How to be less addicted to asian dramas

Watching dramas is no doubt a good hobby to relax or escape from real life but watching them too much makes us miss the joy of real life. Watching asian dramas is fun but your addiction has gone to far when you act like the characters in the dramas or want to live in it and spend all day watching dramas and avoid talking to everyone.

1. Go outside: There’s lots of beautiful things to do outside. Hang out with your friends or family and go shopping. One reason I prefer watching modern dramas over Wuxia cause it is more relatable to real life.

2. Watch other shows: I live in America and asian dramas isn’t popular in America so I don’t really dedicate my whole time on it or need to. You can always watch American films, or cooking shows, or news and keep up with the news and trend of real life.

3. Stop reading blogs or social media, and avoid chatting with your online drama friends or even block or delete them.

4. Get another hobby: Read a book, gardening, cooking, exercise. It’s the first step to make your life healthy.

5. Occupy yourself with work: Are there some work you need to do but you keep on procrastinate because of your drama watching?

Though drama watching is a hobby but there are always other hobbies or tasks you can do or need to do to make your life better. Watching dramas can be an escape from real life but being productive in the real world can also make you happier.

Gotta remember there are better things to do than watching asian dramas all day.


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