Happy Ever After episode 38 recap

Nadia’s father told the majesty that Nadia is missing. He plead the majesty to investigate this case for Nadia’s baby. Akina told the Empress Dowager she is on a diet for the wellness of the majesty. The majesty asked the Empress Dowager where did Nadia go. The Empress Dowager she found a good guy to take care of Nadia and hopefully the majesty will forget her.

In the execution scene, Marianne cried that Bobby is about to be beheaded. An elder lady asked Bobby’s mom permission to take Bobby’s blood to make a bun to cure his son’s asthma. Wilson told Bobby after he dies, he will take all his belongings. Marianne slapped Wilson. Bobby is about to be executed; Marianne came and hugged Bobby. Roger arrived with the edict from the majesty giving the order to free Bobby. Bobby angrily ordered the guards to search for Nadia. The prime minister came and asked the majesty why did he gave an order to release Bobby. The majesty angrily yelled at the prime minister that there are many important things to worry in the palace, but he keeps on following Bobby to have a chance to frame him. The majesty asked the prime minister to leave and forbids him to hurt Bobby. Bobby thought of serving the majesty again.


Bobby happily hopes to bear a kid with Marianne. Roger drunkenly wants to sleep with Fiona tonight. Roger asked Fiona why is she so cold to him. Fiona told Roger that she’s always been nice to him but he never cherish it. Bobby bowed in front of the majesty. The majesty asked Bobby to drink with him tonight as his friend. The majesty told Bobby that he hasn’t been happy these days. Nadia has been gone. Bobby told the majesty perhaps he isn’t fated to be with Nadia. Bobby asked the majesty to forget Nadia. The majesty said he can’t even protect his lover and what’s so beautiful having the world without the beauty. Bobby told the majesty that Nadia is with his cousin. The majesty drunkenly fell asleep.

A businessman took all of Roger’s furniture from his house and showed the document stamped by his wife to repay her debt. Bobby’s stepbrother brought Roger’s ex to Bobby’s house. Roger’s ex told Roger that he got affected by the drug but in the end she couldn’t win his heart. Roger’s ex begged Fiona to forgive her. Roger’s ex said she lost the rest of the money to gambling. Roger asked his ex to leave. Fiona gave Roger a stamp. Roger’s mother told Roger that Fiona has been helping him a lot behind his back. Roger asked Fiona to give him a chance. Fiona told Roger their relationship has ended. Fiona threw water but Roger failed to catch it using the bucket. Fiona came and wiped Roger’s face. Roger hugged Fiona.


Bobby cooked many dish for diner. Marianne bought a food for Nadia. Marianne wants to take care of Nadia. Marianne asked Bobby if they should tell the majesty where Nadia is. The majesty’s cousin set up the baby bed and asked Nadia to call him his hubby, he will take care of her baby and give him a status. Nadia told the majesty’s cousin that she never loved him. She’s only using him cause she doesn’t want to make it hard for the majesty dealing with the conflict between han and manchu. The majesty’s cousin jumped into the sea wanting to suicide. Nadia asked some men to save the majesty’s cousin. The majesty’s cousin asked Nadia why did she saved him if she doesn’t love him. Nadia asked the majesty’s cousin why is he so cowardly as a man, is it worth for him to die for someone who doesn’t love him. Nadia said the majesty and her love each other but can’t be together but also are being gossiped by the world but she still lives. Nadia asked the majesty’s cousin if he ever thought that his family will be sad if he suicide. Though she doesn’t love him but she still cares for him as a friend. The majesty’s cousin asked Nadia if they could be brothers and sisters. Bobby knocked the majesty’s cousin down using a stick. Bobby apologized to the majesty’s cousin that he thought he was forcing Nadia to marry him. The majesty’s cousin complimented Bobby of caring for Nadia. Nadia told Bobby that the majesty’s cousin is very nice but sometimes he has silly thoughts.


Marianne brought soup for Nadia. Nadia requested Bobby to send a well being letter for her father. The king’s uncle complains that Nadia’s father brought guards searching his house. Nadia’s father accused the King’s uncle that his son keep on bothering his mother. Nadia recite a poem during the rain. The majesty recites the poem. Nadia looked back and hugged the majesty. Nadia told the majesty their relationship has ended. Nadia asked the majesty if he believes it is careless to not worrying about the politics. The majesty told Nadia that he couldn’t concentrate in working while worrying about her. The majesty told Nadia he won’t let her leave him again. He decided to give his reign to his uncle to be with her. They will be with each other in three days. Nadia hugged the majesty.

The majesty gave his eunuch an edict for him to keep to give it to his uncle. The majesty’s eunuch held the edict tightly but he humped into two eunuch. Akina blew the candle scent toward the majesty’s eunuch room and read the edict.Akina and his family thought of a plan to prevent the majesty from giving up his reign. Akina brought dessert for the majesty. The majesty walked and fainted.



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