Weapons of Power episode 4 recap

This episode starts with the fighting between the two sects. This Wuxia Series is okay, not great but not bad. Leo Ku makes me laugh so much with his wittiness. Though I grew up watching Wuxia Series, I’ve never got to watch Weapons of Power. This is my first time watching this Wuxia Series. 🙂

Nuo Feng’s father fought with Tian Jiao’s sect while Nuo Feng and her sect leaves to the harbor. Tian Jiao’s sect fought with Tian Jiao’s sect. Nuoe Feng’s father ran and jump into the canoe. Jiao’s sect arrived on the boat and fought with Nuo Feng’s sect to get back their member. Two two sect leaders fought wit h each other by the flag. The member which is also the prisoner whom Lin Die and Lin Pen met in the cellar, plans to throw bombs. The firecracker blasted the boat. Lin Pen yelled at the costume for causing him so much troubles and mistaken him for being a sect member. Lin Pen and Lin Die found Nuo Feng’s laying on the beach. Lin Pen and Lin Die rescued the members of the two sect from the damp. Lin Pen teased Nuo Feng that there’s pork and chicken so she would wake up. Nuo Feng wakes up and slapped Lin Pen and look after her father. Lin Pen yelled at Nuo Feng’s father that he worked hard to pick them up. Nuo Feng’s father is grateful of Lin Pen for rescuing him and his sect.


Lin Pen and Lin Die returns home to the village and said their luggage have been dropped. Lin Pen explained that he and Lin Die encountered the sects. They promised to repay him but he has to go back to the sect to receive the rewards. Lin Pen said it’s better for him to negotiate with Nuo Feng’s sect to have more money since Lin Die’s honesty may not earn them much. Lin Pen told Lin Die there’s nothing likeable about his girlfriend except greed money. Lin Pen told Lin Die that he’s only worried he’s going to be conned. Lin Pen has a feeling that someday Nuo Feng will fall for him. Lin Pen fell into the trap on the way to Nuo Feng’s sect. The members tied Lin Pen and mistaken him for being a mole. Nuo Feng’s father came and apologized to Lin Pen. Nuo Feng’s father invited Lin Pen to eat. Nuo Feng’s father and his sect cheers and dine with Lin Pen. Nuo Feng’s father gave Lin Pen a board name as a gift but Lin Pen wasn’t thrilled. Nuo Feng’s brother thought Lin Pen would prefer five hundred silvers as a reward. Lin Pen refuses and said he didn’t want any gifts but he would like to make friends with them. Lin Pen told Nuo Feng that she can’t be compared to money. Lin Pen beg Nuo Feng’s father to teach him martial arts because he doesn’t want to be bullied anymore. Nuo Feng’s father accepts Lin Pen as his disciple.


Lin Pen’s mother and Lin Die and his girlfriend bought many fabrics. Lin Pen return home without money rewards. Lin Pen told his family he refuse the money reward to practice martial arts and hopes he will be rich someday. Lin Die’s girlfriend complained to Lin Die that his brother is studying martial arts while he isn’t. Lin Die and his girlfriend saw some dead bodies. Lin Die found a martial artist in the hay. Lin Die’s mother asked Lin Die to find a doctor to treat the master and he may received money as rewards. Lin Die’s mother asked Lin Die if he finds him greedy. Lin Die’s mother told Lin Die she’s worrying about him. She hopes he marries his girlfriend when he has money. The martial artist mumbled he didn’t poison his brother but he got framed. Nuo Feng asked a disciple if he knows where Nuo Feng is. Lin Pen stood in front Nuo Feng’s room looking at her reading. The next morning, Lin Pen wakes up and dresses up in his new outfit.



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