Roger left. Roger stood in the rain outside waiting for Fiona. Roger’s ex came and told Roger she only wants to be with him. Roger asked her ex to go home. Fiona watch Roger and his ex lover. Thunderstorm broke and Roger’s ex hugged Roger. Nadia’s parents returned home and ate with Nadia. Bobby served Nadia and her father a bowl of fish soup, and fried corn, and beef,pig ear, bear, deer, and rabbit meat.


The majesty’s eunuch showed Nadia the board of the calligraphy from the manuel. The majesty gave Nadia the first manuel and said he already pacify the majesty to unban he manuel. The majesty asked Nadia about her wish. Nadia asked the majesty not to laugh. Nadia said her dream is to be a heroine saving the poor. The magesty grant Nadia’s father a sword and increase his troop’s salary. Nadia’s father drinks with the prince’s uncle. The prince’s uncle request to let Nadia and his son marry. The majesty’s cousin called Nadia’s father his father in law and requested to let him marry Nadia. Nadia’s father agrees. In the morning, Bobby’s mother told Marianne that Bobby has left. Marianne search for Bobby worrying he will see Nadia. Bobby bids farewell to Nadia and sent a message for the majesty. Marianne saw Bobby and stood in front of him. Bobby told Marianne he’s been taking a walk. Bobby told Marianne he has a meeting with his chef buddy in the teahouse. Marianne wants to tag along. Bobby and Marianne ordered lots of food and wait for his friend but he didn’t arrive. Marianne pinched Bobby and asked him to not dare to lie. Bobby’s friend arrive and apologized he came late. Bobby pinched Marianne and said they are making love.


The majesty took a walk with Nadia and asked her if she’s afraid of height. The majesty held Nadia and jumped on the roof. The majesty told Nadia they will help the poor tonight. The majesty and Nadia sat on a family’s room. The majesty gave a silver to Nadia. The majesty flew with Nadia throwing silvers in the house. The majesty and Nadia flew around the neighborhood giving silvers to the poor. A watchman yelled at the majesty and Nadia and asked what are they doing. The majesty and Nadia ran and laughed. The majesty and Nadia visited a blind lady. The majesty claimed she is her son’s best friend and gave her some silvers. The majesty and Nadia thrilled to see people thrilled seeing food and silvers in front of them. Nadia asked the majesty what is his business. The majesty said he is twenty eight years old and don’t have a wife. The majesty held Nadia’s hand and asked her when can he see her again.


As Nadia returned home, Nadia’s parents told Nadia that the prince’s uncle gave them gifts and requested to arrange marriage between her and his son.  Nadia told her father she doesn’t like the majesty’s cousin. Nadia told her father she won’t marry the majesty’s cousin. She doesn’t love him. Nadia madly left. Nadia came to Bobby’s restaurant and asked Bobby if he knows where is the majesty. Nadia walked alone in the woods. The majesty’s cousin came up to Nadia an invited her to go hunting. The majesty grabbed Nadia’s hands and picked her up riding his horse with her. The majesty’s cousin madly shot an arrow at the majesty.



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