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Thief of Honour episode 10 recap

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Noel’s father came to Ekin’s house and demanded Ekin’s grandfather to hand out Dicky since Dicky punched a mongol. Noel’s father showed the knife of Dicky. Dicky reads the manuel and denied of injuring a mongol. Felix told Dicky that he lost in the trap of the Mongolia. They were setting him up. Ekin’s grandfather grabbed Dicky. Dicky asked his grandfather to hand out Ekin since they can’t blackmail him since Ekin isn’t related to him. Ekin begged his grandfather to let hand him out to Noel’s father. Ekin’s grandfather took Ekin to Noel’s father. Noel’s father laughed and wouldn’t believe it. Ekin confessed he was the one who injured the mongols. Noel’s father threw fought with Ekin and Ekin threw the knives back. Noel’s father tied up Ekin and went out. Noel peeked at the guards leaving with Ekin. Noel came to the restaurant and told the cashier and his daughter that Ekin has been arrested in the dungeon. In the dungeon, Ekina told Noel that he punched someone out of impulse. Noel demanded the guards to be nice with Ekin or else she won’t be lenient on them. Noel’s father told the king’s uncle that since Ekin’s grandfather taught Ekin his martial arts, he must love this guy. They can use Ekin. Ekin plead the king’s uncle to spare Ekin’s life since Ekin is his only friend. The king’s uncle said Ekin kill his loyal assistant. Ekin’s godmother and friend saw a warrant on the wall of executing Ekin.


Ekin’s grandfather visited Ekin and then Ekin’s godfather and mother and sister came in the dungeon. Ekin’s grandpa told Ekin’s godfather and mother that he’s been searching for them. Ekin said he only practices martial arts with his master. Ekin’s father told Ekin that his grandfather caused his parents to be killed. Ekin’s mother told Ekin that she was his mother’s servant and his master is his grandfather. Ekin’s godmother asked Ekin why did he injured a mongol and be executed. Ekin’s grandfather told Dicky and Felix that he feels more guilty seeing Ekin. Ekin’s godmother came and confronted Ekin’s grandfather of putting Ekin as a scapegoat. Ekin’s grandfather got a headache. Noel told Ekin’s godmother she will find a way to save Ekin. The cashier’s niece asked Dicky why did he let Ekin taking the blame for him. Dicky said he’s been discussing with his grandfather ways to save Ekin. Dicky asked the cashier’s niece if she doesn’t believe in him, who will? Ekin told his grandfather he is willing to die, he won’t tell out this secret. Ekin won’t accept his grandfather and asked him to leave. Ekin’s grandfather dragged Dicky and asked him to surrender. Felix told Ekin’s grandfather that the king’s uncle motive is to persuade him to go to the palace. Ekin thought about his mother asked him why is he stupid for taking the blame for Dicky.

Ekin faked stomach ache and punched the guards. Noel’s father grabbed Ekin and kicked him. The lady got an invitation to the king’s uncle feast. The lady told her men this is her chance to revenge. Noel visited Ekin and saw her got beaten up. The guards said it wasn’t their fault; Ekin was trying to escape the prison but got caught by her father and he beat him up. Ekin told Noel to leave. The lady gave the cashier and the leader of the rebel the map of the dungeon. The guards gave Ekin his last meal for the night before he gets executed tomorrow. Ekin’s grandfather opened the lock and went to Ekin’s parents bedroom and look around. Noel has a nightmare of Ekin being executed. The next morning, Noel knocked the guards and opened the dungeon. Noel rescued Ekin out of the prison. Ekin’s grandfather pray in front of the ancestor’s tablet. Ekin’s grandpa cut his hair using a knife.



Ekin’s grandfather agrees with the king’s uncle to go with him to meet the majesty. The king’s uncle ordered the guards to release Ekin. The rebels dressed in black and came but didn’t see Ekin in the prison. They fought with the king’s uncle’s guards. The king’s uncle ordered Noel’s father to search everyone’s home in town for the rebels. Noel took Ekin to a shelter with many poor people. Noel left for a while to pick up some medicine for Ekin. The poor people asked Ekin if that beautiful lady is running away with him. They saw some silvers fell off from Ekin’s bag. Noel returned to the shelter and saw the poor people death on the floor. Noel held Ekin hoping he didn’t die.


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