Weapons of Power episode 3 recap

Tian Jiao serves tea for Lin Pen. Lin Pen asked Lin Die if he has a feeling that Tian Jiao has a thing for her. Nuo Feng and her sect came to Tian Jiao’s restaurant. Tian Jiao told her member she doesn’t need to please Nuo Feng since she’s a girl. Tian Jiao told her member that Nuo Feng’s sect brought many chests and one of their members are probably in one of those chests. Nuo Feng’s sect members informed Nuo Feng that they found it strange that none of the members of the other sect got hurt. Lin Pen stared at Tian Jiao and told Lin Die that that lady keep on staring at them. Lin Pen asked Tian Jiao to suggests them some food to eat in the restaurant. Nuo Feng stared at Lin Pen and Lin Die and noticed that they’ve worn the clothing from the other sects. Lin Pen and Lin Die ordered goat meat. Lin Pen stared at Nuo Feng and found her familiar. Lin Die told Lin Pen that he enjoys staring at females but now he’s also staring at males? Nuo Feng told her members at first she thought Lin Die and Lin Pen are just con men but now she thinks they are pretending. An eunuch wearing a mask came to the restaurant. Two other sect members came and sat with the eunuch. Lin Die remembered him, they saw him carrying the rock with words. Nuo Feng and hear sect went upstairs to their room. Lin Pen and Lin Die then went upstairs to their room and asked Tian Jiao to bring the food to their room. The eunuch ordered Tian Jian to keep on watching out for the other sect.


Lin Die takes a bath. Tan Jiao told her member she will spy on Lin Die while he searches in Nuo Feng’s room. While Lin Die takes a bath, he has a strange feeling that there’s a ghost flying over him. Lin Pen scared Lin Die and said there’s no such thing as ghost. Nuo Feng dresses in the black suit and fought with Tian Jiao’s sect member in the room whom also dress in the black suit in Lin Die and Lin Pen’s room. The sect member told Tian Jiao that Lin Pen and Lin Die’s martial arts is powerful. Tian Jiao said he couldn’t have fought with them since Lin Pen and Lin Die was taking a bath. Lin Pen and Lin Die just got out taking a bath and feel so great and they asked Tian Jiao to take a bath. Lin Die asked Tian Jiao’s member to stop wearing a mask since it is so hot. Nuo Feng’s member came. Lin Pen asked Tian Jiao why is his room a mess. Lin Die suspects there’s a robbery. Lin Pen asked Tian Jiao to clean their room back. Nuo Feng told the nun that Lin Pen and Lin Die’s martial art is very powerful when she fought with one of them in the room. Nuo Feng suspects Lin Pen and Lin Die belongs to a powerful sect.


Tian Jiao’s sect member captured two random sneaky members in the basement. Tian Jian’s member asked the two members if Lin Pen and Lin Die belongs to their sect. The two members denied. Tian Jian assumes that one of their members is in Lin Pen and Lin Die’s chest. The servant told Nuo Feng that two of their members are missing. Lin Pen recognizes Nuo Feng. Lin Pen teases Nuo Feng that he has this strong feeling toward her. The eunuch told Tian Jiao that Lin Pen and Nuo Feng are playing pretending to be strangers. Lin Pen asked Nuo Feng about her name. Lin Pen spilled tea on Nuo Feng. Nuo Feng ate a bun with meat and threw up and asked Tian Jian what kinds of meat did she use. Tian Jian told Nuo Feng that the meat isn’t made of chicken, cow, nor goat. The priests came. Nuo Feng invited the priests to her room. The priests told Nuo Feng that they are in the camp of the seductive Long Tian Jian who killed every man who comes near her. Tian Jian and her sect is frustrated that many members came to the restaurant. Lin Die told Lin Pen that the bun may have made of human meat. Lin Die has a strange feeling and told Lin Pen that it seems those two sects have been staring at him. The eunuch asked Nuo Feng’s permission for him to check her pulse. The eunuch said she will be in danger. Nuo Feng told the eunuch she is not afraid of obstacles and can burn a tree if it gets in her way. The eunuch laughs and told Nuo Feng and said in the end she will lose everything. Lin Pen asked Lin Die to let him look in his pusle. Lin Die asked him to stay still. The two sects stand up. The two sects fight with each other. The eunuch took out his sect member out of Nuo Feng’s chest and asked his sect to leave.



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