Tolerance of being a drama blogger!

I shall speak about the tolerance of being a drama blogger and how much we can tolerate with the negatives. You know how some of you drama bloggers get mad and rant everytime many fans bashing the good series that you’re the minority who loves watching them. You still get bash for liking a drama which many fans dislike. It must be hard for you guys to withstand those negativity toward you?

I see how some of you Wuxia bloggers couldn’t stand fans negativity toward Wuxia and most fans blog about modern dramas. We as bloggers have to think about that we can’t always satisfy everyone with our taste. When some kdrama bloggers blog about Taiwanese and Chinese Dramas, they still get bashed for blogging other things besides kdramas. I sometimes cringe when I read comments bashing the 90s TVB Series and the new TVB Series and compliment Mainland Wuxia and TVB Wuxia from the 80s are the best. So what? It’s their opinions, I just keep it to myself and just keep blogging the dramas I enjoy blogging. Cause I know even if I argue with them that I like the TVB Wuxia in the 90s too, there’s no point, since everyone got different taste.

It’s psychology that fans will always think what they are watching are the best. Remember that you cannot satisfy everyone with what you blog or like.

Here’s a list of blogs I will suggests for those who wants to search for certain types of dramas:

If you want to read about korean dramas go to


-The Talking Cupboard

If you want to read some Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and Taiwanese Dramas, go to

-My Drama Tea

-A Virtual Voyage

-A FairyTaleWorld.


-A Koala’s Playground


-Obssession ofLine

-Drama For Real

If you want to read Wuxia Series Go to



If you want to read reviews about HK TVB Series, Go to

-Casual TVB

-TVB and Thai Lakorn

-TVB Horizon

Every drama blogger is different and we can’t satisfy everyone! Not only fans, but as a drama blogger, we also needs to understand and appreciate everyones different love for asian dramas.

If you have other blogs that fits those categories, please mention them too. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Tolerance of being a drama blogger!

  1. It depends on the current mood of anyone and the angle of opinion, not everyone can like everything, but it’s in the defensive or offensive line anyone may choose to follow under circumstances in order to protect or bash a drama! 😀 First of all comes taste, then the rest is up to each and everyone’s psyche xD

    • Yeah sometimes I don’t get the complains of bloggers or fans complain that most drama blogs have modern instead of sageuk and wuxia. There more kdrama blogs than other asian drama blogs. Sometimes I understand how they feel when the dramas they like get bashed and they feel that they are the minority that likes it. It’s tough being a drama blogger and read negative reviews bashing dramas we like.

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