Weapons of Power episode 1 recap

Woah! Louis Fan and Leo Ku in one Wuxia Series. It sure feels nice to watch and recap this drama along with Thief of Honor. Yeah I’m in the mood for watching old Wuxia Series in the 90s.

A skilled dark martial artist have destroy multiple sects in a fewe years. Three martial artist fought with the dark sect to save the monks. Xiaohou Zhun hosted a martial art competition to elect a new sect leader. One of the martial artiste got poisoned and left arm got chopped during the duel. The other martial artist denied tot Xiaohou Zhun that he poisoned his brother. Xiaohou Zhun told his master that the martial artist poisoned the other martial artist and his arm got chopped. Xaiohou Zhun’s master wouldn’t believe it since the two martial artists are kind by nature. Xiaohou offered to help his master then he punched him from the back. Xiaohou Zhun said that he was the one who put the poison. In front of the priest, Xiaohou Zhun framed the martial artist’s wife for putting poison. The martial artist wants to meet his master; Xiaohou Zhun said his matter got pissed and vomited blood. Xiaohou Zhun framed the martial artist for murdering his master and he took out his sword and vowed to revenge. The martial artist and his wife while holding her baby fought with the sect. The martial artist’s wife died and asked the martial artist to take care of their baby. The martial artist wrapped his baby with a white blanket and put him on the bucket of water on the river. The martial artist asked Xiaohou Zhun and the sect why did they insists on saying he killed his master. The martial artist jumps down the cliff to prove his innocence.


Lin Sao, a mother found the martial artist’s baby on the river. Lin Sao picked up a jade and gave it to her baby Lin Pen. Twenty years later, Lin Die and Lin Pen go farming. Lin Sao ate vegetable with rice with his two sons, Lin Die who was adopted but well behaved while Lin Peng who was her biological son but was more playful and cunning. Lin Sao wants his two sons to have a career. Lin Pen and Lin Die carries the bamboo stick to fix the roof for a wealthy man. Lin Pen sat on the chair and relaxes himself and wishes he was wealthy. As they fix the roof, Lin Pen stared at a lady Nuo Feng and she mistakenly thought he eavesdrop her taking a bath. Nuo Feng shouted and call them perverts. Xiaohou Zhun and the sect members including Nuo Feng discuss about destroying the the dark sect. Xiaohou Zhun ordered Nuo Feng and his disciple to guard the island and arrest the sect leader. Lin Pen asked Lin Die to grab his hand. Lin Pen pretends to tell the guard he found a tael, and he punched the guard and leave the house with Lin Die. Lin Pen and Lin Die saw a man bringing a rock with some words on it.


Lin Sao suggests their son to work in the capital instead of farming. Lin Pen asked his mother for some money to use. Lin Die told Lin Pen he doesn’t really want to leave the farm since he’ll be seperated from his girlfriend. Lin Pen told Lin Die that he haven’t met a true lady. Nueo Feng is a true lady. Lin Die’s girlfriend came to the shore and gave Lin Die a letter for him to shop for her. Lin Die bids farewell to his girlfriend and left with Lin Pen. Lin Pen told Lin Die to throw this paper when he arrives in the capital. Some girls in the brothel surrounded Lin Pen. Lin Die dragged Lin Pen out. Lin Die and Lin Pen lined up to test out to be a guard for the magistrate. The winner will receive ten thousand taels. The first part of the contest is holding the cauldron. The second part of the contest is martial arts. Lin Die punched a man down. Lin Pen stood in front of a muscular man and took a risk and try to punch him but he got knocked down instead. Lin Die passed the contest and plead the secretary to let Lin Pen be a guard also. The secretary told Lin Pen if he can give him thirty thousand silvers then he’ll let him in.



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