Happy Ever After episode 36 recap

Bobby got shot by the three arrows shooting by the majesty’s cousin. Marianne cried. Bobby asked Marianne if she could forgive him for marrying Nadia. Marianne cried and agrees to let Bobby marrying Nadia as long as he’s fine. Mariane’s father is surprised there was no blood. Marianne took out the mirror inside Bobby’s shirt. Bobby said he had a strange feeling so he put this mirror inside for safety. Marianne told Bobby if he insists on marrying Nadia, she will seduce other men. Marianne closed her room leaving Bobby outside.

The majesty’s cousin teach the guards how to shoot the arrows and said to be a good shooter, they have to have vengeance. The majesty invited the majesty’s cousin to his court. The majesty’s cousin showed the majesty a golden arrow and asked if those belongs to him. The majesty’s cousin said that those arrows belong to him since it has his name on it. The majesty asked his cousin if he knows how did he found those arrows. The majesty’s cousin said perhaps he has seen him showing the guards to shoot. The majesty compliment he’s a good shooter which is why someone got shot by him. The majesty’s cousin asked the majesty what does he mean. The majesty told his cousin he uses his status as a prince to use his arrows to shoot someone behind their back. The majesty asked his cousin if he shot Bobby yesterday. The majesty’s cousin mumbled. The majesty scold his cousin for dating to shoot someone on the street without following the law. The majesty’s cousin said Bobby continuously wants to steal his girlfriend. The majesty asked his cousin if Bobby stole his girlfriend or it was his wishful thinking of being with Nadia. The majesty told his cousin, he made a mistake but he blames it on someone else. The majesty said his crime is worth twenty years in jail but since he is his cousin he will spare him. But his personality is not suited to be the commander. From now on he will demote his status to be a guard to repent his mistake.

The majesty’s cousin dressed as a guard and stood in front of Nadia’s house and proved he sacrificed for her. Nadia’s father told the majesty’s cousin that the marriage has been cancel. The majesty’s cousin bowed in front of Nadia’s father to show his sincerity of being with Nadia. Nadia’s father ordered the guards to take the majesty’s cousin out. The king’s uncle came and asked Nadia’s father why did he let his servants beating his son. The majesty’s father refuses to leave until he sees Nadia. The king’s uncle told Nadia’s father that his son is in this state because of his daughter. The majesty’s cousin wants to see Nadia. The king’s uncle slapped his son and asked him to go home.

The majesty asked the prime minister and his uncle for opinions in opening the gate for the frenchman. The prime minister and the king’s uncle believe it is a good thing to collaborate with the french. Roger and Nadia’s father believes that opening the gate will allow the french to have power ruling over them. The prime minister and the king’s uncle told Nadia’s father that he’s so coward afraid of the french as a Han. The king’s uncle told Nadia’s father that the reason he annul the marriage is because his daughter has a secret.


Roger and Bobby drinks. Roger told Bobby that he caused the fight between the king’s uncle and Nadia’s fight. Roger’s ex told Roger that she saw Fiona bullying his mother. Roger’s ex asked Roger’s mother if Fiona forbids her from eating and vising the doctor. Roger’s mother said Fiona loves her very much. Roger’s ex called Roger’s mother for having dementia. Fiona asked Roger’s ex to take care of Roger’s mother if she thinks she can do it. Roger’s mother asked Roger why did he find such an ugly female to take care of her. Fiona gave instructions to Roger’s ex to take care of Roger’s mother. Roger’s mother scared Roger and his ex during the night and wants to sleep with Roger’s ex. Roger’s ex tried to catch up walking with Roger’s mother on the street. Roger’s mother called Roger’s ex slow and useless. Roger’s mother ate a pear on the street and spit and criticized it for not being sweet. Roger’s ex paid for the pears and turn around and couldn’t find Roger’s mother. Roger’s mother and Bobby’s mother sat in the restaurant and complimented Fiona for being mean to Roger’s ex. Bobby’s mother watch Roger’s ex pick up vegetables on the basket. Roger’s ex returns home and told Roger anxiously that his mother is missing. Fiona returns home and slapped Roger’s ex for causing Roger’s mother to pick up food on the street. Roger’s ex said she didn’t mean to and complains to Roger that Fiona slapped her. Roger yelled at his ex and ask her to chill out.


Bobby sneakingly brought wedding gifts to Nadia’s house. Marianne held a knife in front of Nadia’s house wanting to chop her. Marianne told Nadia that there are many great men in this world who can cook better than Bobby, why does she has to steal her husband. Bobby saw Marianne bowed in front of Nadia and begged her to return her husband to her. She can’t share a husband with another woman. Marianne cried and told Nadia she is pretty and talented and there mus be many guys who loves her. Nadia cried and said she didn’t mean to snatch Bobby from her but she has no choice. Nadia apologizes to Marianne. Bobby followed her and pushed her away from the cart. Bobby took a look at Marianne’s bruise. Marianne asked Bobby if he still cares for her, why does he has to marry Nadia. Marianne asked Bobby if he has something he can’t tell. Marianne packed her stuff and asked Bobby to run away with her. Bobby said it is useless since he has to marry Nadia. Bobby got frustrated that Marianne wouldn’t listen and if there’s no other way, he has to divorce her. Marianne left and want to see the magistrate and sue Bobby for divorcing her to marry another woman. The majesty read the case and got angry. Roger plead the majesty to not punish Marianne since she refuse to accept Nadia as Bobby’s wife due to jealousy. The majesty gave Roger the case for him to solve.


An elder lady gave Marianne a chicken supporting her winning the case. The housewives supported Marianne on the street. Nadia and her maid came and asked for some medicines.The store owner told Nadia she supports her. Nadia and Marianne faces each other. The prime minister and the king’s uncle watch them and laugh that they’ve caused Nadia and her father to lose faces. Bobby and Marianne bowed in the court. Roger told Marianne that it isn’t against the law for Bobby to marry another wife. Marianne said she helped Bobby running his restaurant. Bobby told Roger he still loves Marianne. Roger asked Bobby why does he want to marry Nadia. Roger asked Bobby if he likes Nadia. Bobby admits it. Roger asked Nadia if Bobby marries her for love. Nadia said yes but then she ache her belly. Marianne asked Nadia if she is pregnant. Marianne beat Bobby up. Roger asked Nadia if she is pregant. Nadia nodded. Roger closed the case and ordered Bobby to marry Nadia to repent his mistake. Marianne is unsatisfying with the judge and said Roger left Fiona. The marriage between her and Bobby was granted by the majesty and if he break then up then it is against the law. The majesty got mad that Roger couldn’t end the case. The majesty decides to take up this case.

The prime minister mentions about the majesty take up the case to the Empress Dowager. The Empress Dowager remembers Nadia as the Han girl who has the same facial features as Consort Tak and believes this case has a story behind it. The majesty told Marianne she must support Bobby. Marianne asked the majesty if he remembers that he told Bobby to love her when they got married, but now why didn’t he punish Bobby for loving another woman. Marianne asked the majesty if he’s allowed to break his promise. The Empress Dowager came and asked Marianne how dare she pick on the majesty. Marianne asked the majesty if he uses his power to bully a girl like her. The Empress Dowager ordered Marianne to be executed.



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