Happy Ever After episode 37 recap

Bobby bowed and beg the Empress Dowager to forgive his wife. The Empress Dowaer got mad and sentenced Bobby along with Marianne for execution. Marianne told Bobby that now he cares for her. Once she gets executed, the majesty won’t dare to break his promise. Bobby trembled and hugged Marianne and told the majesty he can’t keep this secret for him and Nadia anymore to protect his wife. The majesty told the Empress Dowager he plans to bring Nadia to the palace to nurture his prince. The Empress Dowager asked the majesty if Nadia has an engagement with his cousin. The Empress Dowager said Nadia likes the majesty’s cousin and Bobby and doubts if her baby belongs to the majesty. The Empress Dowager asked the majesty if he likes Nadia because she has the same facial features as Consort Tak. The Empress Dowager asked the majesty if she blames her for sentenced Consort Tak to death and now he wants to marry Nadia to go against her wishes. The majesty admits that she has a good impression on Nadia since she looks like Consort Tak but as she got to know her, he likes her for being generous and have a kind heart. The Empress Dowager asked the majesty if he wants to bring Nadia to the palace. The Empress Dowager asked the majesty to give her a wet white fabric and she doesn’t want to see Nadia entering the palace.

Bobby bowed in front of the majesty. The majesty asked Bobby to leave. The majesty angrily gave an order punishing Bobby forbidding him to hold a spatula and don’t get the wrong idea that since he likes his food he can do whatever he wants. Bobby yelled at Marianne for making the majesty mad and causing him to not being able to be a chef anymore. Bobby and Marianne criticize each other. Bobby says he’s dumping her. Bobby’s mother served tea for Marianne and Bobby. Marianne told Bobby she rather poison him. Marianne left. Fiona told Marianne that Bobby got mad because he lost his dream of being a chef. Fiona told Marianne that she’s luckier than her that Bobby actually still loves her.

Fiona yells at Roger’s ex for washing Roger’s mother’s face using cold water. Roger’s mother twisted her leg. Fiona and Roger’s mother look at the fabrics. Fiona asked Roger’s ex to buy ginger. Roger’s ex gave a tanghulu to Roger’s mother and asked her to sit here. Fiona search for Roger’s mother. Roger’s ex for buying fabrics. Roger’s mother bit Roger’s ex’s arm and accused her of luring her on the corner and said she’ll buy him some pork. Fiona slapped Roger’s ex. Roger asked his ex to cook. Roger sit and chat with Fiona and wonder how is Bobby and Marianne. Roger read a letter and coughed. Fiona suggests Roger to eat pear instead of fried food.


Bobby’s stepbrother asked Wilson not to play too much tricks on Bobby. Wilson told Bobby’s stepbrother that he is still his dog. Wilson came and dared Bobby to compete with him. Wilson held a spatula and asked Bobby to cook. Wilson nitpick on Bobby being hopeless. Roger prevented Bobby from holding the spatula and asked him to remember he still has a family.

Bobby wakes up and found himself on the canoe. Marianne told Bobby that he always complain the kitchen is hot so she took him to the sea. They encountered pirates on the canoe whom tied both of them on the pole. Bobby and Marianne yelled for help. Bobby and Marianne fell down and swam to the harbor. The majesty ordered Roger to write calligraphy to alienate Han and Manchu. Roger suggests the majesty to persuade the Empress Dowager while he writes the calligraphy. Nadia tasted the dessert with the majesty. Nadia said Bobby taught her to cook those dessert. The majesty told Nadia she will bring her to the palace soon and have to give her and his prince the best.


The prime minister plans to set up Nadia and his father. Akina stood behind the blind impersonating Nadia talking to the french captain. Wilson asked the french captain to help her become the queen the she’ll help him with the business.The Empress read a paper from the people supporting Nadia as a consort. Nadia’s father ordered his guards to drive the people out. The prime minister’s wife told Empress Dowager that she heard those people were bribed by the frenchmen to support Nadia. Nadia greets the Empress Dowager at the temple. Nadia said she never thought of scheming against others to be a consort. The Empress Dowager that manchu and hans fought because of her, and the majesty goes against his uncle for her. The Empress Dowager ordered Nadia to try to make the majesty to forget her. The Empress Dowager wants her to marry the majesty’s cousin. Bobby’s family asked Bobby to stop drinking and search for Marianne. The majesty’s cousin greets Nadia to his house. The majesty’s cousin apologized to Bobby. Nadia told Bobby she will leave out of town with the majesty’s cousin. Nadia ache her belly. Nadia asked Bobby to not tell anyone that she is staying in the capital especially the majesty. Bobby chased the canoe and called Marianne to get out. He knows she’s hiding. Bobby held multiple spatulas on his hand. Marianne hugged Bobby. Wilson came and laughed and said it’s too late.




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