Brick Slaves episode 5 recap

Selena recalls playing the piano and receiving the angel doll from her ex. Selena entered the spicy ramen noodle contest. Selena stares at the angel and cried while eating. The crowd cheers Selena to eat it all and the five minutes is almost up. Selena finishes four seconds ahead and the host gave her three thousand dollars as a reward. Selena fainted. The hospital called Vincent about Selena. Vincent asked the nurse permission to visit Selena and she assumes she is his girlfriend. Vincent asked the doctor about Selena’s illness. The doctor sighed Gastric Cancer isn’t it; she has indigestion. Selena mumbled she hate jumbo spicy ramen.Vincent asked Selena to speak louder. Selena farted. Vincent asked Selena if he should alert her family. Selena replied no and asked Vincent not to be nosy. Selena farted again. Selena yelled at Vincent in front of the patients and asked him to stop farting. Vincent covered his nose and denied and left.

In the firm, Vincent eavesdrop on Evergreen Mak taking calls from the clients. Evergreen Mak told the client to call others for the time being and he’ll treat him tea. Vincent said window leaking is dangerous, why did he call Brother Silly to do it for him. The employee said Mr.Ching always complain. He even gave them the wrong bill of electricity. Vincent checks Mr.Ching’s flat. Mr.Ching showed Vincent the leaked locations of the flat. Mr. Ching’s girlfriend just went back home from shopping. Vincent told Mr.Ching though he has leaks, he must pay for his three months rent. Vincent said in the contract if he fails to pay the rent in two weeks then they have the right to cut his electricity and water. Mr.Ching wrote a cheque to Vincent. The colleague told Evergreen Mak if he were to charge Mr. Ching, he would charge them four thousand dollars.


Vincent brought a bowl of soup for Selena. A patient told Vincent that his girlfriend went downstairs. Vincent held that angel statue and noticed she doesn’t have a pair of wings. He wonders where would she go if she could fly. Vincent had a cup of coffee with Annie. He stares at her and notices her hairstyle has changed. Vincent asked Annie if she knows why Selena’s angel doesn’t have wings. Annie asked Vincent if he could stop being nosy. Annie asked Vincent if he has work to do on his new job, why does he has so much free time to visit Selena. Annie said she’s not a nurse anymore and is going back to study again. Vincent congratulates Annie for not putting up with him anymore. Annie asked Vincent to not bother Selena anymore, she’s very sympathetic. First her family wants her to move out, then she stayed in the mini storage but got reported. C-Kwan ties to go to Selena’s room but Vincent tries to prevent him. C-Kwan tries to opened the door but it’s locked. Vincent said he paid five thousands for the rent. Vincent told C-Kwan that he may be the one who caused Selena to be homeless. Flashbacks of Vincent taking pictures with his phone in the storage of the person who is staying in the mini storage. C-Kwan asked Vincent how do they have so many coincidences such as Selena is Annie’s best friend. Vincent told C-Kwan another coincidence is Selena ate without looking at him at the party he hosted.

The next morning at work, Vincent and their colleagues watch a video on ipad of Mr.Ching’s flat became a reservoir. Mr. Ching complained he paid fourty thousand dollars rent for this flat and received many leaks in his flat in return. And Vincent even complained about him. The video ended with Mr. Ching mopping the floor. Mr. Ching brought the reporters to Vincent’s office. Kiki made a phone call for someone to follow Mr. Ching. Kiki’s assistant told Kiki that KK has made a reservation at a restaurant for her birthday tomorrow.


Evergreen Mak sighed that there’s not work for him and his colleagues to do. Vincent told his subordinates he will take the fall for this. Eliza asked Kiki if there are any consequences to this. Kiki assures Eliza that there’s no effect. Kiki told Eliza she does not intend on firing Vincent cause Vincent did the right thing asking the tenant for the rent. Eliza asked Kiki what’s her definition of family. Kiki said family should love who she is. KK came and celebrates Kiki’s birthday with her. Mr.Ching treats Eliza for dessert. Eliza asked Mr.Ching about the flat. Mr. Ching told Eliza he won’t purse the case anymore. Eliza thanked Mr.Ching as his father. Mr.Ching asked Eliza how is her mother. Eliza said her mother died from heart attack half a year ago. Eliza asked her father if she’s been searching for her mother and her. Mr. Ching apologizes and said after the fire burned his supermarket, her mother keep on pressuring him to make money. He built and immigration building. Mr.Ching told Eliza that her mother complained he didn’t make enough money. Mr. Ching apologized he failed to be a father. Kiki took Mr. Ching for a ride and gave him a cheque of three million dollars asking him to leave Hongkong tonight. Kiki asked Mr. Ching why should she be polite to a fraud who arrange marriages to immigrants. Kiki showed the documents to Mr. Ching.


Vincent told Kiki that Mr.Ching already surrendered the lease and will not talk to the magazines again. Kiki asked Vincent if he’s afraid she will fire him. Vincent promised he will be careful talking to the tenant and this incident will never occur again. Vincent said he really needs this job. Kiki told Vincent she won’t fire him and will even give him an important task to do. Vincent asked his colleagues not to thank him but thank Eliza for being able to negotiate with Mr.Ching. Eliza’s colleague said he heard that Mr.Ching’s ex girlfriend blackmailed him so he flew immediately back to France with his girlfriend. Vincent stared at Eliza and asked her if there’s something wrong. Eliza told Vincent that her father left her mother after a fire, and he even left them a debt. It was lucky that Kiki helped them pay for it. She was so scared seeing him surrounded with reporters. He told her he’s not her biological father. Eliza doubts who is her father. Vincent recalled Kiki asked him to take care of Eliza and inform her about who’s she have talked to. Vincent went home and saw the sink’s faucet still on. Selena fell asleep on the sofa after taking a pill. Vincent cooks for Selena. Selena tastes the broccoli soup and found it good. Vincent told Selena he was the one who told the management she stayed int he mini storage. Selena went in her room. Vincent has a dream of being covered up by masking tapes. Vincent walked out of his room and watch Selena attentively playing piano.



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