Happy Ever After episode 34 recap

Nadia brought the majesty to a room. The majesty sat and asked Nadia to pulled out the arrow from his back. Nadia asked the majesty to hang on. She pulled out the arrow and snatched a fabric and cover his wound. Nadia madly said the majesty’s cousin is stubborn and is too much. The majesty smiled and said if he were him, he would also do that since his lover got stolen. The majesty asked Nadia if he was wrong. Nadia said she doesn’t love the majesty’s cousin. Nadia sneezed and dressed up. The majesty hugged Nadia from the back. The majesty touched Nadia and they kissed each other. The majesty embraces Nadia in his arm. Nadia said though she doesn’t love the majesty’s cousin. He is a good guy. The majesty’s cousin and her has a marriage arrangement. Nadia said the majesty’s cousin is a prince and she’s worried. The majesty asked Nadia to take a look. The majesty showed Nadia his badge that he’s the majesty. Nadia returned home. The majesty’s cousin asked Nadia who he is. Nadia told the majesty’s cousin she knows he’s a good guy but she can’t marry him. Nadia told her father if he forces her to marry the majesty’s cousin, she rather not getting married. The majesty’s cousin told Nadia’s father that perhaps it was his pale look that Nadia didn’t like him. The majesty told Bobby he would like to bring Nadia in the palace but the empress dowager forbids him to appoint any han as a consort. Bobby told the majesty that the empress dowager is very stubborn,if he tells her he appointed Nadia as a consort when she returns to the palace, the consequence may be devastated. Bobby suggests the majesty to build his relationship with the empress dowager then slowly convince her.


The majesty complimented Roger’s sorting out the manuel. The prime minister teased Roger of having a concubine. The majesty laughed that the prime minister do care for Roger. The majesty asked Roger to take care. Roger told Fiona that he knows she’s a kind wife but it is not time to discuss who is right or wrong but they have to solve this problem. Fiona asked Roger how should they solve. Roger told Fiona he wants to bring his ex home. Fiona told Roger that she doesn’t forbid him having concubines but she cannot be his ex since his ex is tricky. Fiona told Roger that she pretends to be pity to win his sympathy. Roger said he’s been gossiped at the court and he wants to give his ex a status and he hopes she can accept him. Fiona apologized and said she can’t accept her. Fiona told Roger if he wants to take care of his ex, he can let his ex stay in another house and have a maid taking care of her. Fiona told Roger she just wants him to leave his ex. Roger told Fiona she wants to make it hard for him. Roger stood in the rain watching his ex kneeling in front of his house. Roger’s ex said she’ll kneel until Fiona accepts her. Roger’s ex said even if she dies, she still feels worthy. Roger hugs his ex and said she doesn’t care what Fiona thinks, he is the boss of the house and will marry her as a concubine. Fiona sat and cried in the rain. Marianne and Bobby’s mother and Roger’s mother consoled Fiona. Bobby and the chefs sat on the table and chat how they hid from their wives to attend Roger’s party. The majesty gave the empress dowager a box of gingseng. The majesty told empress dowager he would like to bring a han girl to massage her. The empress dowager said she doesn’t want any han girl to touch her and she doesn’t want anyone to mention about han girls in the palace.


The majesty teased Nadia if she will be grumpy is she turns old. Nadia told the majesty that she met the empress dowager before and she found her lookalike someone and she gave her a vase as a gift. She didn’t want to live in the palace. The majesty said fate have let her live in the palace. She will try to persuade the empress dowager when he returns. Nadia worries the majesty’s cousin will persist to marry her. The majesty ordered his cousin to travel with him for three months. The majesty’s cousin told the majesty that he is almost getting married but there’s been someone who tries to get in his way so he have to get married sooner. The majesty asked his cousin to focus on his work and if this girl won’t wait for him in three months, then they are not fated to be together. The french captain deals with the prime minister to build his business in exchange for money.The french captain tried the food in Bobby’s restaurant and feel disappointed. The french captain said he tofu dish has too much water which lose the freshness of the fish. The crab dish has too much fire. The meat isn’t sour nor sweet enough. Bobby taste the food and said his critique is right but he is impressed he can point out the flaw. Bobby asked the french captain what is the flaw of chinese food. The french captain said chinese food have too much fats. Bobby thinks it depends on how the cook saute the dish. The french captain said he finds french food a level higher. Bobby assumes the french captain has never tried the chinese food. The french captain challenges Bobby to a duel in seven days and they will cook one dish. Bobby plans to cook Beijing duck to compete against the French.


The french captain cooks the duck. As the french captain slices the kiwi, Bobby felt dizzy. The french captain complimented Bobby that his duck makes him eat more, he admits loss. The prime minister said Bobby’s duck is only a regular dish. The french captain said the duck is fresh and there’s a scent of a beef. The french captain asked Bobby how did he cook the duck. Bobby said he let the duck drink the cow milk. The french captain asked Bobby about his special sauce. Bobby said this is his secret ingredient. Bobby welcomes the french captain to eat at his restaurant. They shake hands. Wilson smirked at Bobby. Bobby visits Nadia. Nadia asked Bobby if he can send a message to the majesty to hurry and return to the palace. Nadia worries after three months it will be too late. Nadia asked Bobby to ride a horse and send a message to the majesty. Nadia touched her belly showing she’s pregnant with the majesty. Bobby asked Nadia if he should congratulates her.



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